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Whatever you're doin, I WANT IN

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December 14th 2011 7:19 pm
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I was bored. BORRRRRED. Mom was working on some stuff, sewing, etc. So I decided to find my own fun.
Way up high, perched on top of a bunch of things, I saw a nice big box. It was empty, and I could tell that mom put it up there because she thought it was out of my reach. About 6 feet off the ground. Ha! A challenge. I jumped here and there, finding a pathway to the box.
Meanwhile, my mom was still fiddling around with her sewing. Suddenly she heard weird sounds. thump. Shuffle shuffle. thump.
"Toki!" Mom called. "What are you doing?" Mom went in to the bedroom just in time to see the big box tumble to the ground from it's perch. CRASH! Like a barrel going over a waterfall.
"Omigod! Toki!" Mom leaped towards the box and turned it over. The flaps were down, so she lifted them. There I was, in the box. I looked a little dazed. Mom took me into her arms, crooning "oh baby are you ok? Toki are you ok?" and checking me over. For some reason I was purring. I could see she was worried. Never one to waste sympathy, I got up and ran to the kitchen and the refrigerator. I stretched up and looked at her. Mom opened it and took some chicken out for me. I ate it and I was still purring.

So. This story has a lesson. Never try to put something out of my reach. Especially a box.

(This is Toki's mom now: I put the box up there, "out of reach", when I was cleaning and forgot to take it back down. Dumb mistake.)


Please help Pinot, he needs surgery

December 11th 2011 7:36 pm
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Hi everybody!
Mom's friend from work has a very sweet cat named Pinot Grigio. Pinot needs to have surgery on his leg, and possibly get it amputated, and his father is trying to raise money because it is very expensive. Pinot got out of his apt door into the hallway, and he fell out of a window 4 stories to the ground. He broke his femur. The vet has suggested amputation because the break is serious and painful and located near the hip socket. Mom's friend is very worried about the cost of this surgery, and was denied Care Credit. His friend has set up a page to donate on Paypal. Anything will help.
Mom remembers a few years ago when her friend first came in to work and told her about his new kitten Pinot, who he rescued. Her friend happily showed her all the scratches all over his arms from the little street kitten, who used to play rough. Pinot is now a grown cat and very sweet. Please help if you can.

Here is the link to donate:

help Pinot get surgery on his leg



December 1st 2011 3:58 pm
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Today mom stayed home to work on etsy orders. I was really happy. The weather has been so mild lately, so it was the perfect day for her to take me out. and then back inside. and then out again. and in. and out. and in.
Mom wasn't getting much work done.
I was sitting in the windowsill looking out, when suddenly I saw him. Graystripe!
Graystripe is this neighborhood cat with medium length gray tabby fur. Mom calls him Graystripe after the cat in the Warriors books. She's not sure if Graystripe is a stray or is someone's outdoor/indoor cat. She thought he looked thin, but he's been looking healthier these days.
I KNOW WHY HE'S LOOKING HEALTHIER. Because he's hanging out on MY TURF catching MY birds! I bet that was him who left those dead mice in the driveway. He's taunting me!
When I saw Graystripe today I immediately started staring and getting agitated. Mom opened the window (screen down) and I started hissing. She tried to shoo Graystripe away so I would calm down, but Graystripe just sat in the driveway staring back at me. Mom felt bad because she kind of likes Graystripe (I DON'T KNOW WHY. Mom.) Anyway, she opened the front door to shoo him away, when I slipped past her.
I ran SCREAMING and YOWLING "Get off my turf!" at Graystripe. I puffed myself out so I looked huge. I am longer and taller than him, so I looked very fierce. Graystripe turned and RAN (scaredycat) and I took off after him. Mom was chasing us yelling "Toki STOP!" She was very scared that I would run into the street where cars were going by. I chased Graystripe all the way into these trees and shrubs, out of my territory. Hissing and spitting. Finally I stopped and saw mom chasing me. I allowed her to pick me up but I was still PUFFED out and angry, looking off into the trees where Graystripe had run. Mom held me and said "Shhh Toki" as she carried me back inside.
Mom was a bit shocked. She had never seen me so angry at another cat. I used to go to cat shows, filled with other cats. I am a Grand Premier! I was always chill, very relaxed. Kind of aloof. But that was neutral territory. This was MY TURF. MY YARD. MY BIRDFEEDERS. I hate that Graystripe! I see him hanging out in my yard. and I DON'T LIKE IT. I showed him. He better think twice next time.


update on Saint Anne

November 28th 2011 9:53 pm
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I just read this in the Aby blog where I found out about Saint Anne:

update on saint Anne

It's very strange. Her owners are now saying that St Anne has trichomen-something (intestinal parasite) and that they are giving her up because they can't afford her vet bills. I don't see why they didn't say that to begin with. Did they think the other reason was better? Maybe they got a whole bunch of negative responses to their original post. Gee, I wonder why. Anyway, I do hope Saint Anne gets the care she needs. :( It seems she has a tough road ahead until she finds a new family to help her. :(


Abyssinian girl in Tampa Fl needs a home!

November 25th 2011 9:19 pm
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This is something that made my mom and me very sad to hear. (Mom read about it in a great Aby blog written by the mother of Jacoby, who is a distant cousin of mine. And SHE heard about it from an Aby newsletter.)
A sweet 5 and a half year old Aby girl named Saint Anne needs a home. Why? Because she won't use a human toilet instead of a litterbox! :(
read the story here:
Aby Saint Anne needs a home

It is really unbelievable. :( So mean!
If there is any catster near Tampa who would like to give that wonderful girl a home, PLEASE DO. She deserves better.
See the contact info in the blog post


cold weather warm weather

November 15th 2011 10:43 pm
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It's been very warm out for several days now. I am happy to go out for my walks without my embarassing sweater on. Last week was very cold, so mom kept making me wear this dumb "sweater" over my harness. It's not even a real sweater, it's just the sleeve off an old sweater of hers. I think it's interfering with my hunters crouch and my run. At the very least it's interfering with my clear thinking. Last week, wearing that sweater, I was chasing after a squirrel. I had it in a frenzy and it ran right into the big AC/heat unit on the ground. It hit so hard that even my mom heard this big BONK! sound. I ran around the side of the unit and waited for the squirrel to come around, but that BONK must have scrambled it's brain because it took an extra second. I looked back around the side to see what happened to the squirrel, which was a dumb mistake, because the squirrel used that moment to sneak around me and up a tree. I blame the sweater. Usually at this point the squirrel will shout squirrel obscenities at me from the tree, but this time it was silent. That made me feel better. That squirrel probably has a big bump on his head.
The only good thing about the cold weather last week was my mom turned on the heat. Ahhhhhh! I was so happy! I jumped right up to my special high spot on this shelf under a heat vent. I lifted my head and basked in the warm air. Then the past few days warmed up so my mom turned the heat off again to save money. That cheapskate! C'mon mom! It's still cold at night! Supposedly it's going to get chilly again tomorrow. So the lovely heater will be back. But I will have to wear the dumb sweater outside. Sigh.


Happy Halloween! .***** special!****

October 31st 2011 5:01 am
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Happy Halloween everyone!

Normally my mom likes to keep this diary for only ME, and my awesomeness, but my mom has a special request:
Please, if you can, watch the show The View today, Halloween, to see a funny costume that my mom made. Some of you may know that my mom works at costume studio, where they make costumes and props and things for theatre, film, tv, etc. Every year the studio makes the Halloween costumes for some or all of the ladies on The View. This year, my mom made the one Joy Behar (the woman with the red hair) will be wearing, and it is hysterical. Trust me you will laugh. Or maybe you won't... depending... Anyway, my mom thinks it's the funniest thing she's ever made. If you can't watch it, maybe you can catch it later on YouTube or something.



mystery mouse

October 18th 2011 12:18 pm
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Somebody left a dead mouse in the driveway!

Was it a warning? An offering? A leftover? or an accident?

Today mom didn't go to work because she wasn't feeling well. (nothing serious don't worry). When mom took me out for a walk, she saw a small grey mouse. Dead in the driveway. There was a little blood, but not much. Of course I zero in on the mouse and go right up to it. Mom held me back with the leash but I tried to bat at it. She wouldn't let me touch it! Gahhhh! I so wanted to check it out! Anyway, I took a walking turn around the driveway and came back to the mouse and tried again. Still wouldn't let me get close. Finally mom picked me up and we walked to the park.

So.... Who left the mouse? And why? It could be stray cat. There are a couple in the neighborhood, as well as several families who keep outdoor/indoor cats. Or maybe Jaime Fox or his wife and kits? But why did they leave it? Did it taste bad? Maybe a hawk dropped it. Mom has seen a hawk flying every now and then.
This is the second mysterious dead mouse in the driveway, actually. Last time there was no blood at all, and mom was afraid it was poisoned and threw it out before I even saw it. It was several weeks ago.

Maybe I should call in Sobelock Holmes. Or Pharaoh Loki- I know he's writing a Sherlock Holmes story.
Unfortunately I think this mystery may never be solved. What a waste of a mouse.


buttercup don't break my heart

October 8th 2011 2:16 pm
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So this week was the Feast of Saint Francis, celebrating St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. Last year mom took me to the annual Blessing of the Animals to get blessed, and this year she decided to take me again. But the church of St Francis, in the city, where we went last year, had the blessing last Saturday, and my mom had to work.

When mom told me, I meowed "ohhhhhhhh! DARN. I was really looking forward to that!" Of course I was being sarcastic.

But my mom said "Don't worry Toki! I found one that is next Saturday! And it's in NJ, so we won't have to go into the city."

yay. isn't that great.

So this morning, mom snapped me into my harness, put me into the cat carrier, and we were off in the car. Last year I was really good until the ride home, when I complained loudly the entire way home. This year I decided to get a head start on complaining, and started meowing as soon as we started driving. Mom usually opens the top of the carrier and let's me stick my head out. I decided that this wasn't enough, and when I wasn't meowing, I was trying to squirm out of the carrier. Mom had to hold my harness with one hand, and I meowed and meowed. And then mom remembered the radio. She put it on and found some old song and started singing along,

"Why do you build me up- buttercup baby- just to let me down
and mess me around and then worst of all, you never call baby when you say you will..."

I stopped meowing and looked at her with my mouth slightly open with an expression of surprise and pleasure. At least that's what she told herself. It was actually an expression of fascinated horror.
Since we were on our way to a church, I decided to say a prayer:
"Dear Lord please forgive my mother, for she knows not how she sounds." Yes, you're welcome mom.

In any case, the singing worked to keep me quiet for the car ride. It usually does. Shocks the hell out of me every time. The heck, I mean. So we get to the blessing, which was very small and informal, on the church lawn. I was the only cat there, among many different kinds of dogs, so mom kept me on the side. The priest came and said the prayer for me, but he didn't put water on my head like the priest last year did. He was very nice and asked what breed I was, and said he had a Bengal cat at home. Last year the priest at the church of St Francis was wearing a monk's robe and sandals, like Saint Francis, which made my mom really happy because she is silly like that. She loves when people dress for the occasion, whatever occasion it is. Anyway, this year the priest was not in a robe, and my mom was secretly disappointed. After I got my blessing, a man came up and asked to take my picture for the local paper. Mom was not surprised, I get a lot of attention when I'm out. Plus I was the only cat there. He took a bunch of pics of me, trying to get my face, but I kept looking away. He was making that "pssshpssshpsssh" sound that people do for cats, but that sound doesn't work with me. I prefer clicking sounds. But he finally got the shot.
I was very good through all this, and mom told me so. We left and on the way home I was very calm. Mom decided to stop at a pretty little park with a duck pond/stream so I could have a fun walk. But guess what: It turns out I don't like ducks. I'm not scared of dogs, vaccuums, fireworks, repair men, or many other things, but ducks are WEIRD. I walked in the grass happily, but then I looked at the stream with the ducks swimming and quacking and flapping their wings, and I slunk down low and... slinked away. (are those real words? slunk? slinked?) Mom picked me up and tried again, but I didn't want to look at those weird ducks. So we left.
When we got home, I relaxed and groomed myself. It was a long morning. But I am blessed.

"but I love you still- I need you- more than anyone darling- you know that I have from the start. Build me up! Buttercup don't break my heart!"



September 29th 2011 10:23 pm
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Toki, you've been talking too much lately. Especially in the morning.

= meow! meow! rriow! mrieeerwow! meirow! meow!

Like, way too much.

= meow! meow! meow! meow! meow! mreeeow! meerow! meow! mriioooow!

But I don't understand.

= meow x50

Alright, let's go for a walk.

= meow!

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