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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Thanks for the DDP!

February 27th 2013 5:27 pm
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Dear Catster peeples,

Thank you for the DDP! And I thought nobuddy ever readened my diary. ;)

Well, it has beened pretty quiet here since Gunnie upchucked on mama's speshl rug, and grampster tried to fix the water thingie in the bathytub. Now the water thingie works, but mama has to member that it is backerwards; the hot is where the cold is sposed to be, and the cold is where the hot is sposed to be. I am real glad all I need for a nice bath is my little pink tongue!

Daddy is comin on Friday, and maybee he will help grampster fix the water thingie right. Gunnie and I catnot wait for daddy to get here cuz mama has beened runnin round to pointments, and we are not gettin the playtime we should. Daddy is always good for a game of chase the litl red light thingie or playin with the kitty teaser thingie. I speshly like the red light thingie cuz Guns will not play, so I get daddy all to myself.

Mostly our only eksitermunts have beened yellerjackets in our house. Mama does not know how they are gettin in, but she is a vishus killer. She sprays em with hairsprays. Then when they catnot fly no more, she squishes em and throws em outside in the coldnesses to die. If mama would let me and Gunnie hunt the yellerjackets, she would not have to waste her spensive hairspray, but she sez it is too danj-rus...


My Bruther, the Bad Cat

February 23rd 2013 9:53 am
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My bruther, Gunnie, has beened bein a real bad kat. In the nighttime he likes to run around the house doin naughty stuff. Mama and I are sleepin real comfy, and Guns races up the hall. He sounds like a horsie when he runs. He jumps on mama's little velvet chair and lands on Mr. Big Bed with a whump! He tries to slow down after that, but mostly he barely misses runnin into the head of the bed. I think that might hurt cuz mama's bed is an old one made outta iron. Then Guns leaps in the middler of mama. He might do it to me, but I am quick enuff to make sure he does not run me over. Guns stands on his hinder leggies and whooshes with his paws on the closet doors. That makes a loud rattlerin sound that annoys mama. Mama yells at Guns and claps her hands. Sumtimes, well mostly, he runs away, but he keeps comin back and doin it again.

It is a good thing I am not a kitten no more and don't need the potty real often, cuz Guns has been endin up in time out in the bathyroom, and that is where our potty is. I guess mama is countin on me to fuss if I need to go potty so she can open the up-tight door and let me in.

I am sure glad Guns is the bad one, and I am the purrfect one. :)


Ooooooh; Candy!

February 15th 2013 11:48 am
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Jeepers, thanks everkitty and pup who sended me all that yummy candy. Dark chocklit catnip is my favrit, and every single piecer of candy I tried was that flavor. You are all so gen-rus! I am sorry we were not at Catsterland yesterday to give you all some candy. Thanks for everbuddy for thinkin of me and for all your good wishies too.

Guess what? My new cimminum bed comed in the mail a coupla days before Valentine's Day. Mama founded it out by the front gate after daddy went to get the mail and said there was not no package.

Mama opened the box, and Guns and I sniffed the thingie inside. Mama sed it was a bed, but Guns and I said, "no, mama; this is not our bed. Maybee it is some nuther kitty's bed, but it does not smell like us or you or daddy or even like our house." Mama left the bed where we could check it more, but we sniffed it and then walked away.

The next mornin mama and daddy were doin something with the new bed. First they tooked some of the stuffin out cuz they sed it was too poofy. Then mama throwed the cover in the washin machine thingie. When it was all washed, mama putted it in the dryer for awhile. Then when mama tooked it back out, she put the cushon thingie back in. Then she tooked daddy's socks that he wored the day before and some nuther clothes that were wored and rubbed em all over the cimminum bed. After that she tooked daddy's pillow and rubbed it on the bed. Then she tooked some dried nip and rubbed it on the bed. Yeah, it was kinda innerestin, but I still was not reddy to say it was my bed.

Mama gived up and decidered I would sleep in it when I was reddy. Yesterday daddy leaved for Bozerman, and mama did a buncha stuff round the house. Then mama camed into the beddyroom and started readin. All of a sudden I decidered I wanted to sleep in the new bed. I climbed right in and curled up and gave mama my best kitty kat smile. Then I went to sleep and sleeped and sleeped in the new bed. I guess it is only mine cuz Guns has not climbed in a single time. :)

Thanks again everbuddy for bein so gen-rus with me and my family. I hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!


Valentine Daddy

February 13th 2013 3:37 pm
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This Valentine's Day I am giving my heart to daddy. He is the very best Valentine I could ever have cuz he loves me and pertecks me. He holds me on his shoulder and carries me so I can see all around, he feeds me treets, and he gives me skritches and soft pets. I know daddy will never break my heart. Happy Valentine's Day to my daddy.


Where Did That Kitty Go?

February 10th 2013 3:51 pm
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Today we tried to look at the diary of the day. We could find the diary, but the kitty is goned. Where, oh where did that kitty go? We looked and looked for him, but he musta been hidin cuz we could not find him anywhere.



February 8th 2013 12:32 pm
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This mornin mama decidered to get out some dried catnipshun for me and Guns. We got our own catnipshun plant, and mama gives us fresh nip in the summertime. Then when it starts gettin cold, she harvests our plant and dries nip for us for the whole winter. We have not had nip for awhile now, probly before Kissmouse.

Mama gived us the nip by rubbin some dried leafs on our blueberry bed, my brown scroll bed, and on some of our toys. That was not enuff, and we were buggin mama cuz she had the nip bag in her hand. Mama was pretty sprised when she put some leafs down on the cat sheet on the bed, and we yummed em right up.

Afterwards, Guns was all stranj. He kept flopsterin down on the floor and rollin around. I just sat there and looked at him. Mama sed, "Peekie, Gunnie wants to play with you." Maybe the nip made me cranky, but I did not wanna play with Guns, so I just sat there and looked annoyed. When he got up and started leapsterin at me, I got all adjertated, and my tail started switchin back and forth. Gunnie jumped on me a coupla times wantin to wrestle, but I did not wanna, so as soon as I could, I leapstered over him and runned away. Finally that goofy bruther of mine got tired and needed a nap. He hopped into the Muppet-Gunnarr chair and fell sleepsterin. Neener, neener; now I got the stroller all to myself


A Long, Long Winter

February 7th 2013 10:31 am
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Jeepers, it seems like winter has beened here forever. Gunnie and I play chaser in the house, and we got lotsa toys, but it is not the same as gettin to go for stroller rides and see dawgs and birdies and even gophers sumtimes.

Mama has beened craftin when daddy is not here. She is makin lotsa fun teensy scraps of paper for us to play with. Sumtimes she finds the piecers in strange places cuz I roll around on the floor and get the piecers stucked in my floofiness. Later they fall off somewhere else in the house. Right now mama is makin Eeekster cards, so she is usin pretty pink, lavender, yellow, and green papers. She even gots some stickers that are fuzzy baby chickies and some cracked eggies they comed out of.

Gunnie asked one of our pretty girl kitty friends to be his Valentine this year. Guns has had a Valentine every single year, even when he was just a kitten, but no boy kitty has ever asked me to be his Valentine. Daddy won't let me have a boyfriend, but it would be fun to have a Valentine. I think mama would share, so if no boy kitty asks me to be his Valentine, maybee daddy would be my Valentine...


It's A Sale!

January 31st 2013 9:32 pm
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Ooh, ooh! Mama got a e-mailer from Drs. Foster and Smith today. They are havin a BIG sale on their webbysite. Mama was just checkin it out when she saw our blueberry bed is on sale for 33% off. Mama got me anuther bed cuz Gunnie is always hoggin our blueberry bed, but I jump in and then jump right outta the new bed. Guns will not even get in. Mama thinks cuz the bed part is a circle, it is too small for me to get comfy. We do not know why Guns does not like it. Anyway, mama was talkin to daddy on her celler phone, and she decidered to order another blueberry bed. It is really called a hideaway bed. It comes in ciminum color too. Oh, mama sez it is called "cinnamon." I do not care what it is called; I just know I want anuther bed cuz when I want in our blueberry bed, Guns is usually layin all over it. Sumtimes when I am in the bed and Guns wants in, he biters at my hinder leggies, and I hafta growler at him. Then he runs away.

Oh, I catnot wait to get MY new bed. Guns can keep the blueberry bed cuz it is kinda squished, and it gots kitty fur all over even though mama brushers it lots. I am gonna claim the new cinnermun bed all for me. :)


I Love Taxes!

January 9th 2013 2:43 pm
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Well, OK, maybee not the taxes, but Guns and I love it when mama does shredderin. The last time daddy was here, he went to town and bringed home a brand new shredderer that was on sale. The nuther day mama got out all the papers from last year and started sorterin em. Wow! That was fun cuz there were piles of papers all over the kitchen. Now that we got a wood floor, it is real slippery, and Guns and I could run and dive into the papers and slide all around.

The shredderin was even more fun!. There is a little window in the front of the new shredderer, but mama was not watchin close enuff. When she took the lid off for the very first time, shreddies went everywhere! Mama was wearin fuzzy slippers that look like they belong to a bigfooter, and shreddies stucked all over in the long fakey furs. Mama was a mess! Guns and I giggled behind our paws while mama tried not to say bad words. For a coupla hours mama shreddered and shreddered. Every time she taked a bag out to the back steps, there was a trail of shreddies. Guns and I played in all the leftover shreddies until mama got doned and cleanered em all up. Then it was no fun, and we had to take a long nap.


Reflectin on My Good Fortune

December 25th 2012 5:20 pm
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I beened thinkin bout how lucky I am. So many kitties are cold and skared and hungry. I mighta beened one of em. See, the peeple who owned my mama kitty loved her, but they did not love her babies. There were six of us, and we were all real nice and real cute, but they still did not love us. We got takened from our kitty mama when we were still real tiny, and there were too many of us for one foster home, so we got split up. I went to a foster home with two bruthers, Dozer and Choo-Choo Charlie. Back then my name was Petunia. Our foster mama tooked good cares of us, but we got real skared whenever we went to an adoptathon, so we quit goin.

For bout three weeks there was a lady who kept lookin at my picture on the Pet Paw-See webbysite. She already had a nice kitten, but I looked like her kitty who crossed the bridge. She kept tellin herself one kitten was plenty. Lucky for me, it did not work. The lady could not resist my picture, so she asked bout doptin me. She was real skared that there was a whole line of peeple wantin to dopt me cuz she thought I was so beautiful that everbuddy would want me. It made her happy that she was the first one but sad that there are not enuff homes for all the little kitties that get borned.

My first meetin with my mama did not go so well. I was terrorfied. I kept skratchin and tryin to run away and hide. I was makin kitten stinkies real bad, and I had kitty litter stucked in my tail. I guess what I am tryin to say is I WAS A MESS! I was actin so terbl that for a minute the lady thought maybee she did not wanna dopt me after all. I did not even know how close I came to not gettin my furrever home.

Then the lady got all stubborn. She decidered there was no kitten that she could not love and no kitten that she could not make love her. A coupla weeks later I was ready for doptin, and my new mama brought me home. I was not all that thrilled to find out I comed home to anuther brother. His name is Gunnarr T, and I thought he wanted to eat me!

Gunnie was bigger and faster and rougher than me, and mama had to soopervise our play for weeks. I tried hissin at Guns, but he was not fraid of me, so it did not work. Little by little Guns and I got used to each nuther, and I got used to mama, and she got used to me.

Now I could not magine livin anywhere else. Before I was even one whole year old, there was somethin wronged with me. Mama and my dokter figured out what was wronged, and they worked until I was almost two years old to find the right medsins for me. The medcins are not REAL spensive, but it would not matter. Mama would get the medsins for me no matter what becuz I need em.

So, today I am curled up on the big bed thinkin what a lucky girl I am. I got my mama and my speshl daddy who gives me rides on his shoulder so I can see everything. I got my bruther, Guns, who gives me baths and chasers me and shares his food and the potty and wrestles with me and snuggles with me and plays cool kitty games with me. I am warm and safe and loved. I got enuff toys to make a huge mess when I dump em all outta the toy basket. I got yummy chow and a clean potty. Most of all, I got peeple and a kitty bruther who luv me and tell me every single day that I am precious and loved.

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