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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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June 9th 2012 5:52 am
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Dear Tabbies,

Are you going to let this place get over-run with BURDS?

We need you. Alot.

We also, don't like the articles posted, but to be honest, didn't register them because they were stupid and sick. We figured that Catster is for whatever reason trying to drum up stories that are sensational. We didn't like them at all, and are willing to protest, along with others...including you!

But you are such an important part of this community, and we can't lose you.

Yes, many have left. WE can't argue that. We don't know about the 'good old days' cause we weren't here then. But we know now. And we live In The Moment.

Please guys...

You are Py-rates.

Py-rates don't just slink off to another island and say 'well, so long, and thanks for the fish!

Come on, I need you here. Natalie does. Bella does, Smokieboo does, Prinny does...she's sweet on Tuna (oops, wasn't supposed to say anything there)

CK does...who can train him to be a Py-rate if it isnt' you dudes?

And Daisy....well, Royalty, you just gonna do me like that?

Come on guys. We need you.
We need you.
We need you.

I need you!!!

We love you guys. You are a part of us, of all of us.

You're needed.

Please stay.

From their Mom:

The Tabbies make me laugh. They carry me through times that are otherwise unedurable.
I need them here, not somewhere else, but here.

Please reconsider. We have your back, but please, please come home.

Deb, Jim, Ruffy, and the KG cats


Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! There are sure plenty of us!

June 9th 2012 5:19 am
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Hi Furs!

Did you know that I cam from outside? Did you know that there are still plenty of us outside?

Did you know that every day thousands of animals die in shelters?

Did you know you could stop it?


Adopt instead of by a Cat (or dog, if you like dogs!)

There are so many of us out there. Below are some of the misconceptions I hear all the time from folks:

1) But aren't cats in shelters or on the street because they have a 'problem'?

Nope. Sometimes people pass away and when their home is cleared a cat is put out to fend for itself (my cousin Blackie's situation). Sometimes a cat is bought as a kitten but grows into a cat and isnt' wanted because responsiblity is too much for some people. (my brother Smokieboo) Sometimes people just don't understand cats, or that we need health care like they do, and unlike them we need to be neutered to prevent the behavior they don't like (Spaying and neutering nips many 'bad' behaviors related to territorality in the bud!) Some of us are let out to roam and become lost, or are stolen and then dumped (we think this is Princess) some of us lose our home through eviction, ignorance, or other circumstances for which we have no control).

'Problems' are not confined to cats that come in from the cold. Problems can live with those who come from breeders, too-sometimes more so because many of us have 'hybrid vigor' which makes us stronger by many different ancestors!

2) But if I go to a shelter or rescue, I have to pay to adopt, and they told me that they have to come to my house and check us out!

Yep! The adoption fee covers whats been done for the cat, usually testing for FIV+/FELV, shots, vet exams. Most rescues will back up their adoptions with support from the shelter or rescue and will even accept the animal back if there is ever a problem that can't be handled. The reason they do home visits is the same reason people adoption agencies do them-they want to make sure you can offer a healthy, loving and supportive home! Thats a good thing! We're talking about a life here!

3) But I want a Purebred cat!

They are, sadly, very available in shelters, and rescues too. Do a petfinder search and see what we mean. They are available! Very much so. Siamese, Persian, American Curl, Birman, Ragdoll, Exotics, Burmese, and eveyrthing in between is out there. Why are they in shelters, or living as strays? For the same reason that many of us who aren't purebred are....being purebred does not assure you of a loving responsible home for life. So before you buy, do a search out those might otherwise be killed. (there were 2 Persians, one Snowshoe, an Abby, and what looked light might have been an exotic at the local city shelter this week)

And....please ask yourself why you want a particular breed, and what the pros and cons of that breed are! When Mommy worked at the shelter, she saw many Siamese cats dumped becuase they were 'too loud'. Well, hello, Siamese are talkers! She also saw people want to give up persians and long hairs because they 'took to much work to groom!' Some cats are very very active, and intelligent and interactive, and need more one on one time. So do your homework...and ask yourself-is this a breed I will be able to appreciate and provide for?

You might, folks, do just as well with someone like CK, or Novi, or any of the lovely adult cats out there..

which brings me to:

consider an adult cat. Why? Adult cats, and especially 'seniors' are those most often killed, along with kittens under 6 weeks. In many city shelters, the oldest and youngest are the most vulnurable....

Adult cats are wonderful-we are grateful to be given a second chance and come in from the cold. We need you! Desperately!

And the elders....well, look at Natalie, and those of us adopted when 'Elderwise' and tell me.

So, please folks...and with the folks..and let them know.....

TILL THERE ARE NONE, ADOPT ONE! (or two or more!:)

love and light,

1) how many of you have an adoption story about yourself you'd like to share to inspire us all?


Eye Eye Doc-what do you want from my life?

June 9th 2012 4:51 am
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Mommy noticed this week my eye was looking 'funny' again, as in that it seemed red and to be bothering me.

So I got put in my carrier yesterday and taken to the vet. Daddy took me by bus. I got sick and threw up in the carrier, then had a breathing/asthma thing go on when we got there. Vet felt it was cause of the bus ride and me not being used to going by bus.

I've lost 3/4 of a lb from last visit. Vet was concerned because I had lost weight-but I'm eating ok, just being fussy. As Daddy can tell you, I can sure polish off chicken and roast beef and steak, etc when it's offered!

Vet said that I may have some allergy related breathing things going on from the weather, the leak we had in the apartment (mold). Daddy told her there is always an air purifier going, and that we also have an air conditioner too for when it gets warm.

She told Daddy I have conjunctivitis and gave him medicine for me! For my eyes-its in both, and pill to take. (yuck).

I was glad to get home and have dinner.

I'm not feeling badly, so am not sure how I got this!


.....kitty saved and home! Thank you!

June 4th 2012 7:38 pm
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The kitty I posted about is safe, at home with other kitties and a new daddy. She will be joining a clowder of 5 established FIV+ kitties and also a new kitten rescued the same time she was.

Now I know Superman is real!

Thank you for this miracle! And to the folks here who helped!


Emergency rescue needed for cat that is on Death Row in- Miami because she tested FIV+ positive! She's 11 years- young!

June 3rd 2012 7:15 pm
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Furs and Folks,

This is Hunter's last night.
Her story is a tragic one. She came in with 3 others, who were rescued. When Hunter's test came back positive for FIV+, she was not rescued. (let us not cast stones at the person who did what she could to save the others-they are out of that hell hole.)

Hunter is a 'senior' cat, if one can call 11 a senior.

I seriously truthfully doubt that she is FIV+. The 'Snap' test used is often unreliable.

As many of you know, and see with myself, Princess, Smokie, we are not pariahs, nor are we going to make another cat ill. Cats get the virus because of being bitten by a cat with the virus. Hunter can live a very long, happy, and loving life. Natalie Bella and CK all live with we who are FIV+ and are happy and healthy.

Hunter can fit into any loving feline household, and the poor tortie girl looks lose a home, and wind up there...and now this?

She can live a long full and healthy life...if she even has the virus. It's somewhat more rare in female cats.

If she gets out of there alive.

Posted 10:17pm June 3rd.

Purring for a miracle!


National Adopt-A-Cat month!

June 3rd 2012 8:37 am
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Hi Furs and their folks!

Firstly, to all of you who have 'come in from the cold' a salute to you and your folks for taking you in!

As you know, Mommy wrote a story about me being FIV+ and about me coming to live with Daddy and her. (See previous Diary).

I want to ask any of you folks who have had a beloved fur cross the bridge to open your heart, and consider one of us...the FIV+ cats.

We have a harder time getting homes, and we are wonderful, happy cats. Are we sickly? No more so than others, folks. My cousin Blackie who was FIV+ lived to be 16 years old.

If you feel that you can't, then would you consider adopting? So many of us need homes...even here on Catster.

As Blizzard says, many furs are routinely euthanized in shelters for lack of room. There are those who are also considered 'unadoptable' in NY, and other states that need to be pulled by rescues from kill shelters. Some are kittens who have committed no crime except getting a slight cold, or having a slight injury.

If my people hadn't taken me in, my life would probably have been short, as with Smokie and even CK. CK had ticks when he was found, and he was a little kitten. Bella, my eldest sister was found outside defending her kits, standing before them when a woman sprayed them with a hose....

now she lays in a warm patch of sun on our end table, enjoying the warmth....

I gaze into the future and send out energy....and see a butterfly at the window. I say 'good morning Ollie-did you come to say hello from the Bridge? And I stand up on my hinds and touch noses to Simba, newly at Rainbow...and coming to say hello is Sarge...

All these furs were cats from the cold....and we have a feeling they will send others ..for such is our way.

And I send energy to those still out there, on the street, in cages, or perhaps in situations that are precarious...I ask you all to please purr with me furrs.....

and for those folks in a position to do so, to consider adopting one of us in need.

love and light,


Catster published my Story!

June 1st 2012 7:34 pm
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It's about me...and about how mom and dad got me! It's a short version, but I wanted to share it with everyone...and dedicate it to all of those living with FIV+.

I would also like to dedicate it to Sarge, and his Daddy. Thank you Sarge's Daddy for bringing into your home a very extrodinary cat. We believe that your Spirit Guide, Sarge, will return to purr for you again....

Though Mommys name is on the story, it is about me, and I'm so excited! There are even nice pictures of me on it!

Thank you Catster!


To pee or not to pee, that is the question.

May 24th 2012 7:07 am
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Yesterday mommy let me in the bedroom in the morning so I could look out the back window at the squirrels and birdies. I like to do that, and she knows it. Daddy and Natty were still sleeping, Daddy snoring away with Natalie beside him.
Well, Mommy went out in the living room to have coffee with the other cats, and when she came back in she gave a little shriek because there was a river of cat pee running from the towel under the eliptical machine. Mommy woke daddy who sat up and said 'huh?" and Mommy said. "Your son peed on the towel over there." And daddy said 'oh, ok.' and flopped back down to sleep.
Mommy got some stuff to clean it up and told Daddy he needed to get that towel and put it in the wash. Mommy scolded me.
But you see, mommy had some empty cat traps there near that spot,a nd they smelled like male cat! I can't have another male cat I don't know in my territory, so I had to let him know, wherever he is, that this is my place! (well, Smokie's too, but I was the spokespeecat on this one.) pee or not to pee? Do you mark your territory somehow?

Peecefully proud,


light a candle for Bliz....

May 17th 2012 7:40 am
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Light A Candle for Blizzard


Purr and Power of the Paw Chain needed for Blizzard!

May 17th 2012 7:18 am
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We are joining with all to purr one and all for Blizzard.

Bliz, you are my Hero. We need you to be all right.

Come on big guy.

Everyone...lets all sit up on our hinds and hold our paws aloft and PURRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

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