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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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I'm a DDP!

November 11th 2010 10:32 am
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Jeepers, I am one of today's daily diary picks, and I never even mentioned poo! What's up with that? Is the new password "staples?" I've mentioned that word lots lately. Those STAPLES look look yucky, and they make your leg bumpy and itchy, but they are not so bad after all, specially now that they are goned!

Unkl Dr. Mike said my furs are growing back at "an alarming rate." It is not alarming to me at all. Who wants a cold bare little leg through a Big Sky winter? Besides, my bloomers look lopsided.

Thanks to the kitties who have sent me presents. Mama is trying to keep up with the personal thank yous, and in a few days we will add a thank you list to my diary.


Staples All Gone!

November 10th 2010 9:05 am
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I was just minding my own busyness yesterday when mama scooped me up and put me in my carrier. Then we were headed to see Dr. Unkl Mike at Best Friends Animal Hospital. The nice ladies there said Unkl was running late. Mama got a shocked look on her face and said "No; that's impossible!" Unkl is always running late. Mama says Unkl moves at warp speed all day long, but he is very gentle and takes his time with all the pets.

When we got into the room, mama got me out of the carrier and started fluffing my fur. That helped keep my mind off any scary things, and I looked purrfect when Unkl came in the room.

Unkl got some kind of tool to take my staples out. It didn't even hurt. I just laid on the table while mama petted me, and Unkl held my leg and got those nasty staples out. It didn't take long because almost half of the staples had mysteriously disappeared from my leg. Gunnie and I aren't talking...

Before I knew it, we were finished. I guess I should have been more difficult; nobuddy even offered me a treat.

Mama is starting to get the hang of this retirement thing. This morning after breakfast she played games with me and Gunnie. We have some little squishy foam balls, and she was throwing them so we could chase. Mama says we remind her of dawgs the way we will chase a ball, so we have to make sure we never bring it back like dawgs. This reminds mama that we are CATS, and it also makes mama exercise right along with me and Gunnie by retrieving the balls.

Poor Gunnie. Mama threw the ball down the hall. Gunnie was in the living room, and he started running, but he miscalculated or maybe he is just a klutz, and he ran sideways into the Chinese chair. Mama saw it all, and it scared her. Gunnie even moved the chair a couple of inches. Mama hopes it just knocked the wind out of him. Me too because even though Gunnie can be a pain sometimes, I really love my brother. He seems OK; mama will keep an eye on him today just in case.


Little Helpers

November 8th 2010 7:37 pm
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Gunnie and I helped mama today. We helped her talk on the phone to the insurance lady, we helped her eat her lunch, and we helped her clean the house. She said we were so much help it only took her twice as long to do everything.

Don't tell Gunnie I tattled on him, but when mama goes into a room and closes the door, Gunnie wails like a banshee. If that doesn't work, he whines like a girl trying to make mama let him in. If that doesn't work, he starts pawing at the door and mama hears "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh," which she usually ignores. Finally Gunnie goes off somewhere to pout for awhile. I am little miss independent. I just go find a nice napster spot and sleep until I hear mama out and about again.

Tomorrow I get the staples out of my leg. Mama says my leg is healing up perfectly, and it is time to get the staples out because there are already about three missing. She found one on a chair seat, and it was not even twisted or pulled apart. Mama wonders how Gunnie and/or I managed that, but we will never tell.


Priceless Versus Pricey!

November 6th 2010 6:03 pm
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I have been a sick little princess. A couple of weeks ago I got very, very sick. Mama made grampster take me to Best Friends Animal Hospital, and my doctor, unkl Mike, called mama and said something "weird" was going on with my leg, and he wanted to operate on me the next day. Mama could have brought me home and taken me back, but (I can't believe this) she said it would be easier on me and on Gunnie if I stayed there so mama could "rescue" me after my operation. It was very terrible; I was scared and hid under my blankie all day. Then the next day I got real sleepy, and when I woke up my leg felt funny. Mama came and took me home after she paid lots of $$$$ to get me back. ;)

I was so happy to be home. Gunnie told me I smelled funny, but he was very nice to me. He didn't hiss or slap at me, and he didn't chase me either. It was a good thing because I could still run WAY too fast for him to catch me. My leg looked funny; it had stitches and staples all down the back of my leg, but it felt fine. Mama tried to get me to settle down, but I was so glad to be home, and I wanted to explore everywhere and make sure everything was the same as before. I have been a very good girl, and I actually cry for my medicine every morning. Gunnie and I did work on the staples, but unkl saw me for something called a "postop check" and said I had stitches in my skin underneath the staples anyway. My leg is healing up fine, and I get my staples out next week. Gunnie is chasering me around the house again, and we wrestle just like we did before.

The bad news is I have something called eosinophilic granulomatous disease complex. From what Unkl said, I have the linear kind. Unkl and mama do not know what caused it. It can be from allergens (something I breathed, touched, or ate) or genetic. Unkl sent some of the nasty stuff that was in my leg to a pathologist,and it was just what he thought.

We are all hoping (me most of all) that it never comes back, but mama and Unkl are ready with a plan if it does. For now, I am a happy little precious princess. I have a mama and daddy who love me very much and a brother who bathes me, sleeps with me, and lets me shove him away from the food dishes when we eat. What more could a princess want?



October 2nd 2010 3:09 pm
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Ummmmm...I think I'm in trouble. Last night I was rolling around on the dining room carpet acting all goofy. Mama was looking at the mail and reading the newsypaper. I kept rolling back and forth, getting up, saying "trrrrrriiiiiiiillllll," and then throwing myself on the carpet again and rolling around. Mama was watching me and thought it was real cute until something caught her eye. Mama got up from the table and went to investigate. It was in the corner. It was in a bag. Well, it HAD been in a bag, but the bottom of the bag was all ripped out, and there were toofie marks all over it. There was stuff all over the carpet. It was mine and Gunnie's catnipshun. It is special because mama grows it for us. She takes care of it all summer. When it starts to get tall mama harvests it. She brings the stems inside and sits and carefully cuts off each little leaf. Then mama dries our catnipshun until all the little leaves are very, very hard. When it is dry, she puts it in a plastic baggie to keep it fresh and yummy for me and Gunnie. Mama planned to give us catnipshun now and then all winter long, but there is lots and LOTS of catnipshun on the floor in the corner. Mama turned and gave me the "look," but I tried to look as innercent as possible. I hoped maybe mama would think Gunnie did it, but I was too drunk on the catnipshun for mama to believe it was not me.

Woe is me; I am a bad, bad little girl. Next time, mama, please do not leave the baggie where I can find it. I am just a little nipaholic, and I catnot resist.



September 30th 2010 3:26 pm
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We are having Indian Summer here in Big Sky Country! Mama is starting a new job soon, and there are lots and lots of things she has to do, rearranging something called bank accounts and deductions, training, getting new equiper-ments, signing up for health benefits (what's a benefit?), and stuff like that. Things have been crazy here, and our house is messy with mama trying to work at her old job and get ready for the new job, daddy coming and going, mama and daddy running off for the day sometimes, and me and Gunnie leaving our toys all over the house.

Mama says she has too much stress. She needs to do something called deeeeee-stressing. Know how she does it? She plays with Gunnie and me. She harvests our catnipshun and sits at the table cutting all the little leaves off. She plays games with us. She brushes my gorgeous long soft fur. She takes us for stroller rides. Yay, stroller rides!

Yesterday mama worked 10 hours with two coffee breaks. Then she scooped me up before I could get very bizzy and run off and put me in the stroller. Zip! went the zipper. Then mama got Gunnie and stuffed him into the stroller real quick before I could jump out and run off. Away we went out the back door, down the driverway, and out into the beautiful Indian Summer day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the breeze was warm on mama's face and our fur.

I have never seen fall before. I was not even borned last fall. The trees are starting to turn cool colors. I like the red viney stuff and the neighbors' little tree that turned red. Gunnie says it looks like Howl-ween blood. EEEK! My favorite trees are the golden ones. I love how they look against the blue sky. I think they are very beeee-utiful.

I wish we had a punkin patch I could sit in. I would be real sneaky and hide in it and watch everything out there in the dark. Mama says some day when she gets to reee-tire, maybe we can have a garden with a punkin patch, and I can have the biggest punkin all for my very own.


Thank You!

September 4th 2010 8:15 pm
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Jeepers, thanks to all the kitties who have been leaving those cool kitty hearts on my page. It makes it look so nice. Thank you for thinking of me!


Super Strollering

August 29th 2010 5:02 pm
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We had a special stroll yesterday. Mama wanted to take me and Gunnie to the Pet Paw-See adoptathon at Petco. Gunnie and I were both adopted through the Pet Paw-See, and mama wanted everybody to see how gorgeous Gunnie and I are. Gunnie is sleek and tigery with copper eyes; I am the Peekaboo Princess with my gorgeous green eyes, the softest fur, and a huge silver and black fox tail. Mama and daddy packed me and Gunnie into the car, put the stroller in the trunk, and away we went to Petco. We weren't thrilled with strolling in Petco. It was crowded and noisy, and some silly old lady kept scaring me. She insisted on putting her face right down to the stroller and saying silly things. I finally got so tired of it, I tried to go under our cushion. The good part is mama and daddy let us watch the birdies and some things called ferrets. The ferrets were very strange. One had cooties because he kept scratching and scratching himself. We were glad he was behind glass!

My foster mama, Debbie, from the Pet Paw-See was happy to see what a beautiful girl I am, and she gave me and Gunnie each a gift bag. The bags had crinkly foil toys, a little can of Fancy Feast, and some treats. Daddy wanted to look at the stuff Michaels had out on the sidewalk, so we got to go shopstering! Gunnie doesn't love shopstering as much as I do, I guess. He looked bored.

After the adoptathon and outdoor shopstering, mama and daddy took us to Gibson Park. It is a very beautiful park, the best one in Great Falls. There is a huge duck pond with fountains in it and a beautiful flower garden. Mama wanted us to see the ducks. Then she started thinking about the geese and goose poop (diary robot, are you listening? I said POOP!) Mama decided we should not go anywhere near the pond with our stroller. We headed toward the flower garden, and there was a bride and groom and all their attendants taking pictures in the garden, so we could not stroll there. Instead we went somewhere Gunnie loved; the skate park. It is a really good skate park, and there are always boys and girls there with scooters and skateboards doing tricks. Mama and daddy sat down to watch, and Gunnie was pretty interested in it too. Peekaboo princesses are not really interested in stinky boys doing tricks on their skateboards. Finally it was time to head back to the car. Mama had to pollergize to daddy for running our stroller tire guessed it; goose POOP! Daddy found a stick to get most of the poop off. Then back at the car mama used a napkin to scrub the tire. Then when we got back home Gunnie and I took a nap while daddy started dinner, and mama got to give the stroller tire a bath with soap and water and then straight bleach. Goose poop is BAD!

P.S. We had some Fancy Feast and some treats. Mama gave us the crinkle toys, but she had to throw them in the garbage because my brother, Gunnarr T. Goofy, insisted on trying to eat his! Brothers can be such a trial.


Never Take a Dare

August 27th 2010 9:18 pm
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Thursday morning Gunnie and I were sleeping with mama and daddy. It was still kinda of dark. Gunnie said to me, "Hey, Peekster. Bet you can't jump through that hole up there." Gunnie was pointing to a hole in the cabinets over mama and daddy's bed. I hate it when my brother dares me, so I said "Betcha I can!" I got up and climbed onto daddy. Then I sat up and gauged the distance to the hole. I took a deep kitty breath and launched myself straight up toward the hole. I hit the "hole" which was really a mirror on the front of the cabinet. Daddy said later he heard "scrabble, scrabble" as I tried to find something to hang onto. Then I fell like a rock. Kerplunk!!!! right onto daddy's face.

Daddy screamed, mama woke up and wondered what happened, I leaped off the bed and ran like, well you know...while Gunnie rolled on the bed laughing his head off. Daddy was saying Owww, owww, owww, and mama was saying "what happened?" When daddy told her, she said "Is Peekie OK?" Then mama got up and came to find me. I was OK, just kind of m-barrassed, and it turned out daddy's face was not broken after all.

I will get you for this, Gunnie.


Miss Howling Woof

August 8th 2010 3:55 pm
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Hey, everykitty. Did you read Hazel Lucy's diary? Her mama ordered a calming collar for her, and it worked!

Mama ordered a calming collar for me for our next road trip. If it works mama, daddy, and Gunnie will have to quit laughing and calling me Miss Howling Woof.

My new collar will be made in Peekaboo pink bandana, and Hazel Lucy was right; they will give you 10% off just for typing "Hazel Lucy" in the coupon code box! How cool is that?

The collars are sort of spensive, but the nice lady who invented them says if you only use your collar "sometimes" and put it away in a bag in a dark place, it could last a whole year. I catnot wait to get mine and try it out. I just hope Gunnie won't want to wear it; he doesn't look good in pink, and I am NOT sharing!

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