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Kitten Tales

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Pet Idol

October 8th 2013 2:11 pm
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Mama entered me and Peekie into the Great Falls Tribune Pet Idol contest. They have had this contest for a few years cuz Missy Mups was first runnerup in the very first Pet Idol contest. Back then peeples had to vote, and a vote costed 25 cents. It got very spensive cuz peeples who wanted ta win just kept spendin more money, and that included mama.

Each year the number of entries has been goin down, down, down. Mama has never entered me and Peekie before, but this year there are some kitty and dawg food prizes. Mama wants us to win the kitty food so she can donate it to the Pet Paw-See to help out Aunt Leslie and all the wonderful foster families who take care of sweet kitties like me and Peekie and help em find their furever homes.

They say they are pickin by random draw, but the lady e-mailed mama back seconds after Peekie's picture landed in her inbox, and she told mama she had already forwarded the Peekster's picture to a cat lovin guy she works with at the newsypaper. We really hope that they will pay some attenshuns to the quality of the pictures and the outfits, but maybee we just need to be lucky.

Peekie's picture is her tea party picture with the hat and dress, and mama sended a picture of me in our Santa suit. We are crossin our paws!


Crazy Daze

October 8th 2013 1:52 pm
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Well, once again we have takened a hiatus from Catsterland, and once again it was not planned.

I wanna thank all the kitties who sendened me and the Peekster those cool pie-rat flags and all the kitty friends who sendened me birthday prezunts. We are so sorry we didn't get purrsonal thank you's sendened out.

Right after my birthday mama founded somethin growin between my toes on my right hinder paw. First she got skared. Then she thot maybee she should wait and see if it growed more. Then she got skared again and tooked me to see Dr. Unkl Mike. Unkl thot it was a sebashus cyst, but he sed he needed to take it off. We were all goin on our September vacashun to Virgelle, so I got to wait until after that to get my oprashun.

While we were at Virgelle, mama got real sick, and we could not even come home when we were sposed to. It was even worse because when mama camed back from goin outside in the middler of the night, I strolled out onto the porch to see what wild country looks like in the dark. Mama almost had a heart attak. She was sick and skared, and she skooped me up and almost skwished me before we got back inside. Mama sez there are coyotes and some nuther real tuff kitties that live round there, and they are outside all the times. I did not meen to be bad; I just wanted ta see what was out there.

Finally after an extra day mama feeled better, so we comed home. A coupla days later I had to go see Unkl and get my paw fixed. Honest, it was not so bad. Auntie Serena let me stay in my carrier until it was my turn to get fixed up, and then when I woked up I was back in my very own carrier with my snuggly blankie that smelled like me and the Peekster.

Mama thot I might be real sleepy when she brought me home, but I was kinda hyper, and I scampered all over the house and followed mama round talkin and stuff. For the first coupla days I got buprenex just in case my paw hurtened, but it really never did.

Within two days my paw was open, so I had to go see Unkl again. There was only one stitch in my paw, and mama never sawed me gnawin on it, but I managed to get my toofs in it and pull the stitch through. Mama and daddy held me and petted me and stuff while Unkl cleaned my paw real good and glued it shut. Then unkl told mama we needed to use Yesterday's News litter. Uck! That stuff is just terbl. Peekie and I are good kitties, so we used it, but we hated it and so did mama. We suffered for 6 whole days. Then mama checked my paw, and it was healed and stuff wasn't stickin to it no more, so we got our reg-lur litter back.

When Unkl Mike got time to look at the biopsy from my paw, he sawed it was not a sebashus cyst; it was a mast cell tumor. Mama got real skared, but Unkl said they are not as bad when kitties get em as if dawgs get em, and if it had clean margins and a grade I or II, it would not be so bad. Unkl sent my biopsy away to a speshl place.

For two weeks, mama kept pokin the peeples with a sharp stick to find out bout my results. Finally we got good news. Unkl got all the bad stuff outta my paw, and it was grade II. All the time while mama worried, I was just bein me. I am a don't worry, be happy kinda kitty. I kept tellin mama not to worry bout me, but she feels lots better now. I sure hope I never get nuther one.


Still Lookin

August 17th 2013 1:49 pm
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Well, I am still lookin for the rangement of leather roses that went missin after it got knocked down off the armoire and got played with by me and the Peekster, aka Boo. I know it must be round here somewhere, but I catnot find it.

Mama is real fond of those roses cuz her dear friend cuts the petals outta the leather. Then she dyes em pretty colors like pink, orange, and blue. After the petals dry, she fastens em together into a rose, and she uses pliers to curl em so they look real pretty just like a real rose. She makes rangements, and some of em are in cowboy boots. Others are in vases that she covers with leather. Mama sez the leather is wet, and she wraps it on. Then it dries and shrinks right onto the vase.

I do not really care much bout the vase or the roses; I just wanna get my paws on those peacock feathers that were wavin to me and callin me to come play with em. Maybe if I meower at em, "Here feathers, here feathers..."


Notty Kittens

August 14th 2013 9:56 pm
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Mama sez Peekie and I are notty kittens. Huh?

See, mama boughtened some cool leather roses and a leather covered vase from one of her dearest friends. She thought it would look good in the new campsterer. She tried it out one day when we were all hangin out in the campsterer, but she and daddy forgottened and went outside for a few minutes. When they comed back in, the vase was tippened over with the flowers out on the table. Mama decidered it was not a good idea keepin the flowers in the campsterer, so she bringed em in the house. She knew the Peekster and I would wanna play with em, so she put em WAY up high on the top of the armoire thingie with the TV in it. The top is way over mama's head, and she has to get a stander-on thingie to even reach up there.

Not long after mama put the vase and flowers (with peacock fethers) on the armoire, she found me lookin REAL hard at the flowers WAY up high. She tried to tell me no, but I was so mez-merized that she could not even get my attenshuns. Finally mama stood in front of me so I had to pay attenshuns to her. She told me not to even think bout it... Then mama made one of her famus cat traps with carderboard and duck tape and put it on the phone table by the armoire.

So, the nuther day mama got up and was gonna feed us breakerfust. She saw somethin layin in the hall. When she picked it up, she was confuzed. It was a piece of fake gras stuff. Then she membered where she sawed it last. When mama looked on top of the armoire thingie, there was no vase there. Then she found it layin on the floor, and there were piecers of the stuff that was in it all over in the livin room.

Now mama thinks it was me cuz nobuddy even askewed the cat trap. Peekie can jump but not nearly as good or as high as me. Mama thinks I stood on the phone table seat and jumped straight up right past her cat trap and landed on the top of the armoire. She thinks I aksdently knocked the vase over tryinn to get the peacock fethers out, and she thinks the Peekster and I both played with the stuff after it was down.

I gotta tell ya, mama was pretty mad at us. She yelled and yelled and pointed her finger and kept sayin "notty, notty kittens." She skared Peekie so bad she runned away. I just stood there and looked at her.

The cat trap diss-peared, and so did the rangement with the leather roses. I will hafta keep lookin for the rangement. I am pretty sure it is round here somewhere.


Dream to Nightmare

August 1st 2013 3:06 pm
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Ummmm, well Peekie and I had to take a kinda unexpected hiatus from Catster. See, mama and daddy have been plannin our vacashun for months. We had our reservashuns and our new campsterer, and daddy even had the transmishun in his truck rebuilt.

Finally the day comed, and mama and daddy had the campster trailer all packed up, and Peekie and I had all our stuffs and had our harnesses on and were in our carriers. It seemed like a kinda long trip to the West Glacier KOA, but we finally got there.

When we were stayin in the new campster trailer in early July, the air condishunner quit workin a coupla times. Mama talked to the peeples at the campsterer sellin place, and they said we needed a speshul cord. Mama bought that and also somethin called a surge guard. It is sposed to keep the breaker from trippin and makin the air condishunner and other stuff quit. All the stuff costed mama $400, but she said it was worth it cuz she and daddy would not hafta worry bout leavin me and Peekie in the campsterer while they were seein the sights.

Mama and daddy set up camp, and we all had lunch. It was pretty hot outside, but we had the air condishunner, and mama and daddy decidered to take a short trip. They went to Hungry Horse Dam, drived around, and tooked some pitchers.

When mama and daddy camed home, the air condishunner was not runnin. It was bout 90 degrees outside, so they knewed somethin was wrong. Yeppers, when they checked it was 82 degrees inside, and the breaker was tripped.

To make a long story shorter, mama and daddy could not get the air condishunner fixed, so Saturday mornin we had to come home from our real short vacashun. Mama was tryin not to cry, and daddy felt real bad, but they said there was nothin good enuff to see anywhere that would make em take a chance on me and the Peekster (gulp) dyin in the hot campsterer. It was a real short vacashun, but Peekie and I are happy that mama and daddy love us that much.

The onliest good thing was we got a coupla stroller rides around the campsterground. They got mostly everythin anybuddy could want; a swimmy pool, hot tubs, a icy cream shop, a restaurant, and lots and lotsa campsterin sites. One thing that bothered mama and daddy and even me and the Peekster is the campsterground is onliest 2 miles from Glacier National Park. They got hugerest grizzly bears there, but the campsterground onliest had these little weeny metal trash cans for garbages, even in the tent campsterin sites. Those pretty much say "Eat here" to the G bears, and I am pretty sure you do not tell a G bear he catnot come into the campsterground.


Father's Day

June 13th 2013 1:57 pm
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Peekie and I are feelin kinda sad cuz our daddy won't be here for Father's Day. He is at the Quigley shoot in southern Montana. It is out in the middla nowhere, and lotsa peeples go there to shoot their anteek rifles in a compa-tishun. Daddy takes his big trader's tent and sells stuff to the peeples.

Anywhoo, since daddy catnot be with us for Father's Day, Peekie and I put a coupla pictures of daddy on our pages so everykitty will know just how much we love our daddy.



YUM!!!! and Stuff

June 7th 2013 4:51 pm
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Did I ever tell ya bout how I can get inside the closet and get my own chow? No? Well, here's how I do it. I hafta admit, Missy Mups knew how, and even Peekie figured it out, but I am the bestest at it.

When grampster built the closet in mama's offis, he decidered the slidin doors did not need no bottom track. Cuz of that, all ya gotta do is sit in front of the closet doors and pull one door out with your paw. It makes a space, and all ya gotta do is sneak inside the closet. Gettin out is anuther story, but who cares when you gots a giant bag of tasty wild stuff inside with ya?

Mama got real tired of the chow bag always having tooth holes in it. She called it somethin like "I-let." Anywhoo, mama decidered to try and outsmart me. She ordered a big plastic chow storaj container from Petco.

Well, it comed the nuther day. It was pretty fun cuz it was inside a giant box, and when mama tooked the storaj thingie out, she let me and Peekie play in the box. It had lotsa brown paper packin stuff inside, and it was way cool and fun to hide in all the papers and jumpster out at peeples sisters too when they were not spectin it. Peekie gots short leggies, but she can jump pretty high when she gets skared.

The peeples at Petco were SO grateful that mama buyed the storaj container that they sended a little can of Fancy Feast chicken with gravy stuff for us at what mama called "no charj." I have never eatened Fancy Feast, so mama decidered to let me and Peekie try it.

Mama put a little spoonful in each dishy. I smelled the yummy smell and started eatin as fast as I could. My princessy baby sister walked up to the dishy, smelled it, got a disgustered look on her face, and turned and walked off. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to eat Peekie's chickie and gravy too. Today mama tried again to feed some of the chickie and gravy to the Peekster, and she akshly spittened it out on the dinin room carpet. That means I get all the chickie and gravy from now on. Oh, yum...


Rainy Days and Rainy Eyes

June 3rd 2013 2:56 pm
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Today it is rainin outside, but it is also rainin inside. Peekie's and mama's and my eyes are all rainy. See, one of our dear kitty friends, Charlie, made his journey to the bridge today. Charlie was not feelin well, and he just got so tired he couldn't fight anymore. Peekie and I will miss havinn Charlie here on earth, but our sister, Missy Mups, met him at the Bridge along with all the other cat angels. We know Charlie will miss his family, but mama sez it is so beautiful beyond the Bridge that Charlie will be real happy there.

Pssssst! Missy Mups told me a sekrut. She sez that sumtimes kitty angels come down to visit their families. So that is what happened when mama feeled a kitty jumpsterin on the bed, and Peekie and I were not there. Mama wondered if it was Missy, and it was. Boy, I like hearin sekruts.

Rest in peace, dear friend, Charlie. We will be thinkin of you and your family.



May 30th 2013 1:39 pm
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Jeepers, it is monsoon season here now just when we thought we might have summer. Mama has been workin hard to try and get stuff planted. Last Saturday everbuddy in the neighborhood was out mowin. Not mama; she was playin in the dirt...AGAIN!

Sunday mornin it was kinda nice, so mama went outside to use the noisy old weed wacker thingie. When she finished with that, grampster gived her some lessons on how to run Crusher. Mama practised out in the field mowin the fire row and daddy's camper turnaround. Then grampster opened the new big driverin gate and told mama to start mowin. Mama founded out that yeah, you DO gotta use reverse sumtimes, or you will not make the turn, and you could even run into the house. Peekie and I think we are pretty lucky cuz mama did not run into the house. She camed pretty close, though, and she had to get on the brake real fast and then go backwards.

The good news is mama did not crash into nuthin, and the lawn got mowed pretty good. I was watchin out the window so I will know how to drive Crusher next time. I think my only problem will be reachin the pedals with my paws. Maybee I will have to put my claws out.


Not Julius Anymore...

May 24th 2013 9:53 am
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Well, mama decidered Julius was not the rite name for the new ridey mower. I gotta say, I am kinda relieved cuz I did not really wanna be driverin round on a mower named Julius. That is a kinda wimpy name.

The ridey mower's new name is Crusher cuz mama sez he is more the color of an Oranj Crush than an Oranj Julius. He is like kinda Howl-ween oranj. Anyway, when I am driverin him, he will be crushin everything in sight!

Vrroooooooooomm, verrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm! Eat my dust!

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