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Better now...

March 11th 2011 6:52 am
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Mommys hand is very sore. But she is ok. She is feeling better. She gets accpuncture later and will have her hand worked on.

Mommy said yesterday that Smokie is not feeling well...part of it is 'emosinul' she thinks, but Smokie has been very very itchy and sensitive lately in his skin.

Mommy is upset. Smokie always luved Mommy alot. He is the cat she took in. She is upset kind of because he never did t his ever before. Last night he was 'out of control' and the fight lasted 5 minutes...even when Mommy worked at a shelter, it did not last that long the fights...mommy is not happy to hear, but relieved to hear others have handled this stuff too.

Daddy just left to go back to work. I didn't get any chicken. I am sad. Daddy had to go back to work. Maybe he will bring some later.

But maybe mommy will give me some of the ham in the frig. She isn't mad at us.

Mommy is concerned about what might be happening with Smokie. Mommy does think that having the puff ball cat here is maybe setting things off....she still goes after me...but I think Mommy is just worried about all this 'discord'.

Bella is always sleeping on the loveseat. It is her spot since we moved here. She is mommys 'first cat'. Mommy calls Bella 'my heart', but I don't know about that. Bella looks like a cat to me, not a heart.

But Bella who needs a little step to get up to the loveseat jumped right down without help when she and Natalie fought. Mommy told Daddy yesterday after she was not upset anymore it reminded her of the 'the two broads fighting on Dynasty!'

Natalie is mainly cranky. She doesn't like it being out on the carpet with us, she hisses and growls alot. But this never happened before, ever.

Natalie is going to the vet today to get the bump on her belly looked at. The vet where she gets her chemo says it could be from a stitch.

And the little one is going-the scary little one. But I don't have to go to the vet, and I am glad.


Tag team....Smokie takes on everyone in a cat fight blowout!- (We are all ok)

March 11th 2011 6:08 am
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Yesterday I was minding my own business...
Natcat came into the room. Mommy had carried her into the bathroom, and then she came into the living room. She came right up to the floor by where Bella sleeps on the loveseat. She started making some very loud, howling growl sounds. It was scary!
The next thing happened so fast. Bella, who is about 14 or 15 maybe, jumped down off the loveseat onto Natalie and they had a fight! Mommy came at them and tried to break them up...but then Smoike waded into it and started to beat up Bella! Then, as Natalie ran away, howling and growling, he ran after her and jumped on her. Mommy was spraying with the water bottle, and they were fighting. Mommy yelled at Smokie to stop!
Then, I ran at them.....I can't explain why! It was the madness of it all...and Smokie and I got into it. Smokie ran after me into the bedroom under the bed. Mommy scooped up Natalie and put her in the bathroom, away from it's hard to seprate cats when there aren't rooms to seprate them into.
So Mommy came in and sprayed us with water.

Daddy came home early cause he is worried...and there was fur all over the floor...

Mommy fed us like she always does..things were calm.

But this morning Mommy went to Pet Smokie like she always does...and Smokie scratched her hand bad and made it bleed bad...and Mommy had to put pressure on it and hold it there for awhile...Daddy is going to come home and 'dress it' for her...

she may need to go to doctor...

she washed it and put peroxide and anti biotic...

and waiting for Daddy.

Smokie is in trouble, I think, but Mommy is not mad at him. But I think he is going to have to go to the vet...because Mommy thinks he might have something wrong with him. He has never done this to mommy before.

I am on my chair, watching over mommy, but she seems kind of better now.

But she told daddy her hand is hurting alot.


Lay zay la bon ton roo lay-Happy Mardi Gras!

March 8th 2011 3:49 am
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Mommy is playing her Vince Vance songs, and there are tears in her eyes.
I don't know why her eyes leak, but today daddy was sighing.
He told me that soon we will be able to 'go home'.
Daddy and Mommy know their banker, Gretchen, who works across the street.
Gretchen is from New Orleans. She came up here after that big storm called Katrina. She wants to go home, too.
I know that she has gone to visit.
Mommy and Daddy got married in New Orleans. They flew down for 'the wedding'. I thought I would get to go, but Daddy told me I wouldn't like flying, and they got a nice lady to come and take care of me and the other cats.
I wonder how the cats in New Orleans celebrate? Do they have king cakes made out of fish, or chicken? Do they get catfish?
When Daddy worked at the restaurant in Alabama, and I was with him, he would bring me home fried catfish! I really loved it! When daddy makes catfish here, we celebrate-and Smokie and I are right up under his feet!

Well, there are things to be glad for now...Natalie has gone off to the vet for bloodwork, but she will be back. I am resting in my chair. Mommy gave me some chicken and said 'Happy Mardi Gras Ruffy' and kissed my head. I am running around in the morning now....trying to ignore the little scary cat...and maybe she's just small and bossy and not too scary. But the sun is starting to come out..

and fed, and warm and is just not so bad.

So Happy Mardis Gras everyone!
Have some fried catfish for me!

love always,
A someday Southern Cat,
Orange Ruffy

By the way-Daddy named me after a Fish! I don't know why-Daddy's can be odd.


A sort of birthday for me....

March 5th 2011 4:34 am
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Today is my 'unoffical' birthday. I don't remember when I was born, and Mommy and Daddy don't know. But we picked this birthday because it was the day that Mommy and Daddy first saw me. I started to come to be fed, but I didn't want to leave, I was scared outside. It soon became clear that I had been someones cat. Why they didn't keep me or take care of me I'll never know, but Daddy always says he is glad we found each other again. Because we were living in Mommy's mothers house, and it wasn't Mommy and Daddy's place, Mommy's mom thought it was a good idea that I get put up for adoption. But as you see, I am not up for that worked out ok. Because I wanted to stay with Daddy and Mommy.
You see, Daddy is my person. He and I are 'mancats' together. When Daddy took a job in Alabama, I rode with him all the way, and sometimes he let me come out and sit in the back window to look at things. When we stopped he would get me food-he even had Waffle house make me a chicken sandwich without the bread-just the chicken!
We had a good time. We missed mommy, but it wasn't for long. She was supposed to come too, with Bella-she was the only other cat then-Natalie and Princess are very recent. And Smokie came when we moved here.
But the job didn't work out-the man daddy worked for was dishonest and the place closed and then Daddy had to pack me up and bring me up to New York again. We were glad to see Mommy!!!! And I was no longer confined to the porch for adoption. I was a Cat in Residence.
Me and Mommy and Daddy even had a trip to Gilbert lake where they rented a cabin! They took me with them, and I loved it. It had a big screened porch that overlooked the woods. I sat in front of the fire at night keeping warm with them. And they even got a harness for me, but I wouldn't let them get it on me, so I never did get to go out. (I never go out-I am an indoor gentleman!) I loved it there, because I loved the different air and the different smells!
And then, shortly after, we moved.
This place is small, but it is home. So long as I have my Daddy and my Mommy, it doesn't matter where we go.
This morning I was constipated, and then, I managed to make the newmies and ahhhhh!!!! Relief!!!!I ran around and around the kitchen!!! I was playing and mommy was glad to see it. I know she worries alot about me.
So I want to wish all the other kitties having birthdays today a happy birthday! Maybe later I will even get some chicken or fish!


Back to the vet for a follow up and more medicine in a SHOT- and medicine in my ears!

March 2nd 2011 4:20 pm
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Hi everyone,
Well, I got scooped up and carried back to the vet today for my follow up and it was not too good. My gums are not healing yet, and I got a shot of antibiotics for my lungs and my mouth. I also got stuff in my ears because they were filled with gunk!!! I didn't put it there and don't know how it got there! Ugh! I don't like it and keep shaking my head.
The little one-the one that is scary and jumps from under the bed has an appointment for next week. She keeps coughing and mommy is concerned and daddy, too.
I don't have to take any more antibiotics because I got it in a shot from Big Vet. Little Vet had her baby-but it is a 'premie' and I am hoping she is ok. She is a nice person. The baby weighs 3 lbs, so please everyone say a prayer for him. He's a little guy-probably smaller than me. Her water broke when she was seeing a client...imagine what a surprise that was!

I am sitting here waiting for my daddy to give me some fish-he is cooking it, I can smell it. Yummy. I just had my dinner, but I want some fish, too. It's flounder!


I know there is chicken in there....

February 21st 2011 3:29 am
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Wow! Fistly, thanks for making me diary of the day!!! Gee, and all I did was recount getting out of, I mean, the hospital!
I sure am feeling better now. Daddy has to come later and give me my antibiotic and some pain meds, but actually, I'm feeling alot better.
I think Daddy is mad at me though. He was rubbing my fur, and rubbed it the wrong way and I smacked him.
It still smells funny-that weird little fluffball cat chased me again yesterday. I mean, come on, all I wanna do is go into the bedroom. It charges you from under the bed. It's like the Tasmanian Devil, and it's SCARY.
Better to stay out here and have my second breakfast.
The natcat is in a cardboard box out here mommy thought i'd like, but the boxes they have put out are too small for me, or too open. I've been enjoying napping in my chair, and mommy got me a new baby blanket yesterday. It's to make the chair softer.
Mommy cooked chicken, and it's good...but it is the legs and thigh part, and Mommy has to know I like the breast!!!!I also like the kind daddy brings home from the restaurant...I'm going to tell Mommy that is what I need!
Mommy told me this morning that I am being such a good boy, and she is so glad to have me home. Daddy says so too, though he said that I'm never as affectionate at home as I am at the vet, when all I want to do is get out of there...and then I get home, and I'm back to my old self. Well, we redheads are affectionate but our own cats, right guys?

Anyone wanna go hunt up some chicken?

Thanks for picking me for Diary of the day guys...that Natcat will be so jealous!

Purrs of happiness,


I'm home and feeling so much better!

February 18th 2011 9:06 pm
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I want to thank all of you for your purrs and presents!
I am home now and feeling better. When mommy and daddy heard I wouldn't eat, they came to the rescue! Yes! They bought me CHICKEN!!!!!
Actually, the little tech I love, Rachel, got some cold cuts-ham and turkey breast and I ATE IT ALL UP!
I could have told them I know better than to eat Science Diet!
And when Daddy and Mommy came I was so happy to see them!
I kept rubbing against them, and when they got the chicken out I started gulping it right out of the container before they could even get it in a dish!!!!!
I am feeling so much better!!!! I think it's because everyone purred for me!
Thank you so much!
I am a little tired, but I had some food when I got home, and then some CHICKEN!
Mommy said she will cook some over the weekend for me, too!
I already bopped Smokie on the head, and he bopped me back!
It's like old times.

Mommy and Daddy have some medicine to give me tomorrow morning, but that is ok. For now I'm sleeping on my big scratching post and then later, maybe on the bed, or chair. That puffy looking hairball is somewhere in the bedroom, but we'll is that odd little Natcat and she's hissing at me now, too! Could it be that she has forgotten me?

But I am home! And Mommy is here! and Daddy is on his way home from the other job he does!

And I feel better!

Thank you all so much!

Purrs to all,


Ruffy is still in the hospital-4 teeth out and lungs filled- with 'gunk'

February 17th 2011 6:38 pm
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Dear everyone,
This is Ruffy's mom. We called this afternoon to see if we could pick up Ruffy. Our vet didn't call us back til nearly 6pm. She had had an emergency case, and hadn't been able to.

Ruffy is doing better. She has him on an IV drip and pain meds. She said that his teeth were very bad. I asked her how this could happen in 2 weeks. She said that it probably was starting then, but in some cases with FIV and some cats, the teeth are percieved as 'alien' by the body which rejects them, and it could happen very fast.
Ruffy's lungs were filled with alot of 'gunk' and she stated we would discuss what we would do for him when we go over tomorrow, which is hopefully when he can come home. She stated she belives it's a combination of asthma and allergic bronchitis. She said that he was resting ok and she planned on taking him off the IV fluids tonight.
We thank you for all your prayers, purrs and kind support.

Debbie and James and Natalie the Natcat, Bella, Smokieboo, Ruffy and Princess.


Ruffy is in the hospital tonight, recouperating.

February 16th 2011 4:41 pm
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This is Ruffy's mom. Ruffy had to have 4 teeth out today and had a bronchial wash that would take a culture for asthma. He also has some painful arthritis in his elbow, which is why he's holding his paw up. And they tested him for colllechi virus, which is not unknown in some cats, especially with FIV+.

Ruffy should be coming home tomorrow. Tonight he is getting IV fluids and painkillers. He is also as per the vet resting comfortably.
We just want him home, which will happen tomorrow evening. We are very concerned.

Deb and Jim, Ruffy's mom and dad


The Passing of Pat the Butter Cat

February 13th 2011 11:19 am
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It is with sadness, on a day I am not feeling well myself, that I sadly relate that my Cousin Pat has passed on to Rainbow Bridge.
His mommy had just lost Blackie the Black Cat 2 weeks ago. Pat had leapt up to take Center stage as 'Top Cat'. He had always been rivals with Blackie before.
Pat had not been ill. He was an inquisitive robust cat. He loved life, eating, playing, being with his Momma.
She heard a funny cry, and went to find him stretched out on the floor, his spirit gone. They rushed him to the vet, but it was too late. The vet thinks it might have been a heart attack. Whatever it was, he went quickly.
I lived with Pat for awhile. I will miss him. He played with me and chased me down the hall and through the rooms. He was Orange, like me. He was playful and affectionate, funny and 'fresh' as our human grandmother used to say. He was a cat unto himself.
I do not know why he left. I do hope that there will be others to greet him there, Blackie, his friends before he 'came in from the cold' and others who he met and liked. Perhaps his human Grandmother is feeding him, perhaps he meows at her and falls on his back, to rub in the new clover. I believe that Pat missed the outside, but was always really content to enjoy the luxury of a soft bed and someone to feed and love him.
Pat loved Butter. He would take it off people's hands and plates. And he was the color of Butter. My dad would sing to him 'Pat, Pat the Butter cat, he ate so much and he got so fat'.
For a kitten who came in from the cold, Pat did ok. He was loved, cherished and will be missed.
So I say what I have heard my mom say 'Leap gently into the Arms of Bast, Pat. Don't scratch her too much in the process. Run and have fun, and know we will miss you. And we won't say goodbye, my good friend. As my dad says...See you Later...See you later...and always remember that you were and always will be loved.

Your Cousin,

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