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A day in the Life of Milo

Saturday, Sunshine and a bit about Timmy

March 6th 2010 1:02 pm
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Welp another fast and furreous weekend has come. Last night I had some fun and some irritated moments with my best fur bro Timmy. Not certain what makes him purr just yet. He's really on my pawed list. He still growls a lot at me but when I go to his house I am such a gentleman. I don't believe I've ever uttered a growl, not sure I even know how. But it did take me a few months when mommy first got me to even begin purring. I was a street kitty. Pound kitty. This Timmy has the potential to be a very fun furiend. He's just way too hyperactive. Mommy got some catnip for him and he ate some of it! We think he got a little high but it seemed to calm down the growls for a bit, then he got really sleepy and even more grumpy! I don't like it when he's grumpy. Timmy's mommy is learning how to do stuff on the 'puter now with the help from my mommy. They were intensed, so me and Timmy got to do stuff on our own. It was cool as I chased him and he chased me and we both fell over and on top of each other. I really think we could be good buddies if he would just chill out! I miss him when he's not here. I really hope we can play again tonight, but not if his mommy takes him to visit his daddy. He really loves going to his daddy's house to play outside! Seems he knows his bounderies there and he goes out here also but he didn't want to come inside last night! I go out sometimes but I know where my home is and I love it here. I am a pretty devoted indoor cat (but watch out, I will slip out if I see the chance!!!). I have my own toys and places to romp and I have a really cool tunnel to play in. It has a window on top where I can chase the bally's through. I have boxes and bags and bangles (what's a bangle?MOL). Anypurrs I like mommy's special toys she lets me play with, like her hair stuff. WOWSERS, I can paw them under the door closets and then turn upside down to dig them out with my extra long paw arms. Mowsers, it's way past my nip nap time. Movin' o'er to the bed, lookin' good, nah I want to be in the window! Sunshine here I come!!!

Purred by: Casey (Catster Member)

March 6th 2010 at 1:32 pm

Hi Milo:
Gosh, it sounds like you and Timmy have such a great time together and know how to have fun. I myself love catnip and Mom says I can get kind of goofy when I start rolling around in it (giggles). Gracie and Leo are real catnip lovers and put me to shame. Enjoy the rest of your week-end and have fun.




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