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missing 02/02/10

February 3rd 2010 1:20 pm
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In my absentMINDness, I apparently let Skippy out yesterday pm, as I was in and out with laundry (hanging and taking it down.)Now, that being said, skippy goes in, out, in out constantly esp in the winter~PLUS he scratches at the door like a dog, and he even resorts to a high jump over the porch to our bay windows' base, walking around that (yes it is outdoors :) ) area, scratching on the windows and making eye contact with myself or our younger cat, Precious, who then alerts us by a very sorrowful MROW, like she is asking me a question, in that same tone, to reitterate that someone's on the window again, maaaa.

I so hope and pray that he comes back! I really believe that one of two things happened
1) he COULD have been lured into a vehicle, he is JUST that friendly OR
2) he followed a neighbor, and may have slipped in unknown, fell asleep, and that person or persons may have gone to work this AM not knowing that he might have been IN their home,or even in their garage~Skippy HAS been known in the past, although usually in summer, to get himself into some real pickles...he followed my landlord into an unused part of the building, slipped in while he wasn't looking. Later that day, I/we discovered him being missing so we did what we usually do, run the street looking. then we came back to our yard, thinking that he MUST be in that area. I sat on the steps of the unused building and just happened to turn to look st the windows...there was SKippy....stretching and yawning, but he was locked in! We got the key.... years now later that part of the building is now renevated, so that old hiding place is NO more.

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