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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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The Mommy's Back Jungle Gym

October 19th 2010 8:06 am
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I have a new jungle gym. It's the Mommy's Back playset. It moves around the house, in new and exciting places everyday. I can usually find it sitting on the bed leaning over the iPhone, and I will jump right up from the floor because the bed is low. Sometimes it will be leaning over getting vegetables from the refrigerator drawer, and I can jump onto it from the counter. Today, it suddenly appeared looking for socks, and I jumped onto it from the dresser. Wheeee! Once I'm up there, I turn around and koala hug it and bite it playfully. I paw at it's shirt. I use it as a lookout point. It's great!


Sunday funday

October 10th 2010 6:09 pm
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Hey friends! So sorry I didn't get to thank you all for your gifts! It seems that second DDP was wasted on me.. I didn't even write a diary entry that day. Oh well. mom has been so busy at work. This is a very hectic month. Mom gets home late so often that she's buying me guilt gifts. Toys, treats... I would rather just have my mom, but at least she plays with me lots to make up for getting home late. And I'll take the gifts...
She bought me a Go Cat toy- a deerhair mouse attached to a wire + wand. Tasha had suggested it to me a while ago because I love the fishing fly toys so much. And Tasha was right- it gets an enthusiastic paws up! Not to mention a crazed pawing at the toy bag in the middle of the night trying to get it out. Mom had to wake up and put the toy bag into the closet. It's a good toy because the wire is long enough to let me get really crazy chasing and jumping. Mom also got me sparkle pompoms, which for some reason I have zero interest in- even though I used to really like them.
Lately I've also been into pingpong balls.

Today mom finally got a rest from work, but she slept half the day! She fed me my breakfast on time, but went back to bed and I just could not get her up for morning playtime. I had a very boring morning. When she finally got up, we went outside- and it was awesome! It was a gorgeous fall day. I chirped at a dragonfly I saw, but it flew away. There was a cheeky squirrel teasing me, and I chased it with mommy running right with me. It ran up a tree and used a high phone cable to get away to the other side of the street. Mom wouldn't let me follow.
Now I am sleeping next to mom, leaning in the small of her back. I feel nice and warm.
Hope you had a great Sunday, kitties! Meowmeow



October 6th 2010 9:01 pm
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I want to thank everybody for the sweet gifts! Mom
is going to try to send out individual thanks later this week, but tonight she said she's too exhausted. Hmph! Too exhausted for my Catster friends? Lazy lazy!
Out of curiousity, does anyone know who is that orange cat in the gift?



October 3rd 2010 3:25 pm
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Today mom took me to the Church of St. Francis of Assisi and I was blessed. The Blessing of the Animals is to celebrate the birth of Saint Francis, who is the patron saint of animals. Even though mom is not Catholic, she believes in God and wanted me to be blessed. The priest said a prayer and sprinkled holy water on my head. I took it very well, even though there were lots of dogs there. I was very well behaved, but then I complained in the car ride home. Mom is going to post a pic of me complaining.

God bless all the animals and all my cat friends! Mom made sure to say a little prayer for my friend Bastet, who is very sick. Thank you Saint Francis for watching over us!



September 30th 2010 10:10 pm
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Every morning I have to wake up my lazybones mommy. At about 5:30am I go into action. I have many different methods. I like to knock things down with my paw. one by one. The louder the better. I also like to stand on mommy's chest and touch her face with my paw. I press on her cheek, her nose, and her mouth. WAKE UP MOMMY! WAKE UP! IT'S TIME FOR MY BREAKFAST!! I try to tuck my head under her hand to get some petting started. Geez she is so lazy.

This morning I tried something new.
While she was sleeping, I jumped off the top of the dresser and landed hard on her chest. GERONIMO!! Mom went "OOF!" She sat up and gave me an irritated look. Then she laughed and got up. Success! The dive-bomb worked!


naughty foodie

September 26th 2010 8:52 pm
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List of Foods that Cannot be Left Out because I have been caught stealing or trying to steal them

-all meats obviously, including:
chicken, turkey, beef, lamb
(cooked, raw, defrosting, etc)
-all fish including sushi, tuna salad/mayo, etc
-sandwiches with the above meats or fish
-soups with beef, chicken, or fish in them (I knock lids off the pots)
-squid, calamari
-all cheeses
-bagels with cream cheese or butter
-cakes, with or without frosting
-Irish soda bread
-ice cream
-whip cream
-yogurt (especially Greek)
-peanut butter
-chips (plain or cheese flavors)
-cheese doodles, puffs
-animal crackers
-milk, coffee creamer

And this week's new additions:
-sugar snap peas (but mom let me eat the 2 sugar snaps I stole and gave me a couple more because I liked them so much)
-baked potatoes (I stole a little one and left it on the floor with little bites in it)

*mom wants me to tell everyone that I am not being starved by her.



September 20th 2010 6:22 pm
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My grandpa sure knows how to live.

Tonight I ate dinner with my grandpa. He bought stuff to make a soup, and I see him take out A LITTLE CHICKEN! little as in small. Like a perfect size FOR ME. a little chicken that would be the perfect size FOR ME! It was actually for him, but I've never seen such a cute cat-sized chicken. He said it was a Cornish game hen. And let the game begin. I knew that grandpa would give me some. And I was right! As soon as grandpa sat down to eat... HERE I AM! I'M READY TO SHARE SOME OF THAT BIRD! GRANDPA! HERE I AM! He can never resist my charming face and my paws on his leg.
Oooooh. Cornish game hen. Proof that God loves cats.


smile, though your breath is stinking

September 16th 2010 7:56 pm
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Smile. Though your breath is stinking...

My mom has been slacking off on brushing my teeth. For a while, she had been brushing them every day. Then she bought that Petzlife spray that was recommended to her. Blech! I hate it SO MUCH! Peppermint! geez. She felt so bad for me because I made such faces when she sprayed it in my mouth that she thought she couldn't spray it anymore. So she went and bought Wysong Dentatreat, which is an enzymatic cheese powder that you sprinkle on food or can give straight. I LOVE THAT STUFF. I could eat cheese powder all day long if mom would let me. Anyway, mom has been really busy with work and became lazy about brushing my teeth. This is cool with me! I've been getting yummy cheese powder!

Unfortunately, today mom noticed that I had stinky breath.
Uh oh. She brought out the spray, except this time she took out a dropper that she had bought. Maybe it's the spray-action that I don't like? Nope! I made the same faces when she put some drops on my teeth.
So, what exactly is in this spray? It has great reviews and is supposed to work so well. Except some moron decided to make it peppermint flavor. Ever hear of chicken? That would be a good flavor. Or cheese, like that powder. Even cream flavor would be good.
Mom decided to do an experiment. She sprayed some into her own mouth and prepared for the worst. And guess what?! She barely tasted anything! She thought it would taste all minty-hot and alcohol-y like listerine. But it tasted like... almost like nothing kind of. She almost feels ripped off, because the spray was $24. so expensive. But she's going to keep trying the drops I guess.
So I guess it's back to teeth brushing every day. And maybe a cleaning at the vet. Raaaarrrrr!!! Now Im going to breathe dragon breath in mommy's face tomorrow morning.


caught in the act

September 5th 2010 11:18 am
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This morning my mom and I went for a long walk outside. The weather is BEAUTIFUL over here. We were a tad west of the hurricaine, so it didn't do much to us, except clear out the heat and humidity. I was still amped up when we got back in, running and playing all over the place, in and out of mom's bedroom, meowing and trilling my playtime sounds. Mom was looking at stuff online, when suddenly she noticed how quiet it was. TOO quiet. She went looking for me.

She found me under a table by the kitchen, crouching over my prize: a bagel with cream cheese that I had cleverly stolen while she was drifting away on some Internet cloud.
Mom had left the cream cheese bagel on the counter wrapped in plastic wrap on a paper plate. The plate was on the floor, next to the plastic wrap that I had pulled off. I had the opened bagel in front of me and I had already licked off half of the cream cheese. She yelled, "Toki! What are you doing?!" Which is a pretty dumb question mom, isn't it obvious? (I'm still a little miffed).
She took the bagel away and THREW IT OUT. "noooo!" I meowed. "my bagel! you didn't even want it!" meow. "why'd you have to throw it out?" She picked up the paper plate and plastic wrap and threw those out too, even though they had lovely cream cheese smeared on them, and there are starving cats in China. What a terrible WASTE.
I gave mom a disdainful look and calmy licked my lips and cleaned my face.


chicken night

September 2nd 2010 8:55 pm
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It's Chicken Night tonight!

Tonight my mom brought home a package of chicken breasts to bake. Because she doesn't eat beef or poultry herself, she gets it specially for ME. She bakes them, cuts them into snack size bites, and divides them to freeze in ziplock bags. One by one she keeps a bag in the fridge for me. CHICKEN!!!! When the bags run out, then comes THE GREAT CHICKEN NIGHT.
I always hang out by the sink and watch her rinse them and blot them and lay them out on foil in a pan. She bakes them plain in the toaster oven. I can smell them baking, all JUICY and CHICKEN-Y. mmmmm!!!
While they are baking, mom and I play. I am always excited on chicken night.
When they are done, mom has to take the pan and put it into the microwave to cool because I can open the toaster oven door. It would be so much easier if my mom would leave it in there, so I could help myself when it cools. It's for me, right? Anyway, when the chicken breasts are cool, then the fun begins. She takes each one onto the cutting board to cut into bites. She has to guard the cutting board because I'm right there. She can't keep me off the counter! On chicken night, I get lots and lots of freshly baked chicken while she's cutting them up. CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN!!!

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