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Flames and Flies

March 2nd 2010 2:59 pm
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I have been driving mama nuts. Whenever there is a fly in the office, I race from window to window chasing the hapless fly who enters MY domain! If the fly gets on the ceiling, I sit and cry and cry and make that funny little quiet quacking sound like my cousin, Merry. I shake all over, and my whiskers tremble, and I sound so plaintive mama feels sorry for me. She says it sounds like my little heart is breaking. Mama does not like it when I start leaping on things, anything and everything, heedless of precious spensive things. Nothing matters but the fly. I just have to have the fly. It is my destiny to catch that fly! Last night I got stuck chasing a fly, and mama had to do what she called "extricating" me from a tight spot. I could not go up or forward, to either side, or back either. I really didn't even care because I had that fly cornered, and I was NOT gonna let him get away. Finally I got the fly out and was pouncing on him while he was trying to walk on the carpet. See, I wore him down so he could not go up in the air anymore. Then my mean old mama got tired of the game. She walked over and stepped on him. Mama, how could you! I ran off and pouted for a while after mama murdered my fly.

Mama and daddy ordered the patches for my stroller on Saturday night. Mama was very excited about the patches. Because I am an Americat, mama and daddy chose a waving American flag patch to go on the front of my stroller. Daddy wanted my Gunnarr Hotrod to have flames on the sides. Mama found some flames, but they were pretty small. Daddy took us to E-Bay and found some rainbow flames 7 1/2 inches long. Oh, gosh; they are fabulous. Then mama and daddy looked for wild cat patches. The panthers were not very cool, and some of the cats looked really mean. Mama said I can be a wild cat but not a mean one. Finally mama and daddy found a tiger face. The tiger is not being mean, just "regal" according to mama. I do not know what that means, but the tiger face is really cool. Mama and daddy got two, one for each side of my stroller. Then mama found a vintage round red patch that says "This Side Up." She started laughing and told daddy I needed one of those for the top of my stroller, so daddy got that one too.

The coolerest thing is my flames got to daddy's house yesterday. Mama could not believe it. Daddy had to come down for some supplies for a job he is doing up north, and he brought my flame patches. Ooh, kitties; they are so wonderful. I am so excited. Mama and daddy held the flames up against my stroller, and they are SO cool. The flame patches are almost as exciting as a fly. I catnot wait for spring to go strollering around in my new stroller with the cool patches. Mama and daddy looked at license plates too, but daddy thinks they are too small, so he is going to make me a license plate and make some sort of thingie to fit on the front step so everykitty and everybody else will see who I am, Gunnarr T, Americat, when I come strollering along.

P.S. Mama put some new pictures of me with my stroller on my Catster page last night.

Purred by: Mimu (Catster Member)

March 2nd 2010 at 4:46 pm

Gunnarr T.,

I understand where you are coming from when it comes to hunting flies. Sorry to hear that your Mama murdered your fly. I make that same little noise when I see a fly inside. I will hunt that fly until I have captured him and if Mom doesn't take him away he becomes lunch. I also make that noise when I see birdies outside in my backyard.

Love the stoller photos. Looks like you really loving your new stroller! Sounds like you are going to be one styling kitty once your ride is all decked out with your custom made license plate and all the patches. Can't wait to see more photos.

Loving Purrs,
Purred by: Teebo - Angel Dreamboat #66 (Catster Member)

March 2nd 2010 at 7:15 pm

Your Mom just needs to understand that as a cat you must protect your territory from anything that crawls or flies. Dad always tells us that's how we earn our keep.

P.S. Love all your new pictures. Make sure to post some of your stroller once you have all the patches on!


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