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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

Tigger is that Really You?

November 21st 2012 9:37 am
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A year has passed
The trees grow bare
Winter chill is in the air
And some are sad for cats have gone
Flown to Rainbow Bridge across the dawn
And though they may thrive,
Their folks still miss
The purrs and play and what makes us kits

And yes, there are cats all over here
Yet there is one so fer dear
From Taney Town he called home
With his Cat dad he wasn't alone
He's been gone a solid year
Yet I'm asking him to come back here
For his dad misses him alot
I think with all the love he's got

And as the night fades to day blue
I sit up-Tigger is that You?
And a most regal and merry cat
Appears in the shadow, steps out of that
Comes to touch my orange nose
Says 'well, who else Ruffy, would you suppose?
I've dropped in to check up on you
Don't look surprised, I always do!'

And, yes, it's Tigger, just as he's always been
A fine old lad, most excellent friend
Who's good natured and always loved to play
Now says 'Ruffy, I'm here today-
I'm going to look in on the kits, Kringle and Dad
I just wish he wouldn't be sad
I came, I had a job to do, I found those kits
and loved them too
I purred for Panda, cast my magick you see
She's fine Ruffy, as I'd hoped she'd be
I've sent magick down for my pal Bliz
For he's special, my friend, you know he is
And if it had to be him or me...
well, it was never a choice you see.....
I had to send magick from across there
In magick form I answered prayers
and it's fine, Ruffy, cause it's all good
Its a nice cat neighborhood!'

And I trotted over as he went to my dish
Nibbled some fancy feast salmon fish
He saw a catnip toy from River Dances
Weaved across the floor said 'taking chances
Is what we felines always do
Hey there Ruffy, don't be blue
And I followed and played laughed when he flew
Said 'Tigger is that really you?"

And after awhile he fell down
His paws stuck in the air like a clown
The BUB was watching from the bed
Said 'all this has gone to your head
What's it like being a Spirit Guide?
Is it fun, are you satisfied?'

And Tigger got to his feet
Went back and had some more to eat
Then sat back and groomed his paw
Said 'It's fun, and great to help
Other cats just like myself
Standing at their side unseen
Pushing them back from inbetween
Making miracles occur
For we're Spirit Angels clothed in Fur
And if it wasn't for my dad
You see I don't want him being sad
I wouldn't mind it not a bit
For helping furs-both dog and kit
Is what I think that I do best
Why I was here-I must confess
But i want to tell my dad I'm good
He takes care of us, he did all he could
I need somehow to let him know
I'm keeping watch from over Rainbow.'

And as I saw his wings anew
I whispered 'Tigger is that really you?"

He wrinkled whiskers, bopped my head
Said 'Princess and Ruffy, it's time for bed
I'm off, my friends to Taneytown,
It's my next stop, where I'll touch down
Say hello to those kits I raised
Won't them be dazed and amazed!
I'll knock Kringle off of the bed
Purr up beside Blizzard's head
Give Panda's nose a little lick
Tell Dad Squeaker's fine and like a kit
And yep, Ruffy, you know it's true
When you ask 'Tigger is it you?"

And he ran so fast across the floor
That I thought he'd hit the door
But brown tiger wings lifted him high
He went through the window into the sky
Siloutted across the moon
He called 'Ruffy I'll come to visit soon'.

And I sat on the Cat Tree
Watching out the Window it seemed indefinately
Til little Midnight leaned into my fur
Said 'Excuse me, who was that, Sir?
I have never seen a cat that glows
Is he special, you know I'd like to know?
Cause I think I saw him before I got rescued
I didn't know-you know him too?"

And I looked at this little cat
Newly joined here thats a fact
Could it be he was found in time
By a Tigeer cat who was a friend of mine
And I licked Midnight as I purred anew
Thank you Tigger for Being You.

To my friend Tigger, his Daddycat John, and the Taneytown Cats.
Xeper and Remanifest

We are so grateful, this year, for our friends...

Ruffy and the Ridgewood Cats


Leave A Comment | 2 people already have

Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

November 22nd 2012 at 4:37 am

This is great!
Purred by: Timmy Tomcat DB #122a (Catster Member)

November 24th 2012 at 12:06 pm

Oh my cat.
Those we love never take our leave
They just have a different way to weave
Till we meet on a different shore
Love will keep us connected and more
Love you all
Timmy and Family

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