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Elsa - Dream Girl #31

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Picture of Elsa - Dream Girl #31, a female Domestic Medium Hair

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"My Gotcha Day anniversary is July 21, 2016. Thanks for this pic Tundra, Rory, Manytoes & Lynzee!"

Home:Windsor Ontario Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 11 Years   Sex: Female
My 11th Birthday photo from Dana and her kitties Alli, Max, Tabatha, Edgar and family Feb. 27, 2016 - Thank you!!

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"My 11th Birthday photo from Dana and her kitties Alli, Max, Tabatha, Edgar and family Feb. 27, 2016 - Thank you!!"

Thanks We Bees Siameezers for my birthday Pic Feb. 27, 2015 on my 10th Birthday!

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"Thanks We Bees Siameezers for my birthday Pic Feb. 27, 2015 on my 10th Birthday!"

Thanks Tundra for my 10TH Birthday photo Feb. 27, 2015!

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"Thanks Tundra for my 10TH Birthday photo Feb. 27, 2015!"

I’m Dream Girl #31 on May 1, 2012! Thanks Voting Guys, I am so Honored!
Here is my April 2009 Younger Complexion!

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"I’m Dream Girl #31 on May 1, 2012! Thanks Voting Guys, I am so Honored! Here is my April 2009 Younger Complexion!"

The Sun Feels Warm Behind Me

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"The Sun Feels Warm Behind Me"

Dad, I

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"Dad, I'm patiently watching you open the Catfood! Oct. 19, 2011"

My Feb. 27/16 Birthday photo from Tundra - I

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"My Feb. 27/16 Birthday photo from Tundra - I'm 11 years old now. Thanks!!"


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"It's Nice Here, March 6, 2010"

Me as Dream Girl #31! You Made Me Happy on May 1, 2012 Handsome Guys: Pete, Alfie, Wally, Teddy Bearz, Milo, Ollie & Tigger!

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"Me as Dream Girl #31! You Made Me Happy on May 1, 2012 Handsome Guys: Pete, Alfie, Wally, Teddy Bearz, Milo, Ollie & Tigger!"

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Elsa The Lionness, Elsa Glamour, Miss Pretty Glamour, Miss Glamour Silliness

Gotcha Date:
July 21st 2007

February 27th 2005

Arrival Story:
TWO KITTIES ARE BETTER THAN ONE: My white persian Samantha had to be put to sleep October 24, 2006 at the age of around 15 years old. She likely had a stroke the Vet said because one day, she was unable to walk and her head tilted one way. I thought about her all the time afterwards, and missed her a lot and wanted another white persian. So I kept checking the Humane Society website to see if they had a white persian. Finally on Thurs., July 12, 2007 they had one, named Patty (later I changed her name to Elsa), and I went right away to see her that day. Her previous life story was that she was dropped off at the shelter as a stray in Feb.2007 (they told me she was in poor shape). She was pregnant at the time and gave birth to 4 kittens, all of who found homes. She had 2 white and 2 brown kittens I think. Patty was now recovered and gained enough healthy weight to become available for adoption. Her adoption card showed that she was not good with other cats, but that did not bother me as I had had many cats prior to her who all got along well, generally! I asked their advice on whether she'd get along with my current cats and the lady said she didn't know how they decided on which cats don't get along with others so I decided I would not worry and likely just adopt her. (The only cat in the family she sometimes does not get along with is Tabatha). Patty's birthdate they told me is Feb. 27, 2005. Two cages down from her was my Ginger Girl (called Dandelion then) who I previously saw on an adoption website where the Humane Society advertises. She was titled as "They Named Me What?"; so I remembered her for the unusual name they gave her. I spent time with Patty, and she put her paw out to me and rubbed her head on the cage and meowed at me. She acted like Samantha too. Meanwhile, Dandelion was meowing, and she kept reaching out to me: she wanted attention (she still does especially when she's hungry!). So I gave both kitties my attention. I thought to myself about the policy of 'if you adopt two cats, the second one is half-price" so I thought about adopting Dandelion too, maybe. I went home to think about it; and cried, thinking about how Patty and Dandelion liked me so much. I was sure I'd adopt Patty. The next day, Friday, July 13/07, I went to see them both again at the Humane Society and all the kitties were sleepy - I thought they must have all just been fed. That night I thought, "Quit just visiting them, Patty is sweet and just go adopt her and it would be nice to have Dandelion but for sure, adopt Patty". On Saturday, they let me hold Patty and I filled out adoption papers for her, and to verify adoption you have to call the Society the next day to confirm. Dandelion still liked me but with me asking all kinds of questions about Patty, I did not think about the other kitty. Then, Saturday night, it struck me: "Oh No! I forgot about adopting Dandelion!". When I called the next day to verify Patty, I asked if I could adopt Dandelion too, and they said 'Of course. Come and see her today, and decide"; I was Happy!! I went to see both cats on Sunday. Since Patty was going to be mine, she was already being held in another room and they brought her to the adoption area and also let Dandelion out of her cage in the adoption area to see if they got along well. They got along fine - no fighting. Patty was quiet and inquisitive in a quiet way. Dandelion was inspecting everything in the entire room including all the other cats in their cages so the Shelter worker said it looks like she'll be an energetic kitty. (When the Shelter worker brought Dandelion out of her cage, they said "Oh she's put on some weight too") (and has put on a little more since then!). (Elsa, though she's fluffy, has maintained a good, thinner weight!) I held both kitties separately and wanted both of them. Dandelion was added to my adoption papers for Patty. When you adopt a kitty, you get to put your name on their cage, so that others will know the kitty is being considered for adoption by someone else! So, I did that: and you feel really proud putting your name on their cage! I did not get my kitties right away though, but a few days later, I brought both kitties home on Sat., July 21, 2007 as Patty had to remain and be spayed before I could have her, and Dandelion, though she was already spayed, must have needed to be checked over too. They told me to keep the new kitties separate from the rest of my kitties (Felix, Serena & Tabatha) for 10 days so I kept Patty and Dandelion in a bedroom of their own, together, to get used to each other. They were quiet in the car in separate cat carriers, and quiet in the house. Felix came to look at them in their cages and no one growled. I put the new kitties into their room and they inspected the room. Dandelion got friendly with me after awhile and purred and laid by me, but Patty stayed under the bed. Later I checked on both of them and they were both under the bed. I checked them several more times and Patty was under the bed a lot but Dandelion was then mushy and loved to be loved and given attention. Patty came out to me a few times but she had not eaten yet. Dandelion ate several times because when Patty would not eat, Dandelion wanted the food. Sunday, I noticed that Patty still wasn't eating but she came out and visited me and investigated the room. I felt she wasn't feeling well due to being spayed. On Monday, July 23 the Humane Society said to bring her back to them, to recover more from her spaying. Finally, I brought Patty home on Thurs., Aug. 2, and put her in the room with Dandelion. She still didn't eat (eventually she began eating dry food only) and she growled & swatted at the other kitty. When I was out in the yard, I did see Patty looking out the window at me, so it was good that she was curious and alert, if not eating much yet. She would always let me pet her and was friendly with me and then it was time to let Dandelion out to meet my other kitties the next night, on Fri., August 3. Patty began eating well on Aug. 5 with dry and canned food. Patty had to spend most of her first 10 days in the bedroom alone without Dandelion, but she was eating now and I visited with her daily in the bedroom, as I did with Dandelion. And Patty was running around now and acting silly all the time. I changed Patty's name to Elsa because I love the movie "Born Free" about Elsa, The Lionness. (And towards Tabatha, Elsa often acts exactly like a Lionness!). So her new name suited her!

Elsa began coming to lie beside me every night at bedtime approximately in January 2010. Before then, she'd lie at the end of the bed with Ginger. She's also now coming to sit on my knee or beside me on a chair more often than before, and it's really nice to know that she loves to be closer to me! She was always friendly & silly and loved being petted and brushed, but this is a new, closer friendliness! When she gets in her silly crazy zooming time, she'll run - then jump on the bed and practically go around in circles on the bed as if she's sliding or ice skating, then stop and look, then zoom around again - and again! Almost right away, Elsa and Ginger became as close as can be, sitting & sleeping together; Elsa goes to Ginger for a grooming; they're practically inseparable. At feeding time, Elsa sits patiently in the little 'kitty box' in the kitchen while Ginger is leaned up against me, leaving little scratch marks on my thigh or knee!

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Miss Elsa The Lionness!

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February 24th 2010 More than 6 years!

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Elsa Patty, A Pretty Glamour

Gotcha Day Anniversary July 21, 2016

July 22nd 2016 12:30 am
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Thank you kitty furriends for your gifts and sweet messages today!

And thank you Tundra, Manytoes, Rory and Lynzee for the photo you made; I love it!

My poo is still runny and I'm thin but my attitude and the look in my face and my eyes is not of a sick cat. I'm my usual self but I have an illness; which is that mass on my intestines. My Dad does have to give me a bath often.

Thanks to all of you again; I'm sorry that this place is closing up soon and I'll miss you!

Love Elsa, xo


My Birthday February 27, 2016

February 28th 2016 3:01 am
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Thank you kitties for your gifts today, from my furriends!

And thank you Tundra & Mom, and family for the photo you made; and thanks Dana and your kitties Alli, A Boy Named Lucy, Jameson, Patches, Max and family for the photo you made for me today!

Today my Dad fed me every time I wanted and he took pictures of me and him together. I am still thin, often hungry but don't eat much and about two months ago the Vet found a mass on my intestine (by X-Ray) which she cannot operate on or treat; actually any treatment would not be successful even if we tried.

My poo is always puddles, some are tiny dots and there are even several of them around the house. I sometimes make a loud meow, and it is likely when the poo is trying to squeeze through the mass I have.

My Dad gives me a B-12 shot every 2 weeks.

But I'm still here; doing my quirky things like scratching on a hard plastic carton that quarts of milk are delivered in (some people store their record albums in them) or scratching on the leg of a fake wooden table (which is likely plastic too)!

One of the silliest sounding things I do is, being a 'cat', I like sitting beside Dad's computer 'mouse' - and he can't use it very well - I'm there now!

Thanks to all of you again!

Love Elsa, xo


Gotcha Day July 21, 2015 Anniversary - Thank You!

July 21st 2015 9:00 pm
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Thank you kitty furriends for your gifts today!

And thank you Lynzee for the photo you made; I think it's very sweet!

Since I last wrote, my dad has taken me to the Vet for a checkup and blood work because my poo was still runny. Now I'm getting a B-12 shot once a week given to me by my dad. He feels like a doctor! This injection is to give me nutrients since I'm so thin.

I also get Tylosin syringed in my mouth once a day. It's supposed to be twice a day but I hate it so much, that I sometimes get suspicious if my dad comes near me. He does not like that, so he only catches me by surprise once a day rather than twice. The syringing into my mouth only takes a second - I should get used to it shouldn't I? He also then gives Tyson a pill and a syringe of Lasix both of which are for his heart disease; my poor little brother. But I let Tyson clean me and then chase me and then I growl back at him so he'll stop. I try to be accommodating!

Thanks to all of you again!

Love Elsa, xo

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