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Rainy Days and Rainy Eyes

June 3rd 2013 2:56 pm
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Today it is rainin outside, but it is also rainin inside. Peekie's and mama's and my eyes are all rainy. See, one of our dear kitty friends, Charlie, made his journey to the bridge today. Charlie was not feelin well, and he just got so tired he couldn't fight anymore. Peekie and I will miss havinn Charlie here on earth, but our sister, Missy Mups, met him at the Bridge along with all the other cat angels. We know Charlie will miss his family, but mama sez it is so beautiful beyond the Bridge that Charlie will be real happy there.

Pssssst! Missy Mups told me a sekrut. She sez that sumtimes kitty angels come down to visit their families. So that is what happened when mama feeled a kitty jumpsterin on the bed, and Peekie and I were not there. Mama wondered if it was Missy, and it was. Boy, I like hearin sekruts.

Rest in peace, dear friend, Charlie. We will be thinkin of you and your family.



May 30th 2013 1:39 pm
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Jeepers, it is monsoon season here now just when we thought we might have summer. Mama has been workin hard to try and get stuff planted. Last Saturday everbuddy in the neighborhood was out mowin. Not mama; she was playin in the dirt...AGAIN!

Sunday mornin it was kinda nice, so mama went outside to use the noisy old weed wacker thingie. When she finished with that, grampster gived her some lessons on how to run Crusher. Mama practised out in the field mowin the fire row and daddy's camper turnaround. Then grampster opened the new big driverin gate and told mama to start mowin. Mama founded out that yeah, you DO gotta use reverse sumtimes, or you will not make the turn, and you could even run into the house. Peekie and I think we are pretty lucky cuz mama did not run into the house. She camed pretty close, though, and she had to get on the brake real fast and then go backwards.

The good news is mama did not crash into nuthin, and the lawn got mowed pretty good. I was watchin out the window so I will know how to drive Crusher next time. I think my only problem will be reachin the pedals with my paws. Maybee I will have to put my claws out.


Not Julius Anymore...

May 24th 2013 9:53 am
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Well, mama decidered Julius was not the rite name for the new ridey mower. I gotta say, I am kinda relieved cuz I did not really wanna be driverin round on a mower named Julius. That is a kinda wimpy name.

The ridey mower's new name is Crusher cuz mama sez he is more the color of an Oranj Crush than an Oranj Julius. He is like kinda Howl-ween oranj. Anyway, when I am driverin him, he will be crushin everything in sight!

Vrroooooooooomm, verrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm! Eat my dust!


Julius, Orange Julius

May 22nd 2013 2:49 pm
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Hey, we got the new ridey mower! I am gonna need a ridey mower outfit, maybee a helmet and some gloves? Mama's new ridey mower is an Ariens, and he is orange. Mama named him Julius right in the store. Grampster asked why his name was Julius, and mama said "Orange Julius?" Grampster just shooked his head and rolled his eyes. Everything round here gots a name. Grampster's ridey mower is Big Red, the new ridey mower is Julius, and mama's garden cart is named Blackie.

The new ridey mower can pull a cart, and he can get a snowblade put on too. How cool is that? The Peekster and I can be out in our little coats runnin the snowblade in the wintertime.

Peekie keeps tellin me mama is not gonna let me drive the ridey mower, but I do not beleeve it. I mean, I'm a GUY cat! I was born to drive the ridey mower REAL fast round and round and round the yard. Maybee if she is REAL nice, I will let the Peekster ride in the cart thingie.

Peekie keeps talkin bout borrowin Angel Missy Mups' motorcycle leathers and pink gloves and her pink and black helmet cuz she thinks I will crash the ridey mower, but I just know I will be a real good driver. All I need is a chance.


DDP! Again!

May 20th 2013 2:10 pm
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Jeepers, Diary Gal must love me and the Peekster. Peekie has not even meowered her thank-you's, and now it is my turn.

It has beened rainin here for a coupla days, so we have been stucked in the house. Our stroller comed with a rain cover, but mama did not. The Peekster and I have beened sleepin while it is rainy out. There are not no good birdies out our birdie watchin window, and it is just borin in the house while mama is bizzy doin nuther things.

Spring finally gotted here, and it is real green outside. Peekie and I got to watch mama workin outside in the yard before it started rainin. She putted out birdie baths, so maybee Peekie and I can spy on the birdies while they are takin a bath. We got birdie houses too, so maybee we can see some baby birdies. I bet I could catch one while it is learnin to fly.

Next weekend I think Peekie and I might get to stupid-vise mama while she plants flowers in pots on our deck. Course, she will probly not do it right, and I will have to critter-cize her. I think mama is goin to town tomorrow to buy even more plants. I think she called em Herb, but can they all have the same name? Mama sez they are for eatin. Hmmmmmm; that sounds like catnipshun to me.

Thanks again, Diary Gal. You inspire me to rite more in my diary.



May 16th 2013 4:57 pm
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First of all, let me meow that Catster must be havin a flea attack again cuz even with Fireyfox it is slooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww today. It does not wanna do much unless ya can wait and wait and wait... Mama had to go to our account page just to do my diary entry. I am yellin at ya to make ya wake up. Wake up, Catster!

Anywhoo, Peekie and I got our first stroller ride today. Mama worked in the yard this mornin. Then it looked like it was gonna rain, and it made a few sprinkles. Then it got all nice again. Mama did not really wanna clean house anyway, so she put me and the Peekster in our stroller, and out the door we went. Down the steps, bumpa, bumpa, bumpa. Brake on. Gate open. Then the real adventure started. We bumpitied down the driverway to the road. Off we went down to the little store. It is not open no more, but it is still a nice walk.

We got bout halfway, and a litl silver car stopped. The man said "scuze me, where is the Marketplace?" Mama was amazed cuz they were REALLY losted. They were some nice Canadians, and they were visitin and got losted about five miles from where they wanted to be. Mama helped the nice man with some instrukshuns on gettin back to town and on the right street to get where they wanted to go. They turned around and honked and waved when they went by.

The Peekster got all skared when mama was talkin to the nice man, and she hided underneath our mattress. She did come out before we got home, and she never hided at all when mama took us to say hi to grampster in his garaj. Grampster was puttin mama's new ridey mower together, but he stopped long enough to tell us what nice kitties we are. We already knew, but ya always wanna be nice to your grampster. ;)

Mama brought us home, and then she took our stroller back to grampster. Mama sez grampster is the resident "fix-it guy," and mama needed the parent tray off our stroller. See, mama and daddy were all eksitered when they got the new glamper cuz they thought the stroller would fit in the cargo bay. Then when they tried, it was bout an inch too tall to go through the door. Mama sez they never use the parent tray anyhow. If ya put drinks in it and then go on a bumpity walk, the drinks get all shaked up, and if ya put keys or a cellerphone in the midl, they rattle round and make lotsa noise.

Mama and grampster got the parent tray off, and next time daddy comes, he and mama will have to test it again to make sure it will fit in the glamper cargo bay. After all, Peekie and I can't go on vacashun without our stroller. That would be terbl.


Campsterer Adventures

May 14th 2013 4:59 pm
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Well, OK; so I missed my DDP, but the Peekster and I did get to go to the new campsterer on Sunday. Mama calls it the glamper. What's up with that?

Anywhoo, on Sunday after breakerfust, mama and daddy went to the campsterer and opened the slidey thingies again and hooked up to the tricity with a giant cord. Later mama came inside with the kitty carrier. I was not smart enuff to run away, so I got catched first and went down to the "glamper" with mama and daddy. Peekie told me later she runned and hidened under the bed when she saw mama leavin with me in the carrier. Then mama was real mean and used a yarderstick to make Peekie go out from underneath the bed. Then Peekie runned behind the loveseat, and mama used the yarderstick again. Peekie sed she runned up the hall, but the beddyroom door was up tight, so she runned behind the loveseat again. Then cuz of the yarderstick she had to run to the dinin room, and then mama catched her even though she was hidin under the tabl. Pretty soon the Peekster was down in the glamper with me.

Mama and daddy were runnin round inside doin more stuffs like fixin the paper towel holder. Who knew daddy would have to take some of the lights loose to make sure he did not drill wires? Mama was mad cuz after 6 weeks of stayin on the wall, the backsplash thingie they put up behind the stove comed loose and falled down, so they had to fix that.

Finally mama brought our food and water dishies and some toys so the Peekster and I could play. It was gettin warm in the glamper, so we got to try out the air condishunner. It works real good! Some nice cool airs were blowin on me after I decidered daddy's chair was gonna be Gunnarr's chair. I even got a speshl cushy towel to snuggle in.

Later mama left and came back with three peacock feathers. She had sissers and cut the peacock feathers lots shorter and stucked em in the rangement of leather roses that mama buyed for a centerpiece for the glamper dinin room. Mama put the centerpiece on the table so she could admire it.

Later daddy was doin something outside and asked mama to come out and look at it. A few minutes later I heard mama say, "Oh, we should never have both left with the centerpiece out." Daddy was ahead of mama comin in the door, and daddy said "It's down..."

Peekie and I are not sayin who did it, and mama catnot guess which one of us it was cuz we are both crazy for feathers. Mama put the centerpiece away where Peekie and I catnot get it, and daddy played with us with the sticks left over.

After a long, LONG time, mama brought me home, and then she went back to the glamper and got the Peekster. We were so tired from all the eksitermunts that we needed long naps.

The moral of the story is that the centerpiece with the feathers can only be on the tabl when mama and daddy are akshly eatin there. :)


Anuther Missed DDP!

May 14th 2013 4:45 pm
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Can kitties fire their mamas? This is bout the second time I have missed one of my speshl days cuz mama thinks she is too bizzy doin nuther stuff instead of Catster. I do not know why she and daddy need to go shopsterin or sightseein or workin on projects round here. Don't they know Catsterland is more important?

I wanna thank all the friends who gived me good wishies and prezunts for my DDP on May 11, and thanks too for all the cool cups (MOL) and the Mama's Day flower prezunts too! I preshiate you all SO much!


Heck, No!!

May 8th 2013 5:47 pm
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Ummmmm... This mornin mama was gonna give me and the Peekster some breakerfust, but when she walked into the livin room, there was a hairy ball kinda squished into the carpet. If ya remember, mama runned the SpotBot three times the nuther day cuz of poopies that escaped our kitty potty and upchucked kitty kibble. Mama sighed and gave us our breakerfust, and then she cleaned up the messiness.

Later mama got out the hated hairy ball medsins. Just cuz I liked it when I was a kitten does not mean I have to like it now, and I do NOT! Peekie does not like if neether. First mama tried a spearmint thinkin she could get some hairy ball medsins in one of the syringes Peekie uses to take her medsins. It did not work cuz the stuff was too goopy.

I knew what mama was plannin when she came to pick me up. I tried to run, but I guess I was not payin good enuff attenshuns cuz she catched me. Then we sat down on the kitchen floor. I watched mama squirt some of the hated hairy ball medsins on her finger. Then I saw the finger comin straight for my mouth. Mama opened my mouth and stucked her finger with the hairy ball medsins right in on my tongue. YUCK!!! I tried to get away, but it did not work. In fact, mama got more hairy ball medsins on her finger and did it again. I was thinkin maybee I should bite her finger, but I love mama, and I did not wanna hurt her or make her not love me no more. At least after the second time mama let me go. I runned like the devil was after me!

I do not know why Peekie did not run. Sometimes she runs even when mama just wants to pet her. Peekie did not run when she had the chance, and mama catched her too. Mama did the same stuff she did to me. The second time mama was real happy cuz the hairy ball medsins diss-peared right away. Mama was spishus and looked all around, but she could not find the medsins, so she thought they were inside the Peekster.

Soooooooo, a coupla hours later the Peekster and I were laying on the bed. Mama came in to give Peekie her reg-lur medsins that she gets every day. That was when mama discovered the huge piece of hairy ball medsins stuck in Peekie's beautiful fluffy bib! Oh, it was terbl.

Peekie and I both thought maybee mama would give her anuther bath, but mama does not like to skare Peekie so much, so she only used the pet wipers. While mama was wipin the Peekster's fur, she kept tellin the Peekster how she was usin up all the pet wipers. Like it was Peekie's fault! Oh, no; I do not think so. Mama is the one wantin to use all the pet wipers. She used two tryin to get the terbl hairy ball medsins out. Mostly all mama did was make Peekie wet and messier. Then later Peekie took her own bath with her tongue, and now she is all fluffy again.

I sure hope nobuddy upchucks another hairy ball very soon.


Savin My Sister

May 7th 2013 9:59 pm
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A few nights ago mama's nose was workin overtime. See, she smelled kitty poops, but she could not figure out where the stinkiness was comin from. Mama kept walkin around the house sniffin. Then she got too close to the Peekster. Peekie tried to run and hide, but mama catched her. Pretty soon they diss-peared into the bathyroom.

A few minutes later I could hear the Peekster screamin. Mama was sayin somethin, and I could hear water runnin. Peekie kept screamin, and I knew somethin bad was happenin, so I tried to get in the bathyroom and rescue Peekie. The door was up tight, and I could not get in, but I cried at the door and whooshed on it. Finally everything got real quiet. Mama opened the bathyroom door, and she was holding the Peekster. I could see Peekie was real upset and mad at mama. I could see Peekie's tail looked drowned, but mama was soakin wet too. Mama tried to towel dry Peekie's furs, but the Peekster had nuther ideas. Pretty soon she got away from mama and runned off. Mama didn't try to catch her; maybee mama was too tired? Anyway, the Peekster spent the rest of the evenin tryin to groom her furs and get em all dry. I gotta say, Peekie smelled pretty nice, better than before.

The next day mama got out some cuttin sissers and gave Peekie's bloomers and part of her tummy a haircut. I think she looks kinda cute cuz her bloomers sorta look curly now, and you can see her lighter furs mixed in with the dark parts.

I'm sure glad it wasn't me.

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