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Life in the boonies

Meowing Out Loud: I Am C-O-T-D!!!

May 7th 2010 12:46 am
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I made "CAT OF THE DAY"!

Many purrs to Catster fur bestowing this honor on me. I am flattered, meowless, and grateful fur being the recipient.

More purrs to all the furries, who congratulated me and sent me cute gifts. What a wonderful bunch of felines you are! My honor would not be so special, if I did not have furiends like you who share the joy with me.

My furmaly is extremely pleased to have such a famous katz in their midst. My Mama is overwhelmed by this gesture and the response among the mousers.

I am contemplating to organize a purrty in honor of all Catster members to which I will invite a variety of VIPs like Tweety the Bird, Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

MEOW To all my buddies and new furiends!


Can I have a pill, please?

April 6th 2010 7:20 pm
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The sun is shining, the birds are singing like little opera stars and the chipmunks and mice have come to life outside again. This all sounds so very positive and nice, and usually I would enjoy all these beautiful gifts of nature from my window seat or the balcony...and just be a happy katz.

But noooo. Not so easy these days. The outy-inny, less-feral-than-before katz adoptees that Mom is fostering, are driving me nuts. Daisy, Hidey and Fraidy are outside all day long (thank Dog) but cannot make up their minds as to what they want. In? Out? Dry food? Can food? How about a silver tray? Golden spoon? Anything else???? (They do not get silver trays, etc...yet!)

Mom spoiled them rotten. I don't blame her, because she did the same with me and she simply loves all critters so much. However, these three mouser girls act like little princesses and expect to be treated that way.

Okay, maybe I am getting too old for all this fuss, or living inside the house with only males (other than Mom) appeared so much easier before we encountered the "invasion of the prissy ones". If I were younger, I would think they were rather cute katzies and their nagging would be part of the dating ritual. At my age I have to admit, it is a little nerve wrecking.

That's why I, Nogie, the older katz, either have to start meditating, Pilates, diaphragm breathing...or simply get a pill and calm down, when the girls come waltzing through the front door again, all loud, meowing to get their katzie haps...e-v-e-r-y single day!

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