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Crazy Daze

October 8th 2013 1:52 pm
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Well, once again we have takened a hiatus from Catsterland, and once again it was not planned.

I wanna thank all the kitties who sendened me and the Peekster those cool pie-rat flags and all the kitty friends who sendened me birthday prezunts. We are so sorry we didn't get purrsonal thank you's sendened out.

Right after my birthday mama founded somethin growin between my toes on my right hinder paw. First she got skared. Then she thot maybee she should wait and see if it growed more. Then she got skared again and tooked me to see Dr. Unkl Mike. Unkl thot it was a sebashus cyst, but he sed he needed to take it off. We were all goin on our September vacashun to Virgelle, so I got to wait until after that to get my oprashun.

While we were at Virgelle, mama got real sick, and we could not even come home when we were sposed to. It was even worse because when mama camed back from goin outside in the middler of the night, I strolled out onto the porch to see what wild country looks like in the dark. Mama almost had a heart attak. She was sick and skared, and she skooped me up and almost skwished me before we got back inside. Mama sez there are coyotes and some nuther real tuff kitties that live round there, and they are outside all the times. I did not meen to be bad; I just wanted ta see what was out there.

Finally after an extra day mama feeled better, so we comed home. A coupla days later I had to go see Unkl and get my paw fixed. Honest, it was not so bad. Auntie Serena let me stay in my carrier until it was my turn to get fixed up, and then when I woked up I was back in my very own carrier with my snuggly blankie that smelled like me and the Peekster.

Mama thot I might be real sleepy when she brought me home, but I was kinda hyper, and I scampered all over the house and followed mama round talkin and stuff. For the first coupla days I got buprenex just in case my paw hurtened, but it really never did.

Within two days my paw was open, so I had to go see Unkl again. There was only one stitch in my paw, and mama never sawed me gnawin on it, but I managed to get my toofs in it and pull the stitch through. Mama and daddy held me and petted me and stuff while Unkl cleaned my paw real good and glued it shut. Then unkl told mama we needed to use Yesterday's News litter. Uck! That stuff is just terbl. Peekie and I are good kitties, so we used it, but we hated it and so did mama. We suffered for 6 whole days. Then mama checked my paw, and it was healed and stuff wasn't stickin to it no more, so we got our reg-lur litter back.

When Unkl Mike got time to look at the biopsy from my paw, he sawed it was not a sebashus cyst; it was a mast cell tumor. Mama got real skared, but Unkl said they are not as bad when kitties get em as if dawgs get em, and if it had clean margins and a grade I or II, it would not be so bad. Unkl sent my biopsy away to a speshl place.

For two weeks, mama kept pokin the peeples with a sharp stick to find out bout my results. Finally we got good news. Unkl got all the bad stuff outta my paw, and it was grade II. All the time while mama worried, I was just bein me. I am a don't worry, be happy kinda kitty. I kept tellin mama not to worry bout me, but she feels lots better now. I sure hope I never get nuther one.

Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

October 8th 2013 at 7:49 pm

Glad you got dat tumor gone!
Purred by: Renee R

October 11th 2013 at 3:04 pm

Gosh Gunnie, that is terrible about your paw, but good that they got it all. Sometimes, it is hard to deal with stuffs & try to be on Catster, we understand. Hope you & Peekie are feeling better.


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