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A day in the Life of Milo

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Scoopin' Dat Poopin'

October 27th 2011 10:42 am
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Hehehehe, well mom isn't hazin' a fun time these dayz. Her sez havin' two kitties is LOTZ more werk's den her thought! Ok, so we haz our own poop boxes, but mom sez her NEFUR seen so mush poopy in her life's! Yeah, we eat really good, 'n Mallee is off wet foodage so mush now. Thank goodness, coz her really STUNK! Her was on kitten wet food, but now her eat's mine. Well she was always eatin' MINE anyfur! She STILL eat's a lot fur her size! 'n Her gonna grow more's!?? Our litter boxes r designed fur eash o' us, 'n her's is smaller den mine, so...ya know what dat means? Her uses BOF o' 'em!~ Mom know's her gotta get Mallee a bigger box, maybe bigger den mine, cause her is so LONG!~ Our poopies r not da same. Well, guess no two poopies alike? Mine's r stiff 'n I always cover up my dangleboppers. Mallee on da other hand, she makes Mountains da look like da 'Leanin' tower o' Pisa'!! 'n I must halp's her cover 'em up!!! Now, Let me ask u, did I ask fur dis job?? MOL! 'n Manners, I still wonner where she went to etiquette school?? I guess no where!!~
Da first couple days, I was really jealous 'n dropped a couple big ol' Texan's in her lil box! I was jus' breakin' it in.. 'n it needed some o' my pawsome smells added!! But I does my doobs 'n I cover cover cover!! Mallee trys, but always screetches da liner 'n claws it up, nefur really takin' care to hide her grand poo bah's furry well!~
But her is really saweet to me's most o' da time 'n mommy really likes her sweet dispostion. Her is definately a lap kitty, which I nefur really was one. Is ok, I still jump up in front o' da monitor 'n rest comfortably while mommy types fur me. I am da # 1 furbro 'n I guess Mallee looks up to me. Well her better learn's fast, coz she can really get on nerves!~ As for our poopie's..we go at da same time usually! HA. Mommy will go 'n we jus' follow! Iz dat whatcha call a joint venture??

Lubbs u all 'n thank u fur readin' my diary today!!




November 9th 2011 9:45 am
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Meowloooo!~ 'n Howdy 'n Hey ya'll!~ Dis Southern Gentle man cat wanna give Thanks 'n Blessin's to all his kewl 'n pawsome furiends out there! Thanks fur da pawsome gift's 'n pawmail's 'n happy concats 'n stuff when I was honored here! Thank u fur jus' bein' my Grand 'n Furtastic furiends! U r so Kewl!~ My thanks to Catster 'n da dairy gal whofur pix da diaries 'n honors 'n stuff's! U make SOOO many kits HAPPY!~ U know, my heart fills up wif love 'n happiness when I think's how far we've all come! Our pawty's 'n pawsome time's spent together 'n mommy is jus' ravin' 'bout all da Catster Mommy's 'n how dey r jus' so FINE 'n SPAWCIAL! U mommy's 'n Daddy's r what makes Catster a fun 'n adventurous place to call our home! Our furmilies! Jus' where can we all go 'n haz da super fun time's 'n furtastic adventures dat we enjoy here?? I love Catster, U love Catster, we all love Catster, coz we ALL make it pawsome!
Now dat I got my thank U's done. Mallee, oh Mallee, her is a most rambunctious 'n ofur bearin' kit I' ve efur seen! But, ya know's her can be's pawsome! Our lives haz gotten richer 'n more fullfillin' since her came into our home. I guess I does lubbs her. Coz her sometime's really get a notion to licks me 'n her purrs 'n makes me feel happy! I guess we gonna fight 'n chase 'n get pee o'd at eash other, but isn't dat what furbro's 'n sisfur's does?
I also wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVIN' to all my gorgeous furiends! Dat time is upon us 'n I am so thankfur fur many things! Most o' all da Thanksgivin' TURKEY!!! Oh yeah, I lubbs it!~ I not think mommy gonna cook one fur us dis year, coz mommy jus' don't really cook anymore's! So can I come to ur house dis year fur Thanksgivin?

Thank u fur readin' my diary 'n purrs on,


Pee Ess, I lubbs u all so mush! 'n Mallee does too!!


We Love Catster, but it's Time.....

November 11th 2011 7:03 pm
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..For a Break! It is time!~ Mommy needs a much needed relaxed vaCATtion 'n it beginz tomorrow when my Grand Paw come's to visit in da late afternoon! We live's up in Cow Town/Fort Worth 'n him lives down in South San Antone. Well, it really only takes him 'bout 4 hours to get here, ON a GOOD day!~ Traffic can get purrty wild sometime's, so I worry 'bout him. Ya nefur know's what peeps 'll do on da streets! Mom seen some craziness lately! OMC! Anyway, I tol' Mallee to get ready 'n get her nicest ACT on, coz she need's lotza halp's in da niceness area! I got really upset at her today when she went into my bafroom 'n chewed up all da toilet paper!! Eeek! I nefur did dat! She chews on all boxes 'n she still bites my BUTT! Lately, I been gettin' her back! Well, she is fun to chase, but she really outrun's me by a long shot! Must be dem LONG legs, ya think?
Paw is bringin' some really fun toys 'n some extra spawcial kitty treats fur me 'n Mallee. I think Mallee listened when I tol' her to be on her best behaviour! So, we gonna enjoy some fun time's 'n Paw 'n Mommy gonna go on a road trip, maybe. Mommy's been really sick, so I hope her feel's better to travel. Paw will be here for 9 WHOLE days, so dat give's mommy 'nuff time to be able to get better 'n maybe get out an' about. She REALLY need's dis bad! Her sez her got's claustrafobia..not shur what it is, but I think it's like what I get, when I can't go outside!! I'll miss you all. If I miss any honors or birfday's or anything, I sorry in advance.

I love Catster!! Be well 'n enjoy ur weekend!!

Love 'n many head nudges,


Twas the Night Berfore Thanksgiving....

November 23rd 2011 4:36 pm
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Howdy, my fine 'n pawsome furiends!!!

I've been on vaCATion fur awhile 'n I iz back, 'n I so happy to be back! I missed U all so mush! Me 'n Mallee missed a lot we know. We pawpologize if we missed birfday's or catebrations 'n honors! Mom took off couple days from werk's last week 'n my Paw came to stay fur 9 whole days! Mommy really needed a nice, relaxin' time to be wif my Paw. If ya not know's already, I call my mom's boyfuriend my Paw, coz him love's me lots 'n treat's me really spawcial. Him really love's me mommy too 'n makes her feel jus' like a purrincess! Him did all her grocery shoppin' 'n laundry 'n took her to dinner many times last week! Dey got to go out on da town 'n efen did some travelin' too. Mallee got to meet Paw, finally! Her purred 'n I nefur seen a kitty kiss up so much in my life!! MOL! Well, Paw really took a likin' to Mallee too! I am so purroud of my Paw! But we found out dat Paw will have to have surgery next week, Doc's found a piece o' tumor growth in his bladder. Dey gonna get it all to come out! Pawlease purray fur my Paw, as mommy is worried 'bout him.
Ahh, It's so furry nice to know dat mommy haz da next 4 days off. Her got off a lil early today from werk's 'n I know efur lil bit halps when peeps need time to rest. Coz, Mommy got da croupy crud once again. Her head was full 'n eyes waterin' 'n coughin' 'n stuff. Her not has taste bud's so her can't taste 'n dont' eat mush. I am tryin' to make her eat more's. But I know it's hard when u don't taste anythin'. I nefur has dat problem 'n I know Mallee don't! Geez! But, ya know, mommy 'n Paw got us some really spawcial canned/wet foodage's turkey dinners fur tomorrow. Mommy knew Paw couldn't be wif us, coz him havin' Turkey Day at home wif his two daughter's 'n their husband's. Dem girl's can cook! Ham, Turkey, dressin', cranberry fixin''s, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, rolls, mashed tators, sweet tator pie's 'n more's! YUMMY, we so glad they will haz a nice dinner wif furmilies. It's a wonnerful time to spend wif furmilies 'n furiends. Christmas time, Paw is comin' up to our house, so we'll all be together then 'n they will go to mom's brother's house for Christmas time catebration's 'n Feast! I know mommy get's sad dis time o' year too. Mommy's mom 'n dad went to da bridge 'round dis time o' year so it brings bitter sweet memories.
Me 'n Mallee wish u all a furry magical Thankgivin' tomorrow, 'n may u enjoy lovin' memories o' furmilies, 'n furiends!! A toast to U my Furefur Catster furiends! HERE HERE! U make Catster what it is today! U make it fun, make it wild, make it true and enjoyable. FUN is what it's all 'bout! Efen when we are not here, we hope u all know, our hearts are wif u~! We have made some o' da most pawsome furiends 'n carin' mommy's 'n daddy's here on Catster.
THANK U fur bein' so spawcial!~

HAVE A MOST BLESSED THANKSGIVING!!~ Our furiends mean da WORLD to us!~

Mush Love 'n many warm hugs 'n nudges,

Oh...Mallee's behind me WAVIN' to all!~ Purrin' like her does, always!!~

I gotta go 'n make mommy some warm beef broth now, make her throat feel mush better.

Thank u fur readin' my diary, I am truely Blessed!!


Oh da POOP of it ALL!~

November 28th 2011 5:29 pm
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Hey Y'all!~

WOW, mommy is jus' so thrilled wif us tonight! Did ya read Mallee's diary? MOL! Dat gurly gurl! Well, her is a kitten. So, I'z tryin' my best to PUT UP WIF HER! Ha!

I gotta tell ya, we got TWO litter boxes now!~! Ok, but da thang iz.. MALLEE uses bof! Ok, dat's efen ok too. But her poopies r BIG 'n LOTS~!!! Mom sez her think's her spends most o' her wakin' hours cleanin' out our poop boxes!! Ok, mommy can tell whofur's poop's r whofur's. MALLEE poops more den I efur could! Her eat's MORE den I efur could! Her purrlays MORE den I efur could. Mommy sez her really cute to watch, but da poops STINK! Mine nefur did 'n still don't. Uh hum, dat sounded funny, I wasn't sayin' my POOPS nefur stinked! MOL! MALLEE still demand's canned foodage 'n dry foodage too. I only eat's da gravy part. I love's dat gravy. So my poops don't stink. But, MALLEE..well HER is a poopy head! Mom sez it's a good thin' her poops r hard! WOW, can we talk 'bout da shapes 'n sizes 'n consistency's o' our poops here??? I hope so, cause I jus' need to Rant here! Mom uses TWO kin's o' litter now. Two kinds. One to help keep da smell's 'way 'n one to fight odor upon contact. I'z goin' to hide now, coz I jus' saw Mallee gonna come bite me's ear's 'gain!! Her still bite's my bum too. Thank goodness I haz a nice duffy bag to cuddle up in dat mommy put down spawcially fur me!! GO 'way Mallee, time fur my nap. Ha, her can't get in her wif me!!

Nite nite!

Purrs 'n love,


Sweet Dreams, my wonnerfur furiends!! Thanks fur readin' my diaries!


Merry Christmas!! But, But..where are da Christmas Rosies??

December 4th 2011 4:05 pm
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Howdy 'n Merry Christmas!~ It's a grand time of year when all our furiends r so happy coz Dey know's Santa is gonna be here's soon! But it's not jus' 'bout Santa, Christmas means a whole lot more. I cuddled wif Mallee last nite to tell her stories o' Christmas days long long ago. I tol' her 'bout Baby Jesus 'n how Christmas Day is his Birfday! Mallee started singin' Happy Birfday to Baby Jesus. She's so kewl. It's a time o' year when more folk's join in on helpin' eash other 'n haz u noticed? Dey smile more. Mom sez her nefer met a stranger, coz all peeps all ofur r part o' one another! We all r joined by our hearts. 'n I tol' Mallee we furs r joined by Paws 'n love too!
Christmas time is a welcomed season, folks dressed up like Eskimo's! It's great!! Tis da Season of Joy, purrpreciation's 'n Love.
Now, WHERE R DA CHRISSYMAS ROSIES??? Like da Snowman?? I LOVE dat guy!
I really really REALLY wanna send some Chrissymas rosette's! Common Catster, we all r ready fur 'em 'n WE been good too!! Purrlease, purrty purrty pawlease??!

Enjoy ur nite all 'n dream sweet!~ Coz dem vision's o' Sugar Plums look tastier 'n tastier in mine!!

Love 'n many nudges,



December 15th 2011 8:56 am
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Mews 'n Glad Christmas Tidin's 'n warm hugs, my pawsome Furiends!!~ I haz a few things to sez today, as I realize more's 'n more's how truly Spawcial Catster Folks really are! HOORAY 'n Double thousand CHEERS fur CATSTER!!~
First I want to mention dat we would love fur all our kewl Furiends to purray fur a furry lovely 'n sweet kitty named WILD CHILD. Her really need's a great lovin' home 'n we hopes her can get one here through a Catster furmily!!~ Purrlease read about her in our pawsome furiend, Wally's Diary~!! She is so lovely 'n really would love's a Happy lovin' home fur Chrissymas!!
WALLY's Award Winning Diary 12.15.11
Our True Christmas wish is fur all da homeless creaturs o' beauty 'n grace, fine lovin' homes, jus' like we all share!~ Purrs to U fur Ur spawcial kindess Wally 'n furmilies!! WE love's WILD CHILD!!

Now on to some other mews in my furmilies, not so happy, but we shur could use some purrs 'n purrayers here also. I recently got a cold in my eye 'n it runs a lot 'n is furry red 'n sore. Mommy takin' care o' it 'n wipin' me wif warm cloths, but I NOT like my eyeballs touched!! Mommy thinks it might be time fur Dr K to look at it 'n get Drops fur me's eyes! NOOOOOO!!!!
'n then, mommy had a fluke assident 'n a big o' steak knife put a rather large gash in her leg~! OUCHIE! Her not goes to da ER but yesterday her did get in to see her Doc 'n dey gave her pain meds, huge antibiotics (feel sowwy fur U MOM!!), a shot o' Tetanus 'n massive bandages. Funny though how it happened, I will try to make a long story short. Grabbing lotza bags brought home from werks dat night, dat knife jumped through da bottom o' da bag 'n landed in her leg!! Mom sez her pants r ruined! She came inside cryin' 'n Mallee 'n I nefur seen so mush BLOOD in our lives!! Our grand neighbor furiends, Sam's mommy 'n Ziggy's mommy were really good nurse maids 'n helped her get unfrazzled. Her better now, but still can't walks well 'n it hurts shootin' pains up 'n 'round dat leg. Her takin' few days off from werk's, so her can be on Catster lil more's 'n halps me write my Diary. Thank U fur bein' sush furtastic fureinds 'n God Bless!!~

Dis Blue eyed Flame point love's U all dearly,




December 23rd 2011 6:45 pm
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Hi My sweet 'n pawsome pals~!! Well, U know when I sez DIXIE, I refer to da South, right? MOL, coz Texas is 'bout as far south as U can get, afore U in 'nother country called Mexico!
We not get mush snow here durin' Chrissymas like lot's o' U does. We sometimes get ice 'n snow in late Jan or early February. But our Chrissymas is full o' love, jus' like Urs~! We gather 'round wif furmilies 'n grand furiends 'n catebrate our love fur one 'nother 'n past memories o' fun 'n adventures! 'N know dat we will be makin' NEW memories as we go!
It's a blessed time o' year 'n we all know how spawcial it really is~! Besides Sandy Paws comin', we honor our Lord Jesus, whom was born on Christmas Day 'n is our saviour~! Mom tol' me stories 'n I purray lots! I purray lots because I love all our furiends on Catster, our furiends dat get sick, our furiends dat must go to da bridge, 'n ALL da happiness Catster has brought us through sharin' our live's, our love's 'n our passions~!
We Thank CATSTER fur bein' her fur us 'n fur sharin' a warm 'n furiendly purrlace where we can come 'n relax 'n be ourself's!~ Coz us kitties really share one common bond, dat is... we r loved 'n we r spawcial 'n our mommy's LOVE us unconditionally!!!~ Tomorrow is Chrissymas Eve, a night to cherish 'n 'memmer why we catebrate dis lovely season~! Da warmth, da love 'n da happy times, because WE r united. We r all bonded by da Heaven's 'n da Earth!~ 'n I want's to sez MERRY CHRISTMAS to U all!!~ I am so furry thankfur fur U, my mommy, 'n how furry good her take's care o' me 'n Mallee. Thanks Mommy, Thanks furiends 'n Thanks Catster!~ May all ur days be filled wif da love we share 'n da memories we makin'~!
I also want to Thank U fur all da wonnerfur Rosies bearin' Merry Chrissymas wishes!~ U all r what makes us keep comin' back 'n we hold U in our Hearts fur safe keepin' always!~ What would we do wifout U!? Mommy is so happy 'n love's all da pawrents 'n mommy's whofur r a part o' Catster 'n make beautiful comments on our page 'n diaries!! We love U's so mush!~ May Ur Day's be Merry 'n Bright... 'n may all Ur Christmas's be White!!~ *Milo smiles* Coz I am dreamin' o' all those kits whofur will haz a White Christmas, so take lotza pix, coz I really want to enjoy 'em wif U!~
Oh 'n HAPPY NEW YEAR too, coz it's gonna be's a rockin' NEW YEAR 2012!~ Oh 'n BTW, Our New Years resolution's r to be more furiendly, more lovin' 'n smile at efuryone always! Dat way, U jus' might make somefur's day more happier 'n spawcial too!~

Night all 'n lotza hugs, nudges 'n love,



Happy New Year 2012! 'n Wouldn't U like to know what 'Auld- Lang Syne' really means??

December 30th 2011 4:25 pm
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MEOW MROW, My Grand Furiends!
We all r familiar wif da Great New Beginnin's o' da New Year's! We all know it's a time to start something new U've always wanted to do, to give's us a chance to open new doors 'n make new furiends, 'n bring more happiness to our own world's. Da New Year represents dat new Door openin' up WIDE! We all catebrate January 1st o' any new year. We enjoy catebratin' fun times on December 31st, Pawsome love's 'n learnin' new things o' da year gone by~! Our 2011 has been great~! Catster is a part o' us 'n we a part of it~! Our furiends we've made, our time's we've shared r all in our hearts to stay! An' many more's to come in da New Year 2012~ May U all share our Love's 'n Wishes fur happiness in dis new comin' Year 2012, a new Beginnin'~! Happy New Year!! U've all been Great!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>
Auld Lang Syne:
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll take a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

And surely you'll buy your pint cup!
And surely I'll buy mine!
And we'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

We two have run about the slopes,
And picked the daisies fine.
But we've wandered many a weary foot,
Since auld lang syne.

We two have paddled in the stream,
From morning sun till dine.
But seas between us broad have roared
Since auld lang syne.

And there's a hand my trusty friend!
And give us a hand o' thine!
And we'll take a right good-will draught,
Aor auld lang syne.

Isn't it funny, how many time's we've all heard dis song 'n nefur really new da lyrics or what it efen means? Wouldn't it be's funny if it' meant 'Big Pink Elephants'??? MOL!It is indeed a Scottish song written in da 1700's. Da song got most recognition by Robert Burns, so da song is associated wif him.
A good translation o' 'Auld Lang Syne' is "Time's gone by" when we sing dis song, we r sayin' "We'll drink a cup o' kindness yet, for time's gone by.." Dis song sybolizes 'endin's 'n new beginnin's" U be's catebratin' ol' times gone by, time's long long ago, or days gone by, we all feel it in our hearts, those times we've shared wif furiends, furmilies 'n cherished loved ones. The ballad o' Old Lang Syne was printed in 1711 by James Watson. It is a furry contagious song fur shur! Da song sang on Hogmanay or New Year’s Eve quickly became a Scots custom dat soon spread like wildfire to other parts of da British Isles. As Scots, including English, Irish and Welsh immigrants, settled 'round da world dey took with dem dis old tradition. In America, da Canadian band leader Guy Lombardo in 1929 used it in his New Year’s Eve catebrations through his annual broadcasts on radio an' television. Da song soon became his trademark and da rest, as dey sez, is history. Dis song is heard all ofur da world in many languages now. It's kewl in Finland, da verse goes somethin' like dis: "Fureindship shall nefur end, but will last furefur, Great then is our joy, once we meet 'gain. Our road may separate, the memories will remain. So thank U fur efurthin' 'n bye farewell".
So to catebrate our long furiendship, we'll drink cattynip wine 'n catpagne, 'n relish memories o' long ago~ I love's U all 'n I am so happy Catster is here fur us in good times 'n sickness 'n in health, we cherish ALL our memories made here~! HERE HERE, CATSTER!~
Here's to U, our grand furiends we love's so mush- *Milo put's his paw way up high in da air* 'n to U, a Happy Healthy, most Prosperous New Year!!

Big Hugs 'n pawsome nudges,

Thank U fur readin' my diary!!~


Drink. Kiss. Be merry. Maybe make a resolution's or two or sefenty-five~!


Dis Red Headed Blue Eyed Baby Boy is a LITTLE UPSET~!!!

January 7th 2012 8:46 am
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Hi, to all my wonnerfur furiends! I hope eash 'n efuryone o' U enjoyed bringin' in da New 2012 Year!!!~ It's been all pawties 'n catpagne 'n wine 'n candle lite dinner's 'n fun 'n excitement!! As it all calms down, we really love's to memmer all our wonnerfur time's we've shared wif our Furtabulous Furiends here on Catster. Thank's U..all!~
Ya know's how mush we love's U~!

Well, Mallee 'n I haz been at odds lately!!! Her sez her da baby 'n can do what her wants 'n get by's wif it all. Some, yesh. Some, I sez NOT! Her still haz a split personality 'n good at night, all full o' kissies 'n cuddles 'n purrs fur mommy 'n come's to her, get's in her lap 'n kisses up!!! Durin' da day time, her can be's mean 'n ofurbearin'!! ~ Me on da other hand, am not so 'wantin' 'n needing' as all o' dat! Last night, fur example, Her got all done wif her lovey dovey stuff on da bed wif mommy 'n went to purrlay in da den. Dat was my chance to come ofur to mommy 'n show her how mush I purrpreciate her 'n love's on her. I do it subtle though, 'n nudge her hand, climb half way into her lap, nuzzle chin~ Her reaches ofur to give's me's pets 'n cuddles 'n DEN..SHE is here! Whooaaaa, where did SHE come from???? I swear, she is EFURYWHERE! it's like, I can't haz any privacy wif mommy!! I really love's to come sit 'n lay down on da puter table in front o' da monitor when mommy is writin' fur me here on Catster. I haz MY spot, I am da Hansome Red Headed Baby Boy, am i not???? Is my purrlace, I was here FIRST! Mommy pats me 'n I lay down so her can see da screen, 'n I purrs, oh how I purrs so loud 'n so strong!! Coz iz MY purrlace! Is mine! Den, well I know's U were watin' fur HER come's! Her is efurywhere, I sez! Her den, got's dis 'angle' o' her dat her uses... her pretends to lick me, my head, my ears, my neck 'n den....BITE! I hate dat, Mallee!! 'n Gosh, her as BIG as me now!! 'n her runs me off dat way! Why does her does dat to da hansome Red headed blue eyed baby boy!??? Her sez her da baby, her da baby, her da sweeeeeet calico baby!! NOT!~ Sorry, I be's mad at her right now. Her jus' JUMPs on me 'n Pounces on me 'n BITE me hard! Fur no reason?? I tink her is insane sometimes!! MOL! SISFURS! I know her a kitten, a kitten as BIG as me now! WOW her grown! Don't worry's, I does fight back, I IZ NOT a whoos!!~ Jus' make's me so PO'd at her!
But ya know, Mommy sez I am a Hansome Red Headed Baby boy, MOMMY'S Hansome blue eyed red headed baby boy wif da most beautifur blue eyes her efur seen!! Now I know's my mommy wouldn't lie!! But, I tell ya, furiends..I jus' wanna know's, iz ALL gurly gurls acted dat way? Mommy sez her will grow's out of it. We'll see. Fur da time bein'... I am da baby too!!! Mommy always greets me wif "Hi, My baby boy, my hansome MILO!!~"

I guess, we bof babies! Mommy's BABIES! I guess I will continue to share, efen though I get my feelin's hurt severely!! By a GURLY, no doubt! Hmmmffffpt!~

Love U all 'n thanks fur readin' my diary! Ur all so spawcial to me's!!~=^.^=


Pee Ess, I did get my fair share o' cuddlin' unner da covers dis mornin' early as Mallee was sleepin' in 'tween mommy's legs. Dat is 'nother spawcial time we share. Tank goodness fur partial peacefur nite's!!! PAWS ON!~

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