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May 1st 2011 10:37 pm
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For every single life that's been lost, for every life that's been destroyed or altered, For every single family that has cried a million tears, for every moment of suffering that's been endured...we send our thanks and everlasting gratitude. We know those emotions personally.

For every life that was horrifically ended on 9/11, for every family that has been scarred forever by that tragic day...we send you our love and prayers of comfort and hope you can finally find some closure and peace. We know the pain will always be there...may your loved ones rest in peace.

For every innocent person killed in war, for every person the victim of hate, ignorance and violence, for every soul betrayed by the injustice and ugliness this world can bring...we send you understanding, hope and the knowledge that there is in fact love out there strong enough to battle those demons.

For everyone who's ever felt this world can be such a horrible, violent, demeaning and useless place to live...we send you the brightest light to fill your heart with joy and hope you will someday look at the world in a new way with fresh eyes of clarity.




May 11th 2011 1:56 pm
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CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, my abbergies are reawwy bad. Here's a little poem I just wrote about it.

Poofies, poofies everywhere
And I’m not just talking about the ones in my hair

They’re flying around all over the place
They come through the window and right into my face

What are these big puffballs that make me sneeze
Will somebody tell me, somebody PLEASE

They make my eyes itchy, they make them all red
I feel all yucky with my big, stuffy head

I love spring and summer but I hate this yellow stuff
Oh no, I just saw one, here comes another puff!

I think I’ll go blow my nosey, I can't really breathe
My mommy says just wait until fall, when there’s something called ragweed!

I know what would help, it always does without fail
A giant cupcake and a nippy cocktail!

Anybody want to join me?


Surprise cocktail hour, come on by!

May 13th 2011 12:05 pm
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Anyone around? It's been so dead around here lately. I'm all stuffed up and could use a couple of nippy cocktails! Instead of just a cocktail hour, we could do a cocktail evening. Doesn't have to be long, just stop by, have a few nips, some shrimp and trout (cause I guarantee the Tabbies will bring some), chips and salsa, catnip crab cakes, all kinds of stuff. Bring some appetizers if you'd like. Doors are opening right now. Stop in and put your feet up!

Mommy just came back from bringing a bunch of food and toys to the local rescue league and she said it looked like a pollen snowstorm out there! Her car is covered with big white and yellow poofies! Oh man, this is gonna be a tough season.

Okay, so we'll see if anyone ends up coming. I know this is last minute but sometimes those turn out to be fun. Come on over everyone!!!

Luv Finney & Lacey


You must have me mixed up with someone else, OH WAIT! YOU- DO!

May 16th 2011 3:07 pm
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My friends we need to clarify something! I've been getting lots and lots of emails and pawmails asking me how I like being on cathugger and since when did my hair get so light and my eyes change to blue! HELLO? I'm not a chameleon, I'm a putty tat!

Just to be clear, we are NOT on cathugger, we haven't defected, we didn't join and quit or anything like that. You are all referring to this kitty! Alex Finnegan (Finney). Believe it or not this is NOT me. MOL.

My name isn't Alex, as you know that's my angel sisfur. I am Finnegan (Finney) but I am not a ragdoll (although they are gorgeous kitties for SURE), I am a Maine Coon! My coat is tiger orange, my eyes are amber and I am known as Finney, Finnegan, Monsieur Poopy, Finney Winnegan, Mr. Floofy Pants, Floofy Pantaloons McFinnegan, and so on.

It's okay that you're getting us mixed up cause that kitty is furry handsome and furry nice too. But I just want you all to know that isn't me. I'm me and he's him and vice versa. I will have to write him and splain dat this is happening! I'll bet he's getting pawmails and emails that he has NO idea what they're talking about! MOL. I can only imagine!

So just so ya knows, I AM NOT ON CATHUGGER! NOPE, NOT ME.


A needle in the eye? OH MY!

May 19th 2011 3:31 pm
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What a day! First I won't even tell you what mommy did to me and Lacey cause last time we brought it up we got yelled at by all the kitties here. Let's just say it wasn't fun. Then just when we thought it had calmed down, grammy and grampy got home from grampy's eye appointment and asked mom to drive them to an eye specialist. Grampy has mascular degebanation (bad eye stuff) and he has a hemorrhage in one of his eyes. I don't know what that thing is doing there but I guess it's not good.

So mom grabbed her keys and purse and took off thinking it would be just so she could quickly examine it and make some hospital appointment or something for surgery or however they'd do it. WOW! Were they wrong. We kept waiting and waiting for them to come home wondering what was going on.

Grammy weighs next to nothing cause she's had 2 bleeding ulcers in her life and she has a pea sized tummy inside. So she's all bones! She can't sit for that long cause she's got a boney butt and it hurts. Mom keeps telling her she can always have some of her fat, she'd gladly share. MOL. Anyways, my mommy has bad fibromydalgia stuff and her whole body hurts bad when it's rainy out, which it has been like this for DAYS AND DAYS now. So they were both sitting on these small chairs for the longest time. Mom kept getting up and taking walks outside and when she tried to sit back down her legs were hurting so much she was wiggling like she had ants in the pants.

Finally after 2 hours she said "enough" and nicely asked them to explain what was taking so long. Come to find out that anytime a new person comes in, the first exam can take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours!!!!! Mom's eyes bugged out of her head and she's like "um, excuse me. I know you fit us in at the last minute but why didn't you warn us?" She was not at all happy about that. She told them she was hurting and grammy was getting tired and nervous and upset.

SO! AFTER mommy went up and said something, they told her it would only be another 20 minutes and "OH BTW, we have a waiting room in here with a nice big TV, some comfy chairs and magazines!" Mom looked at her and said, "and why didn't you tell us that ages ago? you've all been watching us squirm in our chairs, gettnig up and down?" Oh man mommy was ticked off! Mommy used to be a restaurant manager and she cannot stand bad customer service.

So anyways, they went and sat in there and no sooner did they sit down but they were able to go in and see grampy who was about to have a procedure that mommy did not want to see! They had done all kinds of computer eye pictures and it showed every vein, every angle, every spot no his eyeball. Which was fine, mom likes to see that kinda stuff. Mom said she understood what needed to take so long but honestly, they could have told us that over the phone earlier and mom said she would have dropped grampy off and went back to pick him up!!! Jeez!!! They have enough old people going in and out of there you'd think they'd know to do that.

Anyways, In order to stop the bleeding and dry up the yucky blood, they have to give grampy a shot in the eye every month for almost a year!!! BLAAHHHHHHHH!!! Mom isn't too squeamish but said, NO THANKS! I am not watching this. Grampy said it didn't even hurt, they numb it first and it felt like a little pick and that's it. Well, grampy was in WWII and has seen major action at Iwo Jima so his idea of pain and mommy's are two very different things. MOL.

By the time they all got home, they were all ready to drop! So that was our fun day. It was TORTURE for me and Lacey waiting all that time for mommy to come home! What were those doctors thinking keeping my mommy out that long and not telling us where she was? Hhhhmmmmpppppfffff. All I know is, I don't want to think about no needle in my eyeball! I just wanted my mommy home wiff us!



May 29th 2011 5:27 pm
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I can't believe it! Just a week ago we had not seen the sun in 2 weeks, it was barely 50 degrees, cold and raw and raining. Now it's been in the 80s, tomorrow the 90s. Getting humid and it's not even June yet and we can hear all kinds of crickets outside. That's nuts! here in NH the crickets don't usually come out until July!!! Talk about extreme weather. Mom is loving being back out in her garden. Her plants are popping and flowering everywhere! She takes lots of pictures every season and puts them on her Picasa page so we'll tell you when they're up.

We're hearing lots of those little finches and little birdies who fly up really high and fast and they zoom around the sky all over the place and chirp super fast? They're so cute, we love that sound. Lots of little nom nom bugs to eat coming through the screen at night too. Lacey ate one last night, I WANTED IT! But I'll have my chance. I love to eat moths. Yum, I swallow them whole and they tickle as they flutter down my throat. Mom gets grossed out but figures, hey it's protein! MOL! Thanks mommy! You're so good to us!

OMC! I cannot believe little Panda (Blizzard's new little sis) is pregnant AGAIN! That little girl needs to settle down now! I hope everyone is having a pawsome Memorial Day weekend! We're having a good one. No bad weather here at all. Furry lucky! I hear some others are getting it bad so we're purring for them to stay safe and sound. We love you guys!

Oh btw! My grampy did so well with that first shot in his eye to stop the bleeding, they said he doesn't have to go back every week, his next appointment is at the end of June! Thank catness he always was a fast healer. Yaayyyy grampy!!! He's gonna be 84 years old on June 7th! Wow!

We're gonna have 3 parties in June so keep your eyes open for those. My birthday, Lacey's birthday and we're gonna have a Michael Jackson party on the day he died. We'll play all of his music and stuff and have lots of dancing, doing the moonwalk, all kinds of stuff! It'll be fun!

Don't forget that June 1st is our good friend Gump's birthday! He's having a pawty too and we can't wait! He's one of our bestest furriends and we're so excited he's feeling better! OMC! We just looked at your page and it's decorated so pawsome for your birthday! Whoo hoo! That's gonna be a fun pawty. Can't wait!


not feeling good

May 30th 2011 6:50 pm
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Mom said she's gonna start crying pretty soon if me and Lacey don't start eating better. It's been furry hot here and even with the a/c, me and Lacey feel yuckery and have not been eating much at all. Even cousin Midnight is doing the same thing. Mom keeps opening cans and we just don't want much. Today I dry heaved and mom had to give me a pepcid cause I didn't have much in my tummy! Ugh. It's definitely cause of the heat but she's getting nervous now. A few days she understands but she can't handle more than that. Once you've had a kitty that stopped eating and made themselves so sick they died, I guess you get furry upset at stuff like this.

Please purr we feel better soon and mommy doesn't cry about us! I don't want to make her cry. I don't mean to, I really don't!


You guys have to see this!

June 2nd 2011 1:44 pm
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This was the large tornado yesterday in Sturbridge Massachusetts. Look at this thing as it forms right on the river. Never seen anything like this!!

Tornado forming over Connecticut River


Midnight Zoomies and giant poopies

June 2nd 2011 10:10 pm
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OMC! For a few weeks now we have not been ourselves. All this sudden heat really got us feeling yuckery. First we weren't eating all that well, then when we finally started to eat, we both had a little bit of backed up sewer pipes, if ya know what I mean. So mom was giving us both Miralax the last couple of days.

Yesterday was 92 and HUMID as all get out! Stormy and crazy! Today was 60 degrees and windy like crazy all day, in fact it's STILL windy at 1 am! 30mph actually. Mom opened the windows for a bit at around midnight and like a couple of werewolves, we went completely bananas like we haven't played in months!

We had a serious, serious, SERIOUS case of the zoomies. So much so, we almost broke a few lamps, MOL. Not kidding. We went zooming all over the house and both of us went flying onto the coffee tables, ricocheted off the chair back onto the coffee table, plowing behind the couch, into the kitchen, bounced off the window sill, into our room, jumping on and off our towers, into the baffroom, into the tub and back out again. We even ran right over mom on the couch! PHEW! I needed a rest for a minute.

So I did the only thing I could do after feeling so great! I pooped a couple of GIANT logs! Mom was like "WOW Finney, I guess I don't have to worry. No wonder you feel so good all of a sudden!" MOL. I was sure to leave my Ode De Finney smell with my midnight prezzie too. That's when mom said "yuck! Gotta open a few more windows stinky boy!" What'd ya expect, roses?

Now I'm so tired I'm laying spread out on the other side of the room dictating. OH! grammy almost set the house on fire today. No joke. Here we are worrying about an arsonist on the loose and our own grammy starts a small grease fire. She didn't even tell mom all day. Her and grampy were so nonchalant about it, like "oh we put it out, no big deal". Mom just shook her head and said they were causing her to go gray.

It's supposed to be nice weather all weekend and next week! 70-75 and dry! Whoo hoo! Hopefully we'll have many more zoomfests. Oh boy! I feel the urge to zoom again! Here I go, gotta go now!!!


Musical chairs, grampy's 84 today and Lacey's birthday and- pawty

June 7th 2011 2:33 pm
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If you've never played musical chairs with your mommy or daddy, let me tell you that you are missing out! I love my momma furry much but even more, I love to drive her cuckoo! MOL! Yup! Call it a guy thing, a cat thing, a cat/guy thing, whatever you like. But I am a teaser to the bone.

I go through phases where I pick a particular thing to do to bug her and these days it's stealing her chair at her desk whenever she gets up. Even if she's just gone to the baffroom, she comes out and there I am! Sprawled out on her chair, keeping it warm, even in 95 degree heat. She just stands there and says with disgust "Oh Finney! Come on! Not again! Get off my chair". I don't know why she's acting so surprised, it's not like this is anything new. Would you rather have me yanking the curtains down and ripping them and chewing on cords? Or is this better? You have to pick because I cannot give it all up momma. I mean REALLY! That's just asking way too much.

On another note, today is my grampy's 84th birfday! Hurrayyyy! Happy birfday Grampy! Mom said that later on we can go downstairs and visit them. We haven't done that in a long time, that'll be fun. Speaking of teasing, mom said she went downstairs to give grampy a birfday kiss and when she said "WOW! 84!" He just looked at her like he was gonna smackey paw her. MOL. Can you imagine being that old? If I was 84 that would make me a gazillion years old in cat years.

Don't forget about Laceys birfday pawty this Saturday night in her diary everyone! She went and changed her page again, she said she wanted it more festive! Listen for the cool pawty song when you go on there.

Okay, I gotta go. I'm furry busy with my sleeping and stuff. Plus mom needs me to supervise her through the window while she waters her flowers. She said they're all crying out to her in a raspy voice "WATER, NEED...WATER". I didn't know flowers could talk but that sounds a little creepy to me.

Stay cool everyone!!!

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