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Siamese/Colorpoint Shorthair [See My CatsterPlus Photo Book]
Picture of MILO BLUE EYES DB#73, a male Siamese/Colorpoint Shorthair

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Home:San Antonio, TX  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 8 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Lover Boy, Soccer Champ, Baby (oh yeah mom really like's to call me BABY!! MOL!), Kewty, Momma Boy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
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Quick Bio:
-pound cat-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
May 2nd 2009

May 30th 2008

Flame Point

Sam, Playing soccer, being brushed (including his belly!), following mommy everywhere, naps on his chair and our bed sheets, playing in boxes, bags and with his mousies 'n jingle balls, cat nip toys

Notta, I'm a very cool cat BUT I dont' like it when Mommy ignores me 'n on da Computer~ YOW~

Favorite Toy:
Sam, Racoon, Flyin' Squirrel, his tunnels, his bat a ball, his mousie toys, catnip 'n jingle bell balls 'n rolled up peices of paper so he can carry it around in his mouth

Favorite Nap Spot:
In bed with his mommy! In the window, on his favorite chair in my bedroom. on kewl sheets that are fresh (he helps me make the bed!)

Favorite Food:
Purina One Indoor Formula, Pawty Mix, FF gravy

Being handsome, flashing his blue eyes, brushing himself, climbing tree's, retrieving items under doors 'n other objects


Arrival Story:
I had lost my Smokey Joe russian blue to FIV and went for months sobbing with the loss, but couldn't bare to be without a feline best friend. I ventured to the shelter in my area but there were mostly kittens, and I wanted a little older cat over six months at least. One stop and I was hooked on the creme flame point in the corner cage, trying to dig his way out, newspapers flying! I adored him from a glance and took him out to hold him. He looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and 'he had me from hello'. The points of marmelade have gotten darker with time, but he was creme with only tips of orange and those blue EYES! We went home that wonderful day in May 2009 and he's been my best friend ever since. He loves his couch, chair and my bed. He makes my life more healthful, happy and relaxed. We play soccer every day and he's very adorable when he will work and work to succeed in reaching toys under anything, he has the longest paws!! He's retrieved most of my hair items, ties, etc from under the closet door, if he puts them there, eventually he will get them out. I just have patience! And he deserves the best life I can give him. I'm very thankful I found him.

Milo loves sitting in the window. One of his favorite things to do in the morning is glare at the birds. The meows turn over to a br br eh eh sound and it's amazing to watch his bodily actions and listen to his sounds. I've learned so much from Milo and I hope he's learned from me. We are a best furiends & a furbulous team, together we say "CATS RULE"! UPDATE: Milo haz recently gotten much much closer to me. It's been a yr & half now we've been together, how much things change in dat amount of time. Milo is sooo loving, and cuddlez up with me all the time. He's always with me at the computer, and strives for my attention, now rolling on his back to show me his belly to get belly rubs, he NEVER liked his belly touched before! He's just so cute, and I adore him! I always wondered if we might be as close as me and Smokey Joe were. Just look at him now, all stretched out in front of my montitor on his back, all cute and sprawled out! With his blue eyes closed, he knows, it's safe and secure here with his mommy. I know now, that he is my pride and joy, my baby boy. I know now, that Smokey Joe led me to that shelter that sweet day in May 09 for me to find him. I know Smokey Joe is happy for us. I wish you had met Smokey Joe, my Milo, you two would have hit it off extraordinary! You are so much alike, yet different. Milo you are my strenth and my glory, knowing each day I come home to you. You've made my life wonderful, and I am so grateful you were there that day in May for me to take home. I love you so much! UPDATE: Milo is becoming even MORE lovable, I just can't imagine a cat with so much love to give! He sleeps with me, eats with me, follows me outside 'n even inside the laundry matt. I can't ever imagine my life without him. At 3 yrs old, he's a champion of hansomeness and loves everyone!! UPDATE: Milo 'n Mallee have now been living with me and Stephen down in S Texas San Antonio for a little over a year now, 2014. They both love it here, so many interesting avenues, kitty tv and rooms to explore in big house! Country livin' is the life, they say! Milo is a purrfect gentleman and still sleeps with me. I can't imagine a more lovable cat in my life. UPDATE: April 2016! We are movin' to Iowa, have a home to close on May 13 2016. It is a beautiful big home, that both the kits will love! Upstairs 'n Downstairs, 'n the 3 Season room full of windows!! Much cooler 'n Milo will once again, enjoy a garden area to play. We have a covered paio, where they both can play. I am so looking forward to it. Since lately, I have had two eye surgeries and am still blind in my left eye, it's been hard for me. But I know some have it worse. I will survive and get through, because I Know I have folks who love me, 'n my kits need me. My soul mate is with me now. That makes everything right!!! :)

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Bluest Eyes In TEXAS

The Last Forum I Posted In:
Trip to the Galapagos Feb 1st


I've Been On Catster Since:
February 13th 2010 More than 6 years!

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A day in the Life of Milo

Thank U Fur Ur Support 'n me Happy 8th Birfday Thankz~

May 30th 2016 3:53 pm
[ View A Comments ]

Howdy Ya'll, welperz when we get moofed, guess I'z haz to change me greetin'z huh? Ah noperz. I still born 'n raise'd in Texas! MOL~!

So ya'll been doin' good? I shur hope so, mom iz hangin' in here 'n I halp her feelz mush better!

We wantz to share sum really lovely picciez our furiendz made fur me Happy 8th Birfday!!! 'n All da gifties, ya knowz whofur ya'll iz, so so kewl!! Thank U fur makin' me page a wonnerfur purrlace fur mommy to come 'n her do smile~!!!

Piccies dat make momcat happy!?

Thank U so mush Rory, Manytoes, Tundra 'n Lindsey~!!

Thank U frum dat Birfday 'n Gotcha Day club!

Thank U Auntie Ericka~

Thank U Auntie Becca!!~

Thank U Auntie Mary 'n Mayhem~

Thank U Auntie Lois 'n Napperz 'n Colorado!!

Thank U Auntie Stacey~!!

Thank U Auntie Dana

I LOVE me Gifties!!! I doez!! Thank U all~!!

Ya see dis year momcat cudn't do a piccie fur me! Coz her jus' not seein' 'n all da pain 'n jus' her doin' da best her can unner da circumstancez~
We want to jus' let alla our Catster 'n Dogster furiendz knowz dat ya'll mean so so mush to us 'n we thank U fur unnerstandin' 'n standin' beside us too~! Ya'll r in our heartz 'n we loverz ya'll so mush~ I haz had a great spawcial day 'n mc got me my fav FF beefy graviez 'n I got graviez 'n Mallee go sum too, but I jus' lovez da graviez part! Mmmm yeah! I haza grand furefur home 'n me momcat lovez me so mush 'n so do Paw~! Life iz good!!!

Still da Nekkid Entrepreneur
'n Chef Milo Blue Eyes


More Happy Timez to memmer! More Picciez frum Grand- Fureindz!~

May 2nd 2016 6:21 pm
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Me wud love to thank me wonnerfur furiendz whofur keep on makin' dese gorgeous picciez fur me, fur me spawcial day!!! I iz havin' one o' BEST Gotted Dayz I efur had!! 'n Thankz to alla U'z!~

Loverz alla U'z!~

Thank U Auntie Mary 'n Friday, Bijou, Bailey, 'n Neiko!!

Thank U Auntie Lois 'n Napoleon 'n Colorado Angelz

I love to save me wonnerfur piccies I get from me grand furiendz, still I really purrpreciate all da giftiez 'n love sent today to me 'n me mommy~! THANK U 'gain 'n 'gain!!

Milo Blue Eyes
Chef 'n Entrepreneur
Livin' 'n Lovin' me furiendz a'wayz!!!

P.S. It wud halp if mommy cud see better now 'n spell correctly too!~ Sorry so many errorz!! Ugh, pain iz back!!! :(


Mommy iz ofurwhelme'd by all ur KINDNESS 'n Thoughtfurness!!

May 2nd 2016 2:55 pm
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Milo wave'z 'n paw padz in slowly..Hey ya'll, mom jus' cries when her comez here; but yet it iz a happy cry..U all make her feel so mush better, emotionally. Thank U fur ur gifts o' kindness, for ur love 'n carin' thoughtz. Mom iz hangin' in here, jus' hopin' dat da Predni halpz 'n da pain onez welperz dey do halp sum.

I gone post sum piccies here sent to me from my furry grand furiendz, Flicka, A Lucas, 'n A Cleo, Rory 'n furmilies 'n da Birfday 'n Gotcha Club~

Thank U fur ur kin'ness!!

'n when mom can see'z better 'n feelz better we will send out thank u'z, but jus' thank U ain't 'nuff fur dese kin' hearted furs here whofur show dere unconditional love of furmilies 'n furiendz!!

Dis one iz from Rory, Manytoes, Lynzee 'n Tundra

Dis iz da beautifur Squirrel sent from Flicka, Lucas dear angel 'n Cleo dear angel

Dis un is from da Birfday 'n Gotcha Day Club

Dis un iz from Auntie Dana

From our heartz to urz, Thank U fur all o' dis!
Mom 'n Paw will be'z Leafin' dis next Monday to head fur Iowa. TO close ona our home. YAY!

I Love ya'll so mush!!


Milo Blue Eyes
Entrepreneur 'n Chef
Lifin' 'n Lovin' bein' nekkid still!!~ ;D

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