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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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I Should Be A...

October 24th 2012 3:01 pm
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Down under kitty. That's what mama sez. Just when winter is comin, I am sheddin my poofalicious coat and gettin slicker. Last spring when I shoulda beened sheddin, I grew my coat. I guess I am just backerwards.

Today Guns and I had to practis wearin our Howlween costooms again. Mama wants us to be used to wearin the costooms when we go to Petco for the Howlween photo shoot.

I was bein a REAL good girl and wearin my dress without fussin, so mama put on my wimple. I didn't run off, so mama got the camera. When she got back, my wimple was all wonky, so she tooked the ear thingies off my ears. Then I did not complain bout wearin the wimple. Mama followed me round the house and tooked some pictures just in case:
A) The Petco photo shoot does not go well (like if I will not look happy or even flee the scene; do you think they will chaser me round Petco?).
B) Mama and daddy are too bizzy to set up our little studio at home and take pictures of us before Howlween.


Peekie's Earth Angel Wings

October 15th 2012 3:43 pm
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Mama put a new video on my page. It is called Peekie's Earth Angel Wings. Gunnie and I were practisin wearin outfits, and mama put Missy's beautiful pink feathery wings on me. If you watch the video, you will find out why mama yells so much. ;)



October 15th 2012 12:53 pm
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Oh, my goodiness! I missed my DDP honors yesterday. It is all mama's fault. She was real bizzy tryin to cleaner up our house, so Guns and I did not get to come to Catster at all yesterday. Thanks to the nice kitties who p-mailed me and gave me prezunts. I will be writerin you real soon.

I got an importunt thing to tell ya bout. Mama boughtened me and Guns new ID taggies. They are made by barkcode (www.barkcode dot com). They have two sizes, one for dawgs and smaller ones for kitties. Each taggie has a speshl number on the back and somethin called a QR code. If kitties get lostered, anybuddy who finds em can scan the code with a cell phone and see all the kitty's infomashuns. It even works if the humans do not have a smartphone.

There is lotsa stuff to fill out on the profile pages, so mama wanted to finish ours before she mentioned the barkcodes. There is room for doctors, lotsa phone numbers to call, up to four pictures, your microchip number if ya have one, and all kindsa other good stuff.

The taggies cost $15.95 with free shipsterin at the site, but mama bought ours here in town from Happy Tails Lodge, and they were only $13.00. There is no activation fee and no annual fee to have your infomashuns on the site. There are diffrunt styles of taggies. Mine is Peekaboo pink with a white heart shape on the front. Gunnie's is dark blue with a white paw print on it, and it says "Help Me Home."

Both Guns and I alreddy got microchipsters, but mama thinks the barkcodes are another layer of protekshu in case we ever get lostered. So, if ya ever wear a harness or collar, check it out.


Howl-Ween Princess

October 10th 2012 8:20 pm
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I am gonna be Howl-ween princessy. Today Guns and I got our Howl-ween costooms. Mine is a pink and purple sparkly dress and wimple with a sparkly tail on it. Mama did not think our Petco store would have the costooms, so she ordered em on-line. Then when mama and daddy went to the store, they had lotsa costooms, but I do not think they had my size. Mama was happy when she saw that the dress did not have sleeves. I do not like my leggies bended to go into sleeves, but my new princessy dress just fastens with sticky stuff round my neck and round my tummy. Mama put the dress on me, and I did not even mind. We sat together on the floor for awhile, and mama petted me and talked to me tellin me what a good girl I was. Then mama showed me the wimple. It is real pretty. It gots a pink diamond on the front and pink feathery stuff, and a sparkly tail. I sniffed and sniffed the wimple. After I was sure it would not bite, mama put the wimple on me. It was kinda loose, and it rocked back and forth when I put my head up or down, but it never comed loose, and I did not get skared and run away or even pull my wimple off.

Soooo, I got mama totally fooled. Now she thinks I will be a good girl and get my Howl-ween picture tooked without a fight. Hmmmmmm...I will have to think bout that one.

Mama did say I am the most gorgeous princess on four leggies. Maybee, just maybee I will let her take a picture or two.


I Was Tortured!

October 2nd 2012 8:19 pm
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Somebody call PETA! I have beened abused. See, I was just mindin my own bizziness this mornin after I used the potty. Mama would would come outta the offis and walk round the house with her nose goin all sniffy. Then she would go back in the offis for awhile. Then she would come back out and walk around the house sniffin.

Mama saw me sittin in the hall and came and picked me up. Then her nose started wrinklin. I should have runned away when I had the chance cuz mama tooked me in the bathyroom. She looked at my butt, and there was a piece of kinda fresh kitty poop stuck in my bloomers. I tried to get away, but mama got out some pet wipers. I struggled while she was wipin at the poop ball. I yelled too, but it did not help. After three pet wipers did not make me smell nice again, mama closed the bathyroom door. Mama sighed, and then she started runnin water in the bathy tub.

Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mama got out the speshl kitty shampoo and a clean towel. Then mama picked me up. I tried to get away again, but mama put me into the bathy tub. I screamed and tried to climb up mama's shoulder. I yelled and yelled for Guns to come and rescue me, but he could not get in. Mama kept tellin me to calm down, and finally I did. Well, sorta. Then mama shampooed my booty and rinsed it. Then she shampooed it again and rinsed again. Finally I saw my chance to scape. I started runnin in place, but then I made it to mama's shoulder. I slapped her right in the face with my soaky wet tail, but then she got a towel round me, and I was trapped again.

Mama and I sat down on the potty, and she rocked me and talked to me for a coupla minutes tryin to calm me down. That worked pretty good, so mama rubbed at my wet furs with the towel. When she finally let me go, I gave her a dirty look and ran out the door when it opened. It took me HOURS to get my furs fluffy and dry again. Later mama akshly picked me up and sniffed my booty just to make sure it was clean. How dare she?


An Evil Plot?

October 1st 2012 12:08 pm
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I think mama is plottin gainst me and Gunnie. I am not happy that summer is over in Big Sky Country cuz while the weather was nice, mama was outdoors all the time, and she did not even think bout photo shoots and nuther things that I have decidered I do not like to do.

This mornin mama was checkin her e-mail, and there was one from Petco. I peeked and saw mama lookin at pet costooms for Howl-ween! She looked and looked. Sumtimes she zoomed in to see the costooms REALLY good. Finally she started puttin stuff in her shopsterin cart. First she put in a black and red vampire cape. Then she put in a white collar with a black bow tie. I think those are for Guns, so I do not care much, although mama might decide to try and put the cape on me too.

The badderest part was when she kept goin back and forth between a pink sparkly dress and pointy hat and a girl pirate outfit with a stupid lookin black pirate hat. Finally, after she looked and looked and flipped back and forth between em, she put the pink dress and pointy hat in her cart. Oh, NO! That one is def-nutly not for Gunnie.

Mama is cheep, and I saw her choosin the looooooooonnnnnnnnnng time for shipsterin, so maybee I have time to practis my runnin and hidin. I can run pretty fast, but I have to make sure I keep my tail straight up in the air so it is not a handle, and I have to practis zippin underneath Mr. Big Bed REAL fast.

I am pretty sure mama is thinkin bout Howl-ween. She already had "instruments of torture" with the chickie hat and devil horns. Why does she need to shopster even more? Just cuz Missy would put up with gettin dressed up in peeple lookin outfits and sittin in a chair and lookin like she liked it does not mean I will do it too. It's all Missy and Guns' fault cuz they actually like(d) gettin their pictures tooked.

Now I am gonna go look for hidey holes where mama catnot find me...


Thank You!

September 20th 2012 10:59 am
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Ooh, thank you all SO much for all the cool pirate flaggies you left on my page. Guns and I were not around yesterday. Mama had to go to town and do shopsterin, so Guns and I sailed our pirate ships while mama was goned. She never even knew that the Gilded Lily set sail with me as her captain. She is so fast we sailed many, many miles and still got home before mama. My crew is made up of loyal tabbies, and they are real good sailer cats.

On anuther subject, I am so very, very sorry I did not thank everykitty and pup for their good wishies and the prezunts I got while I was kitty of the week. Mama sez it was kinda bad timin that it happened right when we were gettin ready to leave on vacashun. Then we got back and left on anuther vacashun, and then the last time we did not even have a week in between vacashuns. It was takin all mama's time to pack, washy the clothes, try and straighten up our housie, and pack to leave again.

We feel kinda like bad friends cuz of it, and now the prezunts are beginnin to diss-pear from my page. Mama thinks manners are important, and she feels terbl that she wasn't able to help me get my thank-yous out. It would make me real happy if you could forgive me just this one time. If you do, I pawmise it will never happen again, no matter what!



September 14th 2012 4:03 pm
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We are here at Virgelle. Mama is so shocked cuz we got internet here. Hey, I thought this was sposed to be primmer-tive! The smokes were rollin in at home this mornin. Mama and daddy were hopin it would be clear here, but those darn-it forest fires just keep on eatin trees.

Daddy took the bumpity ferry road at Loma. Mama kept talkin bout "washerboards," but Guns and I did not see none. We were holdin on in our carriers for dear life. It is a good thing we are always strappered in cuz we mighta flied right out the window. After a long time daddy stopped the big noisy truck, and we were lookin right at the river!

I asked Guns what was goin on, and he sed we were at the ferry. I sed "where are her wings?" Then Guns started laffin at me. He sed "NOT that kinda fairy, the nuther kinda ferry."

There was a big scary thing across the water, and it started comin right for us. I meowered at Guns, "Guns, run!" Then the big scary thing stopped, and daddy drove onto it. All of a sudden we started movin. First we went one way, and then we went the nuther way until finally we were on the nuther side of the river. Daddy started the big noisy truck and drived off the big scary thing and started up the road. Mama sed to us, "Well, kits, you just had your first ferry ride. Didja like it?"

I looked at Guns, and he looked at me. Then we both looked at mama and meowered "maybee..."


I've Been Nipped...

September 11th 2012 7:00 pm
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Mama spended almost all day outside gardenerin today. Guns and I watched her from our birdie watchin window, but we were wishin she would come inside and play games with us. Mama sed her new little plants needed to get outta their pots and live in the garden. Since we are leavin for anuther vacashun in a few days, mama did not have much time.

The weatherman sed we are gonna get freezy tonight. I am real glad mama went outside and got our nip. Guns and I helped mama cut all the pretty green nippy leaves off and spread em out in a tray to dry. All winter long Guns and I can have nip in our toys. YAY!!!

I think Guns mighta told everykitty I got nipped out. OK, it MIGHT be kinda true. See, mama was lettin us play with the stems and rejects she was not puttin in the tray to dry. I did play with a lotta nip, and I did fall over, and I guess my eyes were kinda stranj, but I just needed a nap. I am fine now even though I was nipped earlier. Guns likes the nip OK, but I like it LOTS more. Oh, my goodiness. I think I feel another nip nap comin on.


Home Safe!

September 10th 2012 7:51 pm
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Thanks to all the kitties and their peeples who purred for our daddy. Daddy did not feel too bad on Sunday mornin, and we got home safe. It tooked about two hours, and I howled when we first started home. I am not sure why, but pretty soon I was quiet. On longer trips we stop every coupla hours, but we did not stop until we were at the edge of town on the big hill. Daddy stopped to fuel up the big noisy truck, and I got to watch from my carrier. Gunnie was bein a whiner, so mama had to take him back into the campster trailer. Mama thought Guns had to go potty, but it was just a trick to get outta his carrier before we got home.

It felt so good when we got home and mama let us outta our carriers. We skampered all around the house and chasered each nuther to get the kinks out.

This mornin daddy seemed to feel even better, and he is goin to see his doktor tomorrow. Power of the purr works every time!

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