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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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May 18th 2010 4:34 pm
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Thank, you, Catster diary lady, for making me one of today's diary picks. I'm not quite sure why I keep getting picked. Lots of other kitties have REALLY good diaries. They are probably even better than mine because I'm just getting started as a kitty writer.

Most of you who know my brother, Gunnarr T, will not be surprised to know Gunnie is getting pretty jealous. I do feel KIND of bad because Gunnie wanted to be a kitty writer even before me.

Mama says I should not worry about Gunnie, and I should just enjoy knowing that other kitties actually read my kitten pawings.

Thank you to the kitties who p-mailed me with concatulations.

Thanks to:
The family of Mea - Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo and more! for the beautiful red rose.
Tate for the beautiful red heart.
The family of ♥ Tony ♥, ♥ Anna ♥, ♥ Greystone ♥, ♥ Sammy ♥ and more for the lovely tulips.
Elise for the beautiful princess crown.
Tyson for a tulip bouquet.
Fluffy for the beautiful tulips.


The Tail Toy

May 17th 2010 11:00 am
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This morning Gunnie and I were in the bay window birdie watching and enjoying the smell of grass growing after a long Montana winter. Neither Gunnie nor I have ever seen this before. This is our very first spring, and we think it is wonderful.

I saw this cool toy. It was a black tail thingie. It was moving like it wanted me to chase it. I thought it was my black mink fur thingie toy, and it was asking me to play with it. I pounced on it, but it whipped out of my paws. I pounced again, held it down, and started to chew on it. Gunnie turned around and said "Hey, sis. That is my TAIL you are gnawing on!" Jeepers, Gunnie. I didn't know. I'm just a kitten, and your tail looks so much like my minkie toy. Sorry... ;)


My DDP Thank You's

May 15th 2010 6:29 pm
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Everykitty has been SO very generous with me. I really appreciate your kindness. Your wonderful gifts make my page look real speshal. To every kitty who gifted me, invited me to join a group, or paw-mailed me with good wishes, THANK YOU. I love you all. I am SO spoiled.

Thank you:
Teebo and Callie for the red rose.
Muppet for the two cool drinks.
Adam Dylan, Eve Layla, Puddin Keket, Puff Amenti, and more for the three ladybugs.
Mea – Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo and more for the shrimp and the red rose.
Elise for the pink rosette and the red rose.
Karma kitty, Charlie Clalrence, Punkin Poo, and Bobbi Boi for the shrimp.
Tate for the two ladybugs.
Alfie, Albie – A Sweet Angel Now, Lucy, Jack, and more for the kite.
Margo, RKN, OGG for the red heart and the tree to climb.
Molly, Macy, Misha Angel, Emma (in memory) and more for the shrimp.
Binx for the pink rosette.
Sweet Angel Sydney Rose&hearts for the tulips and the surprise present inside.
Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, and more for the red heart.


Kitty Kat Training

May 14th 2010 6:45 pm
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Now that I am "fixed" (personally Gunnie and I never thought I was broken), mama says it is time for my "training." I tried to tell her kitties catnot be trained, but that darned Gunnie acts like a dog in cat fur, so now mama thinks kitties can be trained.

I like the stroller, and sometimes I nap inside it when I can get out whenever I want. The other night mama put me and Gunnie inside the stroller and zippered the door shut. Mama thought I would not be afraid if Gunnie was with me. I think Gunnie did not want to ride with me. He kept leaping out of the stroller before mama could zipper the door shut tight. Anyway, finally Gunnie was too slow, and we were both in the stroller. Mama wheeled us around the house, back and forth. I was not scared at all. I sat really tall in the front so I could see where we were going. Mama strolled us around for maybe 15 minutes. She didn't want to do it too long so I would want out and think I was trapped. It was fun!

This evening mama decided it was time to start my harness training. She took the little red kitten harness that Gunnie used to wear (it was Missy Mups' before that) and put it on me. At first I thought it was a game of "catch the end," but mama got the harness on and fastened. At first it felt funny. Then I saw the end of the harness sticking out and tried to bite it. Then I rolled around on the bed thinking maybe it would fall off. It wasn't long before Gunnie took off running, and I was right behind him. Then I played with Gunnie in the living room for awhile. Later we jumped up into the bay window to look out, bask in the late afternoon sun, and watch and listen to the birdies. I guess wearing the harness is no big deal. I can do everything with it that I can do without it. Mama let me wear it for about an hour. Then she told me I was a very good girl and took the harness off. I bet it shows up again, though; probably tomorrow.

I look stunning in red, but when I get my big girl harness and leash, I want Peekaboo pink!



May 13th 2010 8:33 pm
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Mama turned on the catputer tonight to find I am a daily diary pick again. Catster diary lady, I am not sure why you like me so much. I haven't even talked about poo lately. Oops; I guess the word "poo" was in the title when I wrote about my last honor.

I love being honored, but will kitties start to think mama is paying the Catster diary lady to keep choosing me?

Thank you to all the kitties who gifted me again so soon and all the good wishes from everybuddy. We will get around to personal thank-yous as soon as possible.

It is finally spring in Montana. Well, at least we THINK it's spring. It only took mama an hour to weed wack and two hours to mow the lawn tonight. I kept watching out the window to see if tigers and bears would jump out of the grass. It was so long it would be easy for them to hide!

Thanks again to all our dear friends for your congratulations!

P.S. Now Gunnie is REALLY jealous. ;)


Oh, POO!

May 10th 2010 3:18 pm
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Jeepers, mama has not turned on the computer since Friday morning, so I missed my DDP. Darn...

Thanks to Catster for bestowing this honor on such a little girl, and thanks to all the kitties who sent me presents, invited me to join groups, and sent me p-mail. You are all so nice to a little girl like me. Mama says she will send personal thank-yous, AND we will do a diary entry with a list of thank-yous later too. Unfortunately, the overtime monster is nipstering at mama's heels right now. Those darn upgrades never work right!

Now Gunnie catnot be so superior with me. ;)


Woe Is Me!

May 4th 2010 6:57 pm
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Oh, woe is me. I broke Missy Mups' special Nemo toy. Nemo sent Missy the toy before she got sick. It was a greenish-yellow shag toy filled with catnip. It had a beautiful sheer ribbon. Missy played with the toy. She would chase it when mama swung it on the string, and she loved the catnipshun inside.

When Missy went to the bridge, Gunnie got the toy. He played with the toy too. He loved to chase it on the ribbon, and he would hold it and bunny kick it and lick the shaggy thing.

Then I came here to live, and mama let me play with the toy. I feel terrible! I broke the wonderful toy. I was having so much fun with it, and then all of a sudden the ribbon broke right off. Mama said it "tore," whatever that means. Why, oh why did the toy have to break when I was playing with it? Two kitties played with it and one was a stinky boy cat, and even he didn't break the toy.

Nemo, I am sorry. I did not mean to break the toy; it was an accident. Mama let me keep both pieces. I still play with the shaggy thing. I hold it and lick it and bite it and bunny kick it. Mama tied the ribbon to a doorknob, and I like to chase the ribbon when it moves. Gunnie let me have it all to myself. He says he does not like broken toys.

I just have one question. Sister Missy Mups, were you a lady or a tomboy when you were my age?


Thanks Everbuddy

May 2nd 2010 4:43 pm
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Wow! Thank you to all the kitties who signed my guest book. Did my sneaky brother have anything to do with that?

I felt really good when I first came home. Then the next day I did not feel so good. Mama says it was probably the adrenalin, but then it wore off. What's adrenalin?

I have been home four days now, and I am feeling better every day. Mama says I am eating like a pony. What's a pony? Anyway, I am happy to be home with mama and Gunnie even though Gunnie chases me sometimes, and mama has to make him stop.

Mama says when the weather is warmer and the mud dries out, I can start my stroller training. Yay!!! I wanna be a superstroller like my brother, Gunnie.


A Great Adventure

April 28th 2010 6:59 pm
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Getting "fixed" was a great adventure, but I hope it lasts a long, long time because I do not want to do it again. Mama rescued me this afternoon along with a bunch of papers and some medsins. They shaved my beautiful tummy fur off. It was my very best fur except for my tail. I have big ugly wire X's on my tummy. They do not look like princess things at all. Mama says Unkl will take them out soon.

Gunnie told mama before she came to get me to take the big purse with all the monies in it.

Gunnie was sweet when I came home. He smelled me a lot and told me I smelled like Unkl's place, but he did not hiss or swat at me. I was really thirsty, so I got a good drink. Then mama gave us two dishes of food, and I had a snack.

Mama gave me my evening pain meds. They are not bad, just a little squirt in my mouth. After that I felt really good. I wanted to play, but I fell asleep sitting up on the bed while mama was reading the newspaper. Gunnie was tired too because he fell asleep next to mama. After my nap I was acting pretty normal, which for me is being a nosy little troublemaker. I tried to play with Gunnie, but he was very gentle with me. I think it is because Edgar told him my glue might not be dry from being fixed, and Gunnie thought I might break and he would get blamed for it. Maybe tomorrow...

I am so happy to be home, I have not stopped purring all evening, and now I am trying to beat up the new bunny skin mama gave me. Ooh, ooh, I am getting the upper paw; he is out of the chair and on the floor in a heap. Poor bunny; he will be no match for the Peekaboo princess. :)


I'm Baaaaack!

April 15th 2010 7:17 pm
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Gunnie did not come help me break out of jail, but mama did. She promised she would rescue me. It seemed like a long day. Serena said I hid under a blankie most of the day at Best Friends, but sometime in the afternoon I came out and started talking to people. Christie said I rolled around and played with her fingers through the bars. I will not admit to consorting with the enemy; they must all be delusional. It did NOT happen!

In any case, I was really happy to see mama. Serena came in carrying me, and mama could not wait to cuddle me, but I had to go into the carrier while they discussed my evil medsins. Gunnie had to take the same evil medsins when he was little, but his was in tiny pills. Mine is in a bottle, and I gotta tell ya; it tastes TERBL! Yeesh!!!!! I did not know the plan or maybe I would have stayed in the cage at Best Friends. Mama says I have to take the medsins twice a day for 800 years; oh, she says 8 days, but it might as well be 800 years. It will seem like forever.

Gunnie was sweet to me when I got home. He let me greet him. I said "mmmmrrrr, mmmmrrrr" like I always do when we have not seen each other in awhile. He let me eat and drink a little bit. Then later we got to watch telvishun. Gunnie does not pay much attention, but I like the telvishun. It does not get turned on much; mama is too bizzy working and doing "things" around the house. Mama was bizzy watching the telvishun and looked around to see what Gunnie and I were doing. Her eyes got real big when she saw us innocently lounging on her robe on the ottoman. Later Gunnie even gave me a bath. It was SO much more fun than the cage at Best Friends.

After I took my medsins this evening, mama said she was going to buy me and Gunnie something special. Then she ordered us each a special Calvin collar. Gunnie's is turquoise and brown, and mine is spring colors. Mama says we can wear our collars when we go for stroller rides and on special occasions. Gunnie will have to show me how to wear a collar; I have never had any clothes on before. I am too pretty going commando.

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