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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

Update on me

February 25th 2014 9:31 am
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Hello all,
This past Saturday I returned to my old vet and had blood and urine taken from me. They ran a pancreas panel, and are testing something in my pee. I don't know why they wanted it, but they did.
It was upleasant, and i had to go on the way home, and peed in the carrier. Daddy gave me a bath.
On the plus side, I have been having chicken daily, whenever I want just about. Mommy got a whole bunch of chicken breasts on sale without the skin or bones-and she has been steaming them for me-well, we all get some, which make the others happy! I couldn't believe in my wildest dreams that I could have chicken whenever I want.
Mommy is worried about me, and she and Daddy just want to know what the issue is. Mommy thinks that I might have pancreatitis, or that it could be my liver issues. She's somewhat frustrated that no vet seems able to figure out what's going on, but she told the vet that since I had a sonogram already, she thinks that running another one that costs so much money is something they should do only if it's really felt that it will show something-Mommy had asked a third vet who has alot of experience about the company that was used for the sonogram is good. Little Vet feels they miss things, but this other vet stated he had used them for 10 years, and they hadn't missed anything he knew about. Daddy is leaning towards getting it done anyway, he feels that he wants to know, and thinks that whatever they can find out is a good thing, but Mommy feels that the sonograms never showed anything conclusive in Bella or Natalie, and is waiting to see what is going on.
I don't have the appetite I once had, though I love chicken and with the pepcid in my tummy do seem to feel better. I can't eat the thing I once did, the days of having a cast iron tummy are over-ah, saying goodbye to not having fried chicken and fish.....sigh.
But there are worse things, I guess, and when Daddy dropped a piece of fried chicken-the inside part-on the floor by accident and I scooped it up and ate it, I threw up awhile later. Mom says we're going to probably be joining the website, as she thinks Auntie Lisa, who runs the site is 'brilliant'.
Today is a chilly, grey day here in NY, and I'm on Mommy's comforter on the bed. Yesterday was warmer, and I miss the sun-yesterday I was on the little table mommy put next to the window with a comforter on it, and I napped there most of the day. Today I'm just too chilly, I want to be where I can be warm.
Ah, well, it's naptime....purrs to every fur and good thoughts to all your folks!
love and light,


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