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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Thank You, Thank You

April 23rd 2011 3:22 pm
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Jeepers, thanks Catster, but did the diary robot get stuck or did it just take the Eeekster hollerday off?

Thanks again to all my friends who commented on my diary and congratulated me on my DDP today. I hope I have sent personal thanks for all my presents. If I missed anybuddy, it is mama's fault! I love you all THIS much!!

P.S. It's really terble when nothing eksiting happens to write about.


A Dawg Friend

April 22nd 2011 5:16 pm
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I have never knowned a dawg before. I have never even talked to a dawg before, but now I got my first dawg friend. He is BIG. His name is Lobo, and he said he will be my speshul dawg friend. He is a Sherman Jepperd dawg. OK, mama says he is a German Shepherd. It sounds the same to me.

Oooh, oooh, oooh; I am eksitered about having a dawg friend. I hope my brother is jealous.


A Speshul Day

April 22nd 2011 11:49 am
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Jeepers; it is Good Friday AND I am a DDP! Mama was sure shocked when she opened her e-mailer today and found all the messages from our friends.

I wanna thank all the kitties who sent me presents and commented on my diary entry yesterday. I do think it was one of my better ones...

Mama plans to help me send personal thank-yous for all my presents today because Mother Nature decided mama should stay inside all day.

Yesterday morning it was beautiful and sunny. Mama got up and went outside to work in our yard because it was just too nice not to. Mama spent a couple of hours cutting down the clematis vines (what the heck are those?) and cleaning old dead stuff out of the few flowers that have dared to poke their heads up above the ground.

Around noon it started to rain, so mama was happy to stay inside for the rest of the day. It was cold and rainy when we went to bed. Daddy was supposed to come today, and then on Saturday mama and daddy were taking a day trip to Missoula, which is on the other side of the mountains.

Mama woke up today and looked out the window. Everything was white! There was snow coming out of the sky, and the bushes were all droopy. Mama tried to open the back door to see how deep the snow was. She could only get it open a few inchers. She got the yardstick and measured. There were 16 inchers of snow on the back steps! Mama finally managed to push the door open far enough to squeeze through sideways. I think it was lucky that mama did not put the snow shovel away because she shoveled and shoveled. The snow in other parts of the yard was not so bad except where there were drifts up to mama's waist! Maybe some snow fell off our roof onto the steps. Mama said the snow was perfect for making a snowman, but she did not make one. I wonder why.

It is supposed to get 50 degrees tomorrow, so it will probably be REAL messy. Daddy is not coming for Eeekster, and there will be no trip up over Rogers Pass to Missoula. I do not see a stroller ride for Eeekster neether...


When I was a Squirt

April 21st 2011 4:18 pm
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Gunnie got his bedtime story last night, but I didn’t get one, so this morning I asked Gunnie about when I first came to live here. He told me I was a squirt. He said the day mama met me I did not make a very good impression. Gunnie said I was scared and scratchy, that I had kitty litter stuck in my tail, and I was stinky. I don’t think he could be telling me the truth because does that sound like a Peekaboo princess to you?

Gunnie said my name was Petunia. No, no; that just catnot be. I am the Peekaboo princess! Gunnie said mama first put me in a cage thingie, but I started to claw my way out, so I had to go in the bathroom. Mama did not like this rangement because I was all alone, I was kind of wild, and she thought I needed soshalizing, whatever that means.

It was not long before Gunnie and I had supervised playtimes, but Gunnie said I was just too fun to chase, and I looked like some kind of “rodent.” The nerve of that brother. Rodent, indeed! Anyway, Gunnie said I was fun to chase because I would always run like a scared bunny rabbit. One day mama called the vet clinic in tears; Gunnie would not leave me alone. They said to make me a “safe box” where I could go if Gunnie was chasering me too much. Mama made me a little box with a hole cut in the side. Gunnie said mama thought the hole was too small, so she cut it bigger. Then one day mama found me AND Gunnie inside the box. I even remember that; it was a very small box, and Gunnie was way huger than me, so he was taking up all my space, and I almost suffer-cated.

Gunnie told me that even if I did look like a rodent when I first came here, I turned out OK after all, and he loves me very, very much. These are some of the reasons Gunnie loves me:

I always run when he chases me.
I mostly eat out of my own dishy.
I don’t mind sharing the potty with him.
When he bathes me, I purr and put my arms around his neck.
I make a good pillow when he needs a nap.
I will nap with him in the pet stroller and keep him warm.
I will even sometimes give him a bath and wash his ears.

I know I complain bout my brother cat, but I do love him back. He is a really cool big brother.

P.S. Don’t tell Gunnie I said he is cool…



April 18th 2011 1:20 pm
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Gunnie always calls me a little Tattle "Tail," but I just have to tattle on him this time. Yesterday while mama was finishing up the craft closet, Gunnie found a baggie of catnipshun. It was even in the same room as mama, but she was what she calls "focused," and she did not realize Gunnie was bitering on the plastic baggie with the nip. Pretty soon there was nip everywhere, and my silly brother was rolling around on the floor on his back with a goofy look on his face.

This morning Gunnie was sitting in the bay window in the dining room crying and trying to catch snowflakes. I tried to tell him the snowflakes were OUTSIDE, and he could not catch them, but he would not pay any attenshuns to me. He cried and cried and pawed at the glass trying to catch the snowflakes. Finally he had to admit I was right, so he went off to pout somewhere.

Why won't brothers ever listen?


Teasin the Teasers

April 16th 2011 3:47 pm
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Yesterday while mama was in craft closet hell she found three brand new kitty teasers. They all have feathers, and two of them have jingly bells on them. They are the kind with the nice long, wiggly sticks, so they jump around really good!

Mama decided maybe Gunnie and I would leave her alone and let her work if she gave us toys, so she stuck one teaser down on the side of the otter-mun where Gunnie likes to sleep. Gunnie jumped on the otter-mun and started playing with the teaser. He slapped it back and forth and kept jumping up and down on the otter-mun to slap the teaser. All afternoon the teaser stayed hooked in the otter-mun.

Last night I decided to play with the teaser. I smacked it good, and it wiggled really wild back and forth. I sat up on my haunches and boxed the teaser. Then I smacked it some more. I just kept smacking that old teaser until it flipped up and out of the otter-mun and onto the floor. Then I grabbed the stick with my paws and pulled it to me and bunny kicked it. When I got tired of that I chewed on the end of the stick. That got Gunnie all excitered because the feathers were wiggling around on the floor.

I guess it took a real serious girl to smacky-paw that teaser out of the otter-mun and teach it a lesson.

Peekie 1, Gunnie 0, Kitty Teaser 0. I win!!!


Doctor Visit

April 13th 2011 6:35 pm
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I had another visit with Unkl Dr. Mike. I am doing great, and in two weeks I'm gonna get new medsins. Unkl Dr. found somebuddy who makes the medsin I need in liquid form. It is spensive, so he found two nuther peoples who will share the cost of a giant bottle with mama. Unkl will decide how much medsins I need and mix the medsins with corn oil just for me. I am happy because Unkl told mama the pills are HUGE, and I wouldn't like that.

A sad thing happened while we were waiting to see Unkl. A lady came in with a really old, cripply dawg. The dawg was real scared, and it could not walk very good. The lady was a new client, so the nice peoples gave her some paperwork to fill out. She didn't like that, so she started jerking the leash on the old dawg as she was walking to sit down in the CAT WAITING AREA! The old dawg didn't wanna come with the lady, and she jerked so hard the old dawg fell over on its side, and the lady was dragging the dawg across the floor and did not even know it. Mama was horrified and said something like "Oh, no!" Then the lady stopped and turned around. Poor old dawg got back up and the lady dragged it over to the seats. The lady never petted the dawg or acted like she even liked the poor old thing. It made mama want to cry that somebuddy would be so mean to their own old pet. Later we found out the lady was there for a rabies shot and a city license, so she was probably mad because somebuddy turned her in.


The Eeekster Bunny

April 5th 2011 8:05 am
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Well, I have a new picture of me and the Eeekster Bunny on my page. Our friend, Tasha, thought I looked kinda not happy in the nother picture. Mama picked out a different picture, and our friend, Teebo, thinks I look not so sure about the Eeekster Bunny in the new picture.

OK, I confess; it is true. I am very, very shy around strangers. It was cold and rainy that day, and Petco was real crowded because the Pet Paw-See was having an adoptathon AND pictures with the Eeekster bunny. There was lots of noise and peoples walking past, and I got kinda scared. The Eeekster Bunny actually sort of saved me because when I got too scared, he let me hide my head under his giant furry paw.

Mama says sometimes you have to do things you don't like so much but it is good sperience. Mama has to do things she doesn't like to all the time. Because of that, sometimes Gunnie and I have to do things that scare us a little bit, but mama and daddy always make sure we are safe and the scariness doesn't last very long.

As soon as we got home, I strolled out of my carrier, had a snack, and took a long nap, so the scare did not last very long at all.


I Met "The BUNNY!"

April 4th 2011 11:53 am
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My daddy came last Friday to spend the weekend with us. He and mama found some things to do, Home and Garden Show, a bead show, antiquing, AND mama read in the Friday newspaper entertainment thingie that the Pet Paw-See was having pictures at Petco with the Eeekster bunny; the REAL bunny, not a pretend Eeekster bunny.

Gunnie got to meet the Eeeekster bunny last year and get his picture taken, so mama and daddy decided I should get to meet the bunny this year.

Mama and daddy left for awhile Saturday morning, but then they came home and mama scooped me up and fluffed my furs. Then she put me in my carrier, and away we went to meet the bunny. Mama was worried when we got to Petco. There were SO many cars in the parking lot, and it was raining too. Yuck. When we got inside, there were lots of people over by the bunny, and mama wondered how long we might have to wait. I am kinda shy, and I was hiding under my bed inside the carrier. Mama filled out the papers to get my picture taken. The bunny was holding a dawg, but then when the dawg left, they said I was next!

Mama took me out of my carrier. I got about 10 feet long as mama was pulling me out. Everybuddy giggled, but I did not think it was funny. Then mama picked me up and took me to meet the bunny. The bunny was nice! He had huge paws, and he was very soft and furry just like me. The bunny took me and cuddled me against him with his huge paws, and he was smiling at me. Mama and daddy were making noises and talking to me. Then aunt Debi, my foster mama, got a fishy pole and started dangling it in front of me. She even bonked my head with the fishy! The nice lady took five whole pictures of me with the REAL Eeekster bunny. Then pretty soon mama was taking me from the bunny, and I was back in my carrier. Daddy stayed with me while mama got my pictures on a CD. It all happened so fast; I did not have time to get too scared. Pretty soon we were back home, and Gunnie and I were napstering on the bed, and mama and daddy were gone again. I would think it was all a dream except for the picture mama put on my Catster page. Now everybuddy will know I am a friend of the REAL Eeekster bunny.



March 30th 2011 12:18 pm
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Oooh, mama tricked me yesterday. I love to nap in my carrier. It is kind of like a kitty cave, and I like that it is dark and private. Yesterday morning mama brought my carrier into the living room and left the door open. In the afternoon I was napstering in it when mama walked over and locked me in! Then she said "Wanna go see Unkl Mike, Peekie?" NO! I do NOT want to see Unkl. Pretty soon we were drivering to see Unkl without my permission. We had to wait a short while because Unkl Mike was trying to save a beagle doggy who was attacked by two big labrador treevers. The poor doggy was old and overweight, and he had a cardiac arrest (what's that?) right before they took him to surgery. Unkl told mama he was real sick, but everbuddy there was trying real hard to help him.

The good news is Unkl looked at my ears, eyes, mouth, armpit where the bad used to be, and both my hinder legs where I had bads before. Even on my reduced medsins I don't have any bads, so now I only get 0.2 ml of prednisone every other day. Mama will give me my medsins for two more weeks. Then if the bads do not come back I will get to stop the prednisone and go on othr medsins. It made mama happy that my bads are not coming back, but she will check me every day just to make sure. I don't really like mama or Unkl feeling me all over, but it is not TOO bad because I know they are trying to make me better.

Mama had to tell Unkl the bad news that our pictures together did not turn out. Mama said she hated to ask again because Unkl is so bizzy. He said it was always OK to ask; he just hoped it would not be on a bad hair day! Of course, he meant HIS bad hair day because I, the Peekaboo Princess, never have a bad hair day.

Neener, neener, Gunnie. I got to ride in our new truck again and you didn't...

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