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Serena Honey Girl Angel

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Picture of Serena Honey Girl Angel, a female Domestic Shorthair

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"I seem to be Diary Pick Aug. 13 or 14, 2015! Thanks Tundra and Family for this sweet photo on August 16/15."

Home:Windsor Ontario Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female
My Gotcha Day photo from Dana Kasian and kitties Jameson, Silvio, A boy named Lucy, Lumi and many more babies, thanks!! Aug. 4, 2015.

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"My Gotcha Day photo from Dana Kasian and kitties Jameson, Silvio, A boy named Lucy, Lumi and many more babies, thanks!! Aug. 4, 2015."

Dad got me August 4, 1994! Thanks Tundra, Lynzee, Manytoes and Rory for my photo on Aug. 4/15!

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"Dad got me August 4, 1994! Thanks Tundra, Lynzee, Manytoes and Rory for my photo on Aug. 4/15!"

June 24, 2015 and it

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"June 24, 2015 and it's my Birthday! Thanks for my pretty Birthday Photo, Manytoes!"

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My Bridge Anniversary photo from Manytoes, June 13, 2015. Thanks so much!

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"My Bridge Anniversary photo from Manytoes, June 13, 2015. Thanks so much!"

Thanks Manytoes for my Gotcha Day Pic on August 4, 2014!!

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"Thanks Manytoes for my Gotcha Day Pic on August 4, 2014!!"

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I used to like sitting here at the window.

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"I used to like sitting here at the window."

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Honey Girl, Miss Serena, Miss Scared, Sweet As Honey

Rainbow Bridge
Gotcha Date:
August 4th 1994

June 24th 1994

Arrival Story:
Serena became mine August 4, 1994. She was a little black kitten I saw in my back yard on Aug. 3/94. When I went to pick her up that day, she ran away. A few hours later when I was in my pool I heard a kitten mewing in the ditch behind my back yard. I went to call over my fence, Kitty kitty, but she would not come to me, she just stopped mewing. So I left her alone, not being able to see where she was, just hearing her, and that was all I could do. A few minutes later I heard the mewing again, but since I could not find her, and she was not coming to me, I thought nothing more about it and went back into my house. But she must have been scared, and hungry. The next night, Aug. 4/94 in the evening, I STILL heard her mewing but her sounds were fainter now. I thought she is losing strength and I better get in the car and go look for her. I parked the car along the ditch, and walked and walked trying to find her. She was not mewing now so I thought she is scared of me, so she will not mew now. After a little bit, I heard her mewing but she was actually mewing from a yard that was across the road from the ditch that I was at. This road was a four lane busy street! That explains why her mews sounded fainter. She was now further away from my back yard, a whole four lane street away now. I always thought of how lucky this little 4 week old kitten was to survive crossing a busy 4 lane street. So I went to the yard I heard her mewing at, and knocked on the door of the house there. I told the woman who answered the door that I can hear a kitten. She came outside and heard it too. We saw Serena in the bushes in front of the house. She was so scared, and ran. She ran into the garage and we had to corner her to get her, and it was not easy to pick up a kitten when it was as scared as she was. The lady said she did not want any more cats because she had one, (Only one? Serena became my THIRD), so I decided I would keep her, considering all the things that happened that caused me to finally get her in my arms. The woman put Serena into a little box and I brought her home and took care of her; a little 4 week old black kitten. I kept her in a room alone about a week then let her out to meet the others. She used to hide when I had visitors. Practically, no one had really seen her but me. Now she is not quite as scared, at least she comes out for my cat sitter. My pet phrase to say to Serena is: Serena, her scared of people. (I talk kitty talk with the kitties!). When I ask if she wants cat food her eyes enlarge and she goes Mew Mew! At times she purrs loudly for hours! She loves to be brushed and is sensitive meaning she immediately arches her back when I pet her. For years she mostly slept on her favorite box in the basement. She would trot around when feeding time came, running back and forth with the other kitties. She liked sitting in windows too or eating plants, and all the cats love real catnip grown outside. She was sick for about a 3 week period in 2004; she would not eat when I fed all the kitties. The vet took Xrays of her skull and body (which I still have) and could find nothing and said some cats just give up eating. I could not believe this at all, a ten year old cat giving up eating! They gave a pill for me to give her every day I think, and it made her wobbly in walking but she got a huge appetite from it. I hated seeing her wobble though, it was awful. And she even jumped off the bed and knocked one of her sharp front teeth out, by hitting it against the chrome leg of a chair because she had no control while using this pill. The vet later said try a little Milk of Magnesia to get her to use the litterbox. So I put her in a bedroom alone with food and water and litterbox just so I could see if she would eat or not, and I used a syringe to feed her when it did not look like she ate. I slept with her every night in the room and she laid at my head all night. And I prayed and so did my friend Eva who lives in the USA. Serena must have eaten a tiny bit during the day or it was the syringed food, because a few days later she finally used the litter box and ate normally since then! I would say it was a mystery disease because the vet sure did not come up with anything definite. I had four cats by then, and maybe Serena just needed to know more definitely that I loved her too, which she could easily see when I chose to only have her with me for sleeping in that one room. I was glad when she was better and got to roam through the house again. All my cats get vaccinated but maybe once a year, and not even every year, Serena would have a runny eye. It would only last a day or two and I think the vet called it a herpes virus yet all the rest of my cats were fine. Serena is my Honey Girl!

Dentistry; the Vet SHOULD have warned me!! I am upset with them. Vets too often say It could be this or It could be That and often you wonder why they do not have a definite reason for anything. Serena had her checkup last summer in 2009 and the vet said there are 3 teeth that should be pulled. I never had any cats get their teeth pulled before, I always refused. I thought I will try it this time with Serena. In September 2009 she got them pulled and has been sick since. She has a runny eye most of the time, sometimes sneezing with occasional blood in her sneezing. Sometimes she can only breathe through her mouth. Sometimes you hear nothing but phlegmy noisy breathing. Sometimes you can hear a thumping sound in her throat when she tries to swallow. And quite often she refuses the food I give her. She probably cannot smell the food sometimes so no wonder she cannot eat. She comes to me a lot to eat, and I feed her, then she walks away from the food. It is heartbreaking. I have caught her eating when I surprise her by walking in on her, thank goodness, and she keeps eating. A regular depo-medrol injection at the Vet, about once a month, works temporarily and removes all the annoying problems I wrote up above but it does not last long enough. When she gets the shot she does not yet improve for about another week. Then there is about a 10 day period where she is pretty normal. Then the shot wears off and she sounds and acts like I mentioned above. This is why I am angry with the Vet. I asked the vet: why did the dentistry cause this, because it never happened ever before, and she is losing weight very gradually. They said under anesthesia the immune system of the cat can lower and makes the herpes virus worse. THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE THE DENTISTRY. I may remain upset with the vet for a long time. As to how Serena got her name, I once thought of calling her Marjorie. Samantha my first white long hair cat in 1993 (who will soon be on Catster) was named because my friend had a dog named Samantha and I liked the name for a cat; (and I liked fair haired Samantha on Bewitched on TV), then because of Bewitched, I decided my black kitten in 1994 would be Serena (on TV Serena has black hair). I am glad to have Serena and especially happy when she is her normal self these days when I can just ignore the denistry fiasco. If I was told what could happen, I never would have had her teeth pulled. However, I am so very glad I could catch this kitten in 1994 and am Happy Serena is MINE. * * UPDATE * * On June 13, 2011 Serena had to be put to sleep at almost the age of 17. The tumor in her forehead that came after her dentistry slowly caused Serena's life to deteriorate as the tumor slowly grew larger in her forehead and over her eyes. She still ate, drank water and used the litter box but could not see well and slowly was getting weaker. When she rubbed a scab off the eyes, or rubbed her forehead, which she did not do very often, it would cause the tumor to bleed and she dropped bits of blood around the kitchen which is where she stayed the last couple of months or so, at her own choice. She liked sleeping there lately. My heart broke to put her to sleep, as I've never chosen, on my very own, to do this before to one of my kitties.

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February 24th 2010 More than 6 years!

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Serena the Honey Girl - Scared of People - But Sweet As Honey

I Seem to be Diary Pick August 14, 2015 or so!

August 16th 2015 12:10 am
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After many months there are now new Diary Picks listed and I appear to be one of them. I noticed it August 14 but not sure if it could have been the new list on August 13.

Thanks kitties for your gifties and special thanks to Peanut, Popeye, Samantha and Angel Midnight!

Thank you Tundra & Family for my Daily Diary Pick photo; I love the heart around me (and the Blue Bird gifty too)!

I hope you are all doing well and for those who like it, and not many of us do, happy summer swimming!

Love Serena xo


My Gotcha Day Anniversary, August 4, 2015

August 4th 2015 10:58 pm
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Thank you to all my friends who left me gifties for my Gotcha Day today!

Dad got me Aug. 4, 1994 and I was able to stay with him until June 13, 2011 when I had to go to the Bridge because of the tumor in my forehead. That was hard for my Dad to do because he loved me so much since I was such a brave little girl. Always purring. He can't forget me and thinks of me often.

My little brother Tyson joined me here at the Bridge July 22, 2015 at the age of 7. His heart disease was too much for him to breathe well. That was also very sad. I remember meeting that sweet little boy shortly after Dad got him May 7, 2009 after he separated the new kitty from the rest of us for a few days. We had a nice two years together.

Also, Manytoes, Tundra, Lynzee and Rory sent me a wonderful photo I put on my page. Jameson, Silvio and Big Harry's Mom, Dana, sent me a nice photo too which is now on my page. I'm so grateful!

Thank you all again for your wonderful wishes!

Love Serena xo


Birthday Thanks, June 24, 2015

June 25th 2015 12:11 am
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Thank you to all my friends who left me gifties, and a cupcake and pretty orange butterfly today for my Birthday!

Also, Manytoes sent me a wonderful photo I'll try to put on my page. I'm so grateful!

My Dad does not forget me; he wants me to come down some times to let him kiss me, but so far I cannot.

I hope everyone will be having a nice summer!

Love Serena xo

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