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Tate For President!

February 16th 2011 6:16 pm
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Hello everyone, we interrupt the Floof Report to make this furry special announcement. Due to the garbage and constant caca coming out of our government's mouths and especially now since they're going to be cutting funding to a lot of assistance programs for those that need it (LIKE US!!!) I am not putting up with it anymore and I'm asking you all to throw those bums outta there and vote for Tate for President!

All this cutting of funding for stuff needed like heating our house is upsetting because 1) I need my heat on! I will not sleep in a cold house, NO I WON'T! And 2) It will make everyone in my house pay more for stuff like heat, food, electricity, etc. which means there's no money left to buy ME stuff! I WILL NOT stand for this (or sit down for it, or even lay down for it). Nope! I say VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

What makes Tate such a great candidate? He's already promised to rename the White House, the Cuppycake House. He's promised to have free catnip dinners for every poor kitty in the world, lots of warm blankies and heated beds to snuggle on, plenty of food, activities, snacks and leisure. Everything a fur could want! Now I say you have GOT to love that. We can scratch all the furniture we want, come and go as we please, and be the boss of our pawents!

Plus he's already got the advantage. There are two shows on tv already about cuppycakes. One is DC Cupcakes on the Discovery channel (I think) and the other is on Food Network called Cupcake Wars (I don't like that name since it has war in it). Maybe we could rename that one Cuppycake food fight. I like that better and it sounds super fun and dewicious. Nom nom nom!

So what do you say all of my furriends!? Are ya with me? Let's get Tate in the Cuppycake house and start ruling this gosh darned country like WE kitties want to! Lots of laying around, licking ourselves and each other, catching mice, bugs, birds, etc. Now we need a good slogan. Somebody think of a good one that goes with Tate and cuppycakes. I can't do everything for gosh sakes. MOL!

This has been a special Floof Report, now back to your regular programming schedule



February 18th 2011 11:53 am
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Hello every fur and furette! I have some wonderful news in my floof forecast! It's 60 degrees here in the northeast and stuff is melting like crazy. But that's not the best part. Momma spent 2 hours outside chopping ice and shoveling it (still not the best part) and she said 3 of her trees are covered in buds!!! Yup, and so is the neighbor's 2 giant maple trees across the street. And we know for a fact they're budding and throwing off some pollen because for the last 3 days momma's been walking around going "ACHOOO ACHOOOOOOO AAAAAACCCCHHOOOOOOOOO!!!" MOL. She only does that when spring is just around the corner and she is getting pollen up her nose. She doesn't have a cold, she knows the difference believe me.

Plus momma is a super duper fantabulous gardener and KNOWS her stuff so if our trees and shrubs are already budding way up here in NH, then you can bet your bippy spring is forcing it's beautiful face through the ugly winter! Whoo hoo!! We have the windows open right now, mommy is pooped and very sore though. Which means Lacey better get her massaging feeties ready. Mommy's going to need it for the next couple of days. Mom says she's getting in shape to be ready for digging up the back yard for her veggies as soon as the ground is thawed. She says no fooling around this year! I'm getting right on it and we're gonna be ready.

Oh and we got the best prezzie today. One of our friends Maggie, who is the first kitty on our Living with IBD section of our website, sent us this way cool bed that her momma made by hand! It's so neat. Mom's taking pictures of it but it's very cool. So today has been a good day so far. Lots of fresh, warm air, birdies in the yard, a nice new prezzie to play and sleep in. Except poor Maggie is not feeling so good. She has to go to the vet today, she might have asthma. Her momma is really nervous and scared. So any extra purrs for our beautiful Abyssinian friend Maggie would be much appreciated. Here's the link, if you scroll down you'll see her pictures: Thanks everyone! Have a furtastic day and weekend!

Luv Finney the extra floofy butterscotch floofinator


New game! Crazy misheard song lyrics

February 20th 2011 6:37 pm
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Okay everyfur! Siggy just game me a great idea without even know it! MOL! Have you ever heard a song and could not figure out certain words to it so you just made up your own? I'm sure you have. We do it all the time. This is the crazy misheard song lyrics game (I just made it up).

Tell us a song and the lyrics you heard that were NOT the real lyrics but were funny instead. I'll start:

Destiny's Child, Bootylicious - "I don't think you're ready for spaghetti, I don't think you're ready for spaghetti, I don't think you're ready for this, is my body too bootylicious for ya babe".

BTW, Siggy was singing about my tail being floofalicious, I like it! I'm Floofalicious, Sploofalicious!

Okay your turn!


Vern, Zealies, Hunter & poop talk, AND momma's boogies

February 25th 2011 4:12 pm
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Does that get your attention? MOL! Good! Let's start with concats to our buddy Hunter for winning COTD! Whoo hoo Hunty McFluffy butt! Apparently Hunter figured out the key to winning this stuff and went above and BEYOND just talking about poop, he tried to eat it. EEEEEWWWWW! Way to go Hunter. I PROMISE I will not try to top that one. That award is allllll yours buddy! We continue to have an ongoing discussion about poop in several different diaries. My squishy poops diary was recycled on Zach's diary yesterday, then we got into talking about our manly grapes and went off on a tangent from there. Honestly I think if the middle east talked more about poop than oil and other stupid stuff, they wouldn't be having all these wars. And I have to say this just once, FREE LIBYA!

Okay, now onto the zealies. We had a TON of zealies because of me winning COTW a short time ago and wow we went bananas giving them out. Usually they magically appear just as we're about to run out of them, so we've never run out before. This was tragic. UNTIL we had a surprise gift today. We looked at our page and TADA they magically appeared but this time is was a gifty! A wonderful surprise gifty from our bestest furriends Gumpy and Nadia! How pawsome are they? MEGA PAWSOME! I mean seriously! That was way cool because we just LOVE giving out prezzies. So thank you both, we love you so much.

Now, Vern!!! Sweet, cute, smiley, orange little Vern! His auction is still going on Facebook until 5 pm Sunday night. His mom took him to a really good vet yesterday who did all kinds of tests on him and found out that he has a spinal injury. It's not life threatening though and in the future he may need an operation but for now, the doc said he can keep taking his Methyl B12, and they gave him a prednisolone shot to try and get the inflammation down. Keep bidding on stuff for his auction if you can because this is just the beginning I think. But he's got a good prognosis and his vet is a really nice man. He says that Vern will probably never be able to walk normal but he definitely can walk. So his mom is going to take things one day at a time right now but we're all pretty excited and happy that it looks like no matter what, he's going to have a good quality of life and I'll tell you what. After thinking just a couple of weeks ago that this little guy was going to the bridge, this is the best news we could have! Vern is becoming a star on Facebook and why shouldn't he? He's a brave little guy and let's face it, he's so adorable you just want to pinch his little cheeks! MOL!

Oh and last but not least, my momma! She hasn't been feeling good for a couple of weeks. She's had a really bad sinus headache and a lot of pain in her cheeks and over her eyes. Now she has lots of allergies and stuff so she just thought it was that. But it kept getting worse and by Wednesday of this week she was getting nauseas and really grumpy! AAHHHHH, don't like my momma grumpy, please no grumps momma! Phew! so she called her pawsome ear, nose and throat docfur and made an appointment but in the meantime he called in some medicine. She had to go out in the awful slippery weather today to get it but she said she didn't care because she was sick of having a boogy infection. Blech. Doesn't sound very fun to me either. I've had a boogy infection and I was a big grump too!

So that's the floof report for today boys and furs! Hope you all had a great week. I'm sure we'll continue our poops discussion soon. I look forward to learning more poopy terms or even inventing some.



Pooping for fuel!

March 2nd 2011 11:22 am
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My mommy watches the news and gets furry frustrated because price of gas for her car keeps going up. She says it's too expensive to go anywhere and good thing spring is coming because she's gonna have to hoof it pretty soon. I don't ever remember seeing hoofs on my mommy's feet but I believe her I guess. Now don't get us wrong because we are fur all the peoples of Libya fighting and dying for their freedom! We think it's great and we stand by them. We hope that they can win this without too many more hoomans going to heaven but mom says that's probably going to happen so we all have to purr hard for them.

Momma says this isn't about us and our dependence on their oil, it's about their right to be free from something called oppreshion and a nutso leader. She says instead of calling us America the beautiful (which we are) that we should be called America the procrastinators. That we waited too long and still haven't gotten another fuel source.

Well I have the answer right here in my litter box. Poops for fuel! I think we talked about this on Zach's diary this week but I'm not sure. I think it's a great idea and don't we furries always have the best ideas? If furries ruled this world it would not be such a mess. I'm always saying that. I still say Tate for President. Catnip cuppycakes for everyone! Whoo hoo! Maybe that's what all the people in the white house should be eating is catnip cuppycakes. Things would be SOOOO different, MOL. I'd like to see that. They'd all be rolling around in the grass, poofing up their hair, meowing and chasing mice and stuff, MOL!

So what do ya say everyone? Let's start our own fuel company, "kitties pooping for fuel". We'd make a killing, we could poop as much as we wanted and help out our furless families, we would be adored and worshipped all over the world, which is what is supposed to happen anyways. Plus our pawents would be stinkin' rich so they wouldn't have to worry about working anymore and they could stay home and do our bidding all day long and spend money on stuff for us. How about it? I think that should be Tate's first promise for the cuppycake house, poop for fuel. Say it with me! Pooping for fuel, pooping for fuel, pooping for fuel!

I hope this qualifies as one of those recyclable diary entries. You never know which one you write is gonna hit the mark. You just point your tail, aim and squat, MOL!!!


St. Patty's Day Pawty! Be here or be somewhere else!

March 13th 2011 6:07 pm
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Okay! Milo is chomping at the bit for me to make this announcement so I'm gonna have to do it before he loses his mind. MOL! Since Zach's pawty for Mardi Gras was so much fun, some of you were asking me to host the next one. I'm honored you think I'll be such a good host. I'll have to really think up some good poopy names now.

We frankly weren't sure this was something we wanted to do. Mom's been exhausted lately with all the sick kitties emailing us (and believe me, there have been A LOT!!!), kitties going to the bridge, even people friends and our family having a hard time. BUT! The recent events in Japan have once again showed us how lucky we really are and how much we have to be grateful for and celebrate about. And Milo and Zach are right. We need this badly to get our minds off of stuff.

AND come on! My name is Finnegan for crying out loud! In all honesty that's a pretty good way to start a St. Patty's Day pawty! So here's what we're gonna do. The pawty is going to be an Irish wake. Not for those we have lost but for burying our troubles and problems and giving them a big send off. This way we can do a "clearing" of our spiritual and emotional houses and bring in some good luck and cheer! How does that sound?

We'll try and think up a few fun games to play, questions and answer stuff and some other things. We're gonna do the same thing as Zach did and have an open diary that night. We'll start it at 6 pm EST, this Thursday and it will be open all night long. I doubt we can top the number of post Zach had, something like 245! We came close to crashing the Catster server! MOL! Too funny, none of us could keep up with the emails coming into our boxes, we were like "aahhhhhhh!! what'd you just say? huh? what?" MOL! Loved it!

So pass the word around, everyone is invited, open invitation and we're gonna have a blast! Bring some treats, green beer, toys, whatever! It's supposed to be PG13 but we'll see. Maybe PG12 or 11, MOL. Let's have a really fun night to remember and get rid of all of our sadness, troubles, problems and heartaches for one glorious night! We'll look for that pot of gold and try and bring good luck to all of us for a long time to come.

We can't wait. Thanks Milo, Gumpy, Zach and others who asked me to do this. I'm honored to pick up the torch for this one.

Irish jigs and four leaf clovers (they're magically delicious!)
Finnegan McFloofy Pants O'ticklemonster


What to do about the pawty tomorrow?

March 16th 2011 10:24 am
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What do I do? We are all in shock. This pawty was supposed to be cheering us all up because we've all been crying our eyes out lately for all the furries leaving us, the sick ones and for Japan. I just don't know what to do. Do I cancel the pawty? Who's going to feel like coming now? I can't blame them, I don't want to have it if it's disrespectful to Hazel. I wouldn't ever want to do that. This is a HUGE LOSS for Catster and for our family as well. We are so grateful to have her as a friend, she's so gracious and loving and helpful. Our hearts are breaking and my mom already has a headache from crying so darned hard.

I don't know how much longer we can take all the sadness lately. Mom just hugs us constantly and she watches us play, watches our little mannerisms and our ever move to memorize every little thing in her mind. She says she's soaking us in so we rub our happiness onto her and fill her heart. But how do we do that today when we're so sad ourselves? Maybe I should cancel the party. I sure don't feel like it now.

Love you all very, very much
Finney, Lacey, Alex and mommy Lisa


Honoring our lost friends

March 16th 2011 11:38 am
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Hello everyone! I have to say that I was very perplexed about what to do with the pawty tomorrow night. I really didn't know if I should even have it due to the loss of our beloved Hazel Lucy. But thanks to some of our good friends and A LOT of her loving friends, we've decided to still have it but to dedicate it to Hazel and have a good old fashioned Irish wake.

An Irish wake is NOT sad or depressing but very much a party and celebration of that life, giving them a honorable and fun send off. They tell funny stories, drink green beer, sing, dance and remember the good times. So that's what we're going to do. I am still planning on having the pawty I have been working on except now I am passing along an open invitation to all of Hazel's loving friends to come and celebrate with us and honor the queen of Catster.

We know she's not gone, her body is resting, just as she deserves. But her soul and spirit are SO STRONG that we will never be without her. She will continue to be here on Catster here with us, I'm sure of that. In time, when her mom feels ready. We know the heartache her momma feels and because Hazel has almost 9,000 friends (WOW), she will never be alone in her grief. We will all be taking good care of her.

So please, please everyone. Come and join us in my diary, tomorrow night, 6 pm eastern time. The pawty will last all night for anyone in different time zones. We will be honoring the heroine of all kitties by showing our love for her in the way she would want us to. Her strength is in all of us now and we have to show her we feel that strength! She deserves that!

Thank you my friends for helping me figure this out. We appreciate and love you all every single day. This pawty will also be to say goodbye to all those we have lost recently, I don't want anyone of our dear friends to be left out.

Finney and Family


Let’s get this pawty started!

March 17th 2011 2:47 pm
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Okay everyone! We’re here and ready to pawty. It’s been a really rough couple of weeks and tonight we’re all gonna kick back, have some pawsome food, listen to some cool Irish tunes, laugh, dance, you name it. We’re paying tribute to ALL the friends we’ve lost recently and here are a few simple rules for tonight:

NO crying, NO tears, nO sad stuff. We’re welcoming funny stories of any of the kitties who have passed or any of us that are still here. Poems and tributes welcome but not too sad please or even better, not sad at all. We’ve all cried way too much and it’s really wearing on us. I don’t believe for a second that Hazel, Marrakech, Henry, Taffy, or any of them would want us to drown ourselves in tears over them. An Irish wake is not about that, it’s a celebration.

The pawty is open all night so whoever wants to stay late or is in another time zone, feel free to keep posting. If you keep the page for my diary open but open my profile page in another window, I’ve got a bunch of Irish tunes playing on my mixpod. Just scroll down, leave the page open and let it play while you’re in the diary and enjoy! There are NO sad songs on it, only vibrant, fun, good old Irish dancing music. We did have one Irish drinking song we LOVE called Bugger Off, but it’s not PG13 so if anyone wants to hear it, pawmail me and I’ll give you the youtube link. It’s really funny!

We’ve got plenty of treats; corn beef and hash, green nippy beer (and non-alcoholic drinks too), green cocktails & shrimp, lucky charms with cream, party favors, all kinds of good stuff. Feel free to bring your own nom noms, pass them around and share. You can all bring your green hats and bowties, dress casual or dress up if you’d like. Mom didn’t have time to fart around doing anything to our pictures so you’ll just have to imagine us in something green.

Now here are a couple of games we can play tonight.
1) Since we’re all so good at thinking up poopy names, in honor of Hazel Lucy, we’ll continue that tonight and even add some names for vomit, hairballs, etc. (Henry I know you’re dying to contribute some of those).
2) Instead of using these for a tag game, we’ll do it here. Name 5 things about yourself that are your cutest traits or actions.
3) Make up a short, funny poem about yourself and/or your siblings.
4) we can continue playing the "crazy misheard lyrics" game. Any song you've heard where you completely heard something that was NOT the correct lyrics but were very funny, we'd love to hear it. That game was played recently in my diary and oh man that was funny! So PLEASE let's play that one. It's a fun game and will really get us laughing.
5) Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses tonight!
6) Last but not least, dip your paws in the pot of gold and make sure to rub good luck all over yourself!
7) Any other fun ideas for games, feel free to share and get us playing!

Thank you all for coming, I know we all didn’t feel like doing this. But spring is here and life is springing from the earth once again. So it’s time for us to celebrate that new life and get ready for a new season of growth, friendship, healing, love and PAWSITIVE CHANGE!!!!

Now take a dippy in da pot and get lucky!

pot o'gold



March 18th 2011 1:41 pm
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Hello everyfur! What a furtastic pawty that was. I want to thank all of you that stopped by to say hi, ESPECIALLY HAZEL LUCY! Oh that made everyone so incredibly happy. Some kitties came very early, some came and went and kept stopping back in, some didn't come in until even after I passed out. The posting kept going until this morning when sweet little Tiger Lilly Blossom offered to help clean up. Thanks to The Tabbies O Trout Towne, Greyson, Xena Princess Warrior, Zeke, Princess Tu Two, Jezebel, Queen Tallulah, Hunter, Tink, Zoe, Zach, Gump, Nadia, River, Simone, Timo, Milo, Orange Ruffy, Luke, Tully, Henry, Smokey Joe, Newman, Skylar, Bella, Vern, Monida, Skittles, Maedia, Chiquitita, Nikolai, Rusty, Inky, Samoa, Ingen, Penn & Teller, Bandit, Calvin, Sally Maria, Toki, Moe, Abby and Tiger Lilly Blossom! Phew! 391 posts in all! I believe that has to be a new record.

I think we crashed the server a couple of times last night and I think they're even still having problems today. MOL! Whoopsy! I'm NOT sorry! It was fun and we needed that BIG TIME. If anyone wants to go back to the posts and read some of the poems and stuff, they're really good. Thanks to Tink for all your help. She kept leaving the pawty for a short time and recruiting other guests and stayed on late to keep it going for others, even after my meowmy couldn't keep her eyelids open anymore. She had spent the day working in her garden cause it was so nice out and then had some nippy herself during the pawty so she it was hard to keep her from passing out, MOL.

Funny stuff last night! FUNNY! Milo & Ruffy take the cake as far as the booze goes. Lots of hiccups last night for sure and I believe Ruffy has a good hangover going on right now. He also tried to pick up every girl there! Sheesh! Put it back in your floof Ruffy, MOL! Lots of poopy talk from the usual suspects, thanks to Greyson for bringing the cheese farts (I mean tarts, MOL), to Skylar for the Irish Soda Bread, somebody ate a ladybug (I don't know who brought that to the pawty)! Zeke's Irish tuna patties were da bomb! Queen T brought some green flowers and butterflies to the pawty which was really beautiful! It was funny to watch some of the more drunk ones (Ruffy & Milo) trying to catch the butterflies. Some of the furniture got a little banged up but that's okay, we expected it.

Gump brought a video of a traditional Irish blessing and was pinching anyone who wasn't wearing green (thanks buddy, YOWCH). We had some good old fashioned Irish dancing music playing, Henry showed up with his flowjectiles, Vern was dancing with his little back feet flailing all over the place! He wasn't going to but couldn't help himself he was having so much fun. Milo brought catnip slushies which I'm SURE were spiked, Zoe must have said goodnight to Milo about 15 times and he wasn't even leaving! MOL!

Chiquitita finally showed up after going to the wrong diary several times, MOL! One of them was a dog named Jackal which I'm sure wondered what the heck was going on when a kitty went on his diary and spoke Gaelic! MOL! MOL! Kally Kat sent me a pawmail to tell me how very FURRY, FURRY mad she was at her meowmy that she couldn't come. She was stuck in her bafroom with a giant cone on her head and was NOT a happy camper. But at least we knew she was okay after surgery.

Toki, Sally Maria, Abbey Sweatpea Paws and Moe all showed up after I had passed out. Sorry guys! We tried to start at a good time for everyone. But I'm glad you stopped by. So many funny poems and stories, just looking back at them right now we're laughing! Oh how we all needed this. What a rough week. I'm so glad the pawty turned out well. Not bad for my first one huh?

If there are any typos in this diary, well, you know why. MOL. Still can't see too straight. Thanks all of you for making our very first pawty on Catster a raging success! We had an excellent time and more fun than we've had in awhile. Maybe this summer our Alex can host a pawty at the bridge. That would be different! We could have like an interconnected pawty so everyone can come. We have to recoup from this one first and that'll take awhile.

If anyone wants to do stats for the pawty other than the number of posts, be my guest. I'm too pooped! We'd love to see how many times certain things were said and how many poems and stuff.

As the Tabbies would say "Doods! Peace out and rock on!"
Finney and family

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