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"My Rainbow Bridge anniversary pic March 2, 2017. Thanks for making it for me Tundra, Rory, Manytoes and Lynzee - sending my Love!"

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I can help my dad paint the living room can

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"I can help my dad paint the living room can't I?"

May I sit here Dad, please? I can watch while you make my supper.

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"May I sit here Dad, please? I can watch while you make my supper."

All my kitten energy is used up, I

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"All my kitten energy is used up, I'm cat-napping!"

Can I see kitties on this laptop?

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"Can I see kitties on this laptop?"


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"I'm just sittin' here....playin'"

I get such a good view from way up here on the fridge.

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"I get such a good view from way up here on the fridge."

I can

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"I can't help you now, I'm on the phone!"

I see some cat toys in the drawer; should I take them out?

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"I see some cat toys in the drawer; should I take them out?"

Nothing seems to be outside right now Dad.

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"Nothing seems to be outside right now Dad."

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Beautiful Honey Kitten, Special Felix, Little Felix, Special Honeysuckle, Good Kitty Felix and Baby Felix

Rainbow Bridge
Gotcha Date:
August 12th 1990

June 12th 1990

Arrival Story:
All My Kitties Came To Me In a Special Way. When my first cat died, Georgina or George (or Morris because he was an orange cat) and who was my faithful friend for 15 years, always greeting me right away at my door as I got home, I was already on my way to caring for my next kitty, Felix. Georgina (who meowed every time I said that name) (aka Morris) died in August 1990. He was 15 years old when he died of cancer and had no appetite for food, and I loved him dearly and have since missed him an awful lot. Two weeks before he died I found Little Felix (named because of Felix the Cat cartoon). I loved him, but he had a habit of spraying; not often though, but I noticed when it occasionally happened, it was when he got excited (like when I get home!). Felix was my special honeysuckle and I would say that to him. He was clever, and could retrieve toys and bring them back to me when I threw them, and he understood English (like when I would say "Where's that thing?" and he would start looking for it. It was a little orange fuzz ball which I still have in my bathroom. It was one of the toys he would bring back to me when I would throw it.) When I said, "Cherries?" he knew what that was, because while I ate black cherries, he liked to pick them out of the bowl by their stems. Even when I would say "Cherries?" and did not have any, he would come running toward me looking for them. He knew his own name too, and when I said it, he would look at me. He especially understood, and would look at me, when I said "Want cat food?" I found him - and I'm sure it was meant to be - in August 1990 two weeks before Georgina died. I was driving from my brother's house and going to visit my parents. Felix - a little kitten - was crossing the road right in front of me as I was driving and I HAD to stop as he was right in front of my car on the road. So I pulled over to the side of the road, picked him up and he started rubbing his head against my face and sitting on my shoulder. I knew this friendly kitten and I had to be together. But then I saw a farm house near. I drove to it to ask them if the kitty belonged to them. No one was home so I left little Felix there, thinking he likely belonged there. As I was driving away, down the laneway, and looked back at Felix, he was RUNNING toward me, following my car! Well then, for sure, I definitely had to keep him. It was like a scene from a "Lassie" TV episode or movie. So I brought Felix with me to my parents. They didn't want him either but Mom gave me some food for him and said to leave him at that same farm house again, with the food, on my way back home to my house. So I said I might do that, and I truly really didn't want to. I thought the way that Felix caught my attention on the road, was something that was meant to be, and I did not want to change that. When I left my parents that night after visiting, taking Felix with me, it was raining. I couldn't leave him outside in the rain. I brought him all the way home with me and knew he would be with me for life! For the first night I had him, I could hear him breathing all night as he sniffed around my room the whole night. He had to be treated for that breathing problem and I always think that I was able to save him just in time before he got one of those respiratory cat diseases that are fatal. When Felix purred, he sometimes drooled but it showed me he was so happy! He loved to be with me when I watched TV or was typing. When I was on the phone, he would sit on my lap. If he was sitting nearby me when I was on the phone, he would watch me when I was talking! When he wanted food, he would get up behind me on my chair, and tap me on the shoulder. When I was working at ANY table in the house, he always came to sit ON the table. He would watch me, or just sleep on the table just to be near me. When I went to bed, he would come to lie in my arms and lick my hand to thank me when I petted him with my arm around him. He would stay for about 5 minutes, purring all the time, often drooling, until I fell asleep. If I slept on my back, he would sit and knead on my stomach. If I slept on my stomach, he would sit on my back and knead! Felix was a small eater, and often came asking for more food several times a day, which I gave him. These several, small meals helped him maintain a healthy, trim weight and a long life. He was always a rather small kitty; he was my beautiful special honey kitten. He went deaf a year or two before he died. When I went away on vacation, when he was older, I was afraid of leaving him at his age, with a cat sitter. But he was still alright when I got home - I always felt he hung on, just so he could see me when I got home. It was like he waited, just for me. And I would hug and kiss him, so glad to see him again, and glad that he was still alright. As he got further older, I would board him with the Vet while I went on vacation. During the very last time I boarded him, I saw him meow in his boarding cage at the lady closing his door, in a way I knew he was saying he did not want to be there, I knew he wanted to be with me, and I felt sad for him, because I would have rather have had him go away on vacation with me. Felix never left my mind. He was mine and I always wanted to take care of him. Felix had his regular Vet examinations. During the last year or last six months of his life, he would sit at the water bowl staring at it for a long time, but not drink any water. So I syringed water to him several times a day. He just loved it and drank a lot. Then suddenly he would go back to using the water bowl again. Some kitties (special ones like Felix) take up unusual habits I guess like this one: all through his life, every few months Felix would have a new sleeping place he slept in when I was gone to work too. Felix was a beautiful honey kitten. He died March 2, 2009 of kidney failure at the age of 18.75 years old (almost 19). A couple of days after he died I was very tired at bedtime and immediately as soon as I closed my eyes I saw Felix looking at me from behind a tree. I saw only his face peering around the tree at me. I wanted to see all of him, but realized he was still on his way to the Rainbow Bridge so his face was all I was allowed to see. I am not good at remembering dreams, but I want to see all of him and have him visit me like that again.

Felix died one year ago on March 2, 2009 of kidney failure at the age of 18.75 - he might even have been 19 years old; he loved me always, and I loved and adored him and I will, forever.

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Good Kitty, Felix

My Rainbow Bridge Anniversary March 2, 2017

March 3rd 2017 2:05 am
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Thanks my kitty furriends for all the gifties and rosettes you gave me on my Bridge anniversary. Can't believe I came up to Heaven 8 years ago. And thank you Tundra, Manytoes, Rory and Lynzee and your Mom for the photo you made for me.

Since my last Bridge anniversary in 2016 I've been joined up here by my sister Elsa who came here in August 2016. I knew her when she joined the family in 2007 up until I departed in March 2009. We are family members who have been re-united.

And my Dad never forgets me, even though Charlie kitty and Ginger-Girl keep him company. He finds himself often thinking about something I did or a look I gave him.

Thank you all again for thinking of me; your gifts are very loving.

Love Felix xo


Gotcha Anniversary August 12, 2016

August 13th 2016 3:18 am
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Thank you Kitties for the Gotcha Anniversary gifties and your kind messages. I'm also glad our community is still together and not closed down yet.

And Tundra, Manytoes, Lynzee and Rory made me a nice photo I have put on my page. We Bees Siameezers (Pipo and Minko) sent me a photo too, of a butterfly, that's now on my page!

I still cross my Dad's mind especially when he's talking with my new brother Charlie. You have to have boy and girl kitties to make a whole family. I can see down on Charlie and he's getting along with Ginger and Elsa but sometimes he chases them more than he should - the rest of the time he's a good boy.

Thank you all again for thinking of me on my Gotcha Anniversary and I hope we are all still here a year from now!

Love Felix xo


Birthday, June 12, 2016 (Felix 1990 - 2009)

June 19th 2016 7:16 pm
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Thank you all my furriends for the birthday gifts!

And Tundra, Rory, Manytoes and Lynzee made me a nice photo I'll try to get on my page.

We Bees Siameezers also made me a sweet photo I'll put on my page!

My Dad was away on vacation when my birthday came up. He is now typing up what I'd like to say! It's busy sometimes at the Bridge but I am watching down on earth, and keeping my new brother Charlie in my care. Too bad I have not met him yet.

Thank you all again for thinking of me with your wonderful gifts!

Love Felix xo

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