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We Felt That!

July 7th 2010 5:12 pm
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Zack and I were in the kitchen with Mommy and Daddy and we had a 5.4 earthquake. We definitely felt the shaking. It felt longer than some and our dishes shook. Because Daddy was home, it was more enjoyable for all of us. Daddy likes earthquakes just so they arent big ones. They scare Mommy if Daddy isn't around.

This time Zack went running upstairs. I didn't. My eyes got big but I stayed with Mommy and Daddy. Zack came downstairs right afterwards because it was dinner time.



July 14th 2010 11:18 am
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We were on the third floor and I went running for a Mondo. Mommy looked to see what I was so excited to see and there was a HUGE grasshopper on our window screen. He was almost as big as our lizard friends! This was the first grasshopper I had ever seen and soon Zack joined me too. We were trying to capture the grasshopper thru the window. What fun!


DDP Dedication

July 20th 2010 5:52 am
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I'm so honored to be a Daily Diary Pick today.

I'd like to dedicate this honor to our Auntie Mercy.

We love you and miss you Auntie Mercy.


Thank you friends for the DDP comments and pawmails. Thank you for thinking of Auntie Mercy. Thank you to Rizza, Sugar, Adam Dylan, Eve Layla & Family, Teebo, Callie & Rose, Angel Sam, KiKi & Em, Lil' Muppet & Family, Ginger and Leo & Family for the DDP Rosettes. A special thank you to Auntie Mercy for sending an Icecream Cone Rosette to my page from the Rainbow Bridge. XO

Also thank you to sweet Elise and little Genny for the Forever Crown!


Lucky Number 13!!

July 24th 2010 7:32 pm
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Zack and my new lucky number is 13. Why? Because we were number 13 and won our very first prize ever!!

Zack and I entered the Play N Squeak Review & Giveaway hoping to win a wand toy. Gleek picked The Cat In The Clover Winner and it was US!! Lucky number 13.

We received our Play N Squeak "Tethered & Feathered" Play wand toy today and I got to test it first. After I gave mousie a good batting, Zack gave him a go around. This wand toy is so cute and well made. Zack and I give it a 5 paw rating and Mommy gives it a 2 thumbs up.

Thank you Gleek & Co at The Cat In The Clover and to Play N Squeak for this fun wand toy.

Make sure to visit The Cat In The Clover Etsy Shop for great cat gift ideas.


Happy Birthday Newman!!

July 25th 2010 12:34 am
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Zack and I are at Newman's house to celebrate his 2nd Birthday. His Mawmee and Daddy are away so the cats are going to play!! Hope everycat is planning on stopping by to help Newman celebrate.




August 27th 2010 12:17 pm
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Zacky and I got new litter boxes. They are HUGE. Mommy saw the Petmate Giant Litter Boxes on Amazon and thought they looked purrfect to give us lots of room while doing our business. Maybe when we get a little older we'll give the Litter Robot a try, but for now we really enjoy digging and are so good at covering up so Mommy wanted to stay with a traditional box, but a very big box. So now we have 2 of these big sandboxes instead of 3 regular sized litter boxes.

Hope everycat is enjoying their last days of summer!


Cat Room

August 29th 2010 11:11 am
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More proof that Zack and I rule the house:

We no longer have a dining room. The dining room table and chairs were removed and that room is now our Cat Room! It is a nice sunny room with lots of windows full of our Mondos, Molly & Friends cat furniture, beds and toys. Nothing for humans, unless they want to sit on top of a Mondo. MOL!

We got rid of our Mount Katimanjaro Cat House. The light colored carpet on it was falling apart and all over the place. Our other cat trees didn't do that. It just didn't live up to the Zack Challenge. So that was removed and our Molly & Friends Tree House was brought down (it was very heavy!) to the Cat Room. The only problem is now that we've grown, it is hard for us to both be sleeping on the top favorite cradle. So Daddy said that I needed my own Molly Tree House! It is on its way and we will have both our Tree Houses in the Cat Room together.

Today since Zacky is the Diary of the Day, I will let him have the top cradle. (since he already claimed it anyways!)


Shovels for Sandboxes

September 2nd 2010 8:59 pm
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We got new shovels for our sandboxes!

Tasha highly recommended these litter scoops to us. And she was right. They are great. Mommy was amazed how much better they were than regular litter scoops. A must have for sure. Thank you Tasha!

Magic Scoop Litter Lifter

They come in such pretty colors too for boys and girls. Mommy saw on that this scoop is endorsed by Dr. Elsey's Clumping Litter which is what we use!

Tomorrow MY Molly & Friends Tree House is going to be delivered. I'm so excited. We have its space all ready for it in the cat room. It sure will be nice to have a little more room to stretch on the cradle without Zack taking up all the space. Love you Zacky, but your long body takes up alot of room!


Eating Crow

September 6th 2010 11:39 am
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That is what I am imagining as I chatter away. Zack and I are watching these big black crows fly by. Some are sitting on the roof of the house next to ours. They are huge - alot bigger than us. Luckily I'm safe behind a window while pretending to kill and eat them. If I wasn't they could easily pick me up and take me away! Zack and I are having fun watching them.

Hope everycat is having a relaxing Labor Day.


I'm A Kneader!! (Plus 4)

September 7th 2010 2:49 pm
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I always get very excited when Mommy or Daddy are petting or brushing me. I can hardly lay still. And I get this look on my face that shows I'm so happy. And I purr so loud. I'm a little purring machine. I luv being brushed and petted!!

Today I started kneading while Mommy was petting me! I knead the blanket on the bed. Mommy was all excited and told me that I'm a Kneader and there is a Group I can join on Catster. So I just joined!

I Knead You

I know that Angel Rocky Ann and Angel Calvin are all excited too!!

Elise just joined the I Knead You Group too! And so did my Uncle Tigger! And Willow & Pumpkin are now Members too!

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