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Minko's Mewsings

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May 20th 2012 10:08 pm
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Pipo & I are back, but sorry, the kimi site got changed while we were gone, and now it is so annoying to even try to get it to work, even with this slow confuser, it is crashing almost evfurry time meowmy tries to get a pic made...she took over an hour just to get one made today...sigh...
Oh well, being able to play here is the most important part anyways...purrs to all my furends!


Finally A Purr From ME!!

May 6th 2012 9:39 pm
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OMC! Its been ages since meowmy let me come here to purr and mew to my pals!
Well, not a whole lot has been I suppose that is better than being neglectfur when things are furry exciting or bad...

Meowmy placed some boxes on the floor, and they have holes in them so I can jump in/out from different angles.
The other night, meowmy was hunting kitties in River's game, and she heard this strange noise and some of my chirps, she looked and saw that I had a furry toy and I was throwing it into the box, jumping in after it and pouncing on it, then I would go around and around like a mad kitty in that box, and suddenly I would jump out, before starting all over again., MOL! I am a one kitty circus act! Who needs U tube or TV when I can provide the best entertainment evfur!

I still love to interrupt meowmy from her confuser work, I paw at her leg or use her shoe as a scratching post, then I jump on her lap, and bump up against her done to the one holding a mug of a hot beverage, MOL!

After a bit, if meowmy allows me to stay...what?...then I curl up, purr loudly and after some good kneads, I go to which time I always seem to find myself back in a nest because as meowmy puts it, 'you mostly pick not good timing to be on my lap'...sigh!

Well, what evfur! I do love meowmy, MOL, I have her so well trained...she puts food in the dish, she cleans out the boxes, she gives me good nip, she finds fun boxes and toys, and she loves me, too!

Happy Mother's Day!

I will have to be offline for a few days to let meowmy go on a mini is a link to WBS's diary to fill you in on the details:
WeBeesSiamese Diary Announcement

Purrs to all!


Kitten Memoirs

March 21st 2012 7:07 pm
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Meowmy told me I had a P-Mail from JEZEBEL, who told me that she had 'tagged' me!
What? I do not wear any tags...Oh, sorry Meowmy, I wasn't paying attention, she meant like a game...
Well, OK then here goes!

This game is called kitten tag.
Sheesh, that is strange, JEZEBEL is no kitten, MOL! I am all grown up, too, MOL!


The game is: What are your three fondest kitten memories?

My Gotcha Day.
I was in this old and really dirty house, and the lady who was trying to 'sell' me, had me in a carrier with my 3 furblings, all together with a can of wet food and another one with water...what was she thinking!
Well, I was the only blue one, which meowmy wanted, so she took me out of there, rubbed me in a towel that was in her van, and said I was NOT going to stay there a moment longer!
So I went into a dry box type carrier and then soon I was HOME!

The warm soft bed that meowmy had waiting for me, and toys and food...I was surely in kitty heaven! Except for Pipo who had also just arrived a bit earlier! (On the same day.)
We did not try to play with each other for several days, MOL! Then we became furends and partners in kitty crimes!

The big warm lap that was my pawppy!
I could purr, knead and sleep there forevfur!Second best to the lap was the bright sunny windows here, so Pipo & I can spend hours looking outside, while basking in sun puddles.The best is when those windows are open so I can smell the scents and feel the breezes,and hear the outdoor creatures...esp birds! (Sorry Tabbies!)

This is not really a memory, but a regret! That meowmy did not know about Catster until I was a grown up kitty!
Oh well, better later than nevfur!

Now who to tag?
Since the only kittens I know are already tagged, I shall let whomever reads this, feel the tag touch their furs and paws to tell us all about their own memoirs!



Oh Me - Oh My - Minko Is DDP - Oh!

March 2nd 2012 6:01 am
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Oh Me-o My-o!
I, Minky-o,
Am a DDP-o!
So I am singing-o,
Cause its fun-o!

I grabbed a mousie-o
And sang meow-o,
I tossed it in the air-o,
Then bashed it thru the room-o,
And mewed some more-o.

Cause I was happy-o,
And full of joy-o;
I snatched some kibbles-o,
To sate my hunger-o...
Then sang some more-o.

And after I scampered-o,
All thru the den-o,
I found my bed-o...
And sprung right in-o...
Time fur my cat-nap-o!


Thanks for all your messages and gifties, and comments-O!!



Digging & Kneading

February 28th 2012 8:56 pm
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I just love to jump into meowmy's lap when she is sitting, preferrably at the desk...because then I know she will be there for a bit...
I start by using her leg as a scratching post...then I try to butt my head under her arm so that I can make a clear path to her lap...with some determination, I will succeed!
Then once there, I start digging in her lap with deep kneads, Oh, I think I am just giving her a nice massage from Minko's Massage Mart!
Then I will stuff my noggin under her arm and try to burrow into that she has to stop working on the confuser and pay me attentions!

If I am ignored I will just try to lie on her arm, and purr loudly so she will fall for the 'aww' factor ploy!

Sigh, sometimes that fails too, so I just have to be a good lapwarmer...


Deja Vue and the Season of Green?

February 22nd 2012 8:57 pm
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Well, kitty pals, if you think you are having some deja vue, you truly are not being weird!
Pawppy has not had a chance to try and fix our catputer, yet, so there is no way to get the pics off of meowmy has done some more recycling. Well if it spares me getting my pic taken, I shall acquiesce and enjoy the reprieve!MOL!

Well, though usually we would be cheering on the Go Blue team of Michigan, right now its the green season...though the weatherman dude says we can expect a big dump of that white junk tomorrow night...UGH!
Somehow I think that winter is not done with us yet, and it doesn't want us to enjoy the green season of St Patrick's and the upcoming spring! So we will just have to dream!

Enjoy what green you may have!


Love-Rubs Gone Wrong...

February 18th 2012 10:42 am
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Meowmy calls the act of rolling and acting all lovey dovey, complete with purrs and head bonks, my love-rubs...I don't even need any catnip to get this way, just give me a nice soft spot, or say hello to me and make me think I will get some chin scritches is all it takes...
Yesterday I got quite a scare when there was a stranger in my den, knocking things around in the cellar, and even in the kitchen...meowmy said he was fixing that filter she uses to keep our drinking water nice and pure. I didn't care one whit that he likes kitties...nope I am only fur MY furmily and no others!

Well, I had to hide fur so long, that after he went away, I decided to do some love-rubbing to de-stress myself...on the organ bench, which has a nice soft cloth on it. ( Pursonally I think that was put there for my benefit, not to protect the wood from the claw-mementos of our scamperings...) Anyfurs, there I was love-rubbing all over the corner of the bench...and I grabbed the corner with my paws to do some heavy duty head rubs...when...WHOOPS! THUD! I suddenly felt the floor under my body instead of the organ bench...OMC! Did I fall??
Well, I rolled myself upright and bee-lined it out of there befur anyone could giggle at me...too undignified. Somehow in the background I heard some muffled guffaws...

I now declare organ benches under scrutiny for kitty endangerment.
So there.



Recycling...That's Good, Right?

February 17th 2012 12:32 pm
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Meowmy says she has to recycle some pics because we can't access the ones on the 'dead' computer till pawppy fixes it...
but I keep hearing that recycling is a good thing to do, so I guess I shan't complain...and besides I think it means that she won't make new pics either...MOL!

OK, off to help search for the old pics on my page...somewhere...



My Date...With My Valentine

February 14th 2012 8:20 pm
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Well, tonight I am absent from here...even though it is my Gotcha Day and Pipo's too...and its Valentine's Day, too...well that is why I am absent...I am on a date over here with my sweetest!
Minuette's Valentine Diary
So meowmy will have to wait...before I can direct her typing to thank all the kitties who sent messages and prezzies to me. Pipo and our WBS page...though I think meowmy did do a few before I knocked on Minuette's door...

And to set the record...yes this is my Gotcha Day...and Valentine's day...but, I was not a purrsent from pawppy, nor was Pipo...we just claimed our love onto meowmy that day...MOL! She actually paid $$ to bring us here, even though I was sort of rescued from that nasty ladies house, yuck! It was so dirty and stinky there...I was all wet, too...that lady had no sense about kitties at all...and meowmy said she would call the authorities if she tried to advertise any more kitties...
She told my older unfurbro to go and get the big towel in the van, so that she could dry me off, and I mewed so piteously that she just took me right out of that house as quick as she could and into the warm van...and then to my new den...where it was clean, dry, the food was easy to get, and my nest was soft and warm. And there was this other kitten there, too..who hissed at me! The nerve! MOL! Pipo is that way, he likes to vent his feelings...
And there was this dog-guy, too...but that is a whole 'nother story!
When the vet saw me, he was appalled, too. He told meowmy that he thought I was going to be a kitty loaded with sicknesses and other bad things...but no way was I going to let that happen and I proved him wrong! I am just a wee bit small...but only in size!

So now you all know my kitty-story of how I was gotcha'd!

Purrs to all, and Happy Valentine's Day! to Minnie's...


Minuette & Minko - Valentines! (And Hard Decisions...)

February 12th 2012 8:24 pm
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Meowmy got an old computer from pawppy's office, and she could install the plugins on it, needed to make kimis...just in time for Valentine's Day, YAH!

Well of course!
I now have my furry own Valentine, so it is only right that there should be kimis made, MOL!
My Spawsial Valentine is the furry sweet and demure MINUETTE, I think we make a great pair!
Maybe I should learn to dance, because afterall, her name is a dance, how romantic!
Well, Here is the kimi that meowmy made right away when the plugin was working:
But almost as soon as she was done she noticed that another kitty furend had used a almost identical meowmy made a second one:
Minuette & Minko (Second Version)
So now the decision that is hard is, which one do I like better?
Purrsonally I much prefer the furst one...lets hear it from you furs, now...

Minnie has them both, so she too will give her idea on this dilemma.
Meanwhile I am getting all excited about Valentine's Day!
I sent Minnie some gifts already, now I can hardly wait fur the real day...just 2 more least for meowmy, I take a lot more, MOL!

Well, off to catnap land!


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