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A Boring Day AND Some Games for Friendship Circle

March 3rd 2010 2:43 pm
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I thought it was a boring day. There were only two flies in the office today. I chased em both. I cried real pitifully when one fly was on the ceiling, and I could not reach him. Later the fly started smashing himself against the screen trying to go outside. I tried to help him get smashed more with my paw, but he was too fast. Mama calls me reckless, and she was beginning to wonder how she would move the big heavy daybed if I leaped at the fly and slid down between the daybed and the wall and got stuck. Me...stuck! Puleeeeez, mama.

I am happy to announce that although I slipped a BUNCH of times while chasering that darned fly, I am too big to fit between the daybed and the wall. I guess I am all grown up now.

Because it was a boring day, I went to Friendship Circle and started two game threads. They are easy games to play, and if you meow and no other kitties are there, you can post and then come back later or the next day to see how the game is going. We have more ideas, but it will take awhile to get everything going. My mama wishes she could spend more time at Catster (me too!), but sometimes it is not possible.

We know everykitty is busy these days, but please stop by now and then, add something to the games, and see what else we have in store.

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March 3rd 2010 at 4:13 pm

Good job, Gunnarr! Thanks for taking time to make some fun stuff for all of us!


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