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Smudge's Smudges

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My Great Adventure!!

September 24th 2011 11:50 am
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Momma KNOWS that I know my way aroound this area, since I was living as a feral kitty here, long before she moved in to the neighborhood!
Well, this morning, while she was feeding the local feral population, I waited by the door for my "big chance", and when she opened it, I dashed outside and away!!! Momma was not even looking, and if she had not heard the bell on my collar, would not have even known I had escaped.
Since Momma only had on a long tee-shirt, she ran back inside and got some shorts on, but by then, I had gotten under the trailer next door!
Big Red, the huge handsome orange Tomcat, who courted me back a few years ago (and sired two of the kittens in my last litter) was under there, also, waiting for his chance to get at the food that Momma had put out. I said "Hello", then did my best "wiggle dance", by rolling in the dirt, in front of him. I wanted him to think I was still "beautiful" MOL!
Then I jumped up onto the roof of another trailer, and ran all over it, while Momma took a spoon, and clacked it on an empty cat food can. (MOL! She had just fed us, so this time, that trick did not work for me!!!)
Then I jumped back down, and Momma almost got her hands on my fuzzy tail, but once again, I ran under some low-hanging branches, where she could not reach me.
The big Tamarisk tree was calling my name, and I really wanted to climb up and see the world, from a high place. (Momma would have left me there, until I decided to come down, in that case!)
But I got careless, and started rolling in the dirt again, and she grabbed me and carried me back inside!
I was thirsty by then; we live on the desert, and even though it was early morning, and relatively cool outside, water is very "necessary" to survival. Momma keeps a bowl of water outside for the feral kitties...sometimes the raccoon gets into the cat food, and tries to "wash" it in the bowl...
Well, I came to Momma's bedroom, and laid down with her and took a three-hour nap...
PS, Momma said she would take me outside on the leash, after the two Bengal kitties leave here, maybe tomorrow morning...


What is happening, here???

September 22nd 2011 11:24 am
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Last night, Momma sneaked two cat carriers into the bathroom, and she did not even make me go in there, during the night time, and I could smell the two kitties in there...
Seems Momma "rescued" two Purebred Bengal Cats, from going to the pound. Someone had abandoned them at an apartment, when they moved out...
They talk a lot, and from what I can see, they have spotted fur...
Yeah, I got to stay outta the bathroom all night, I thought Momma must have gone crazy or something??? (it is the only room here, with a "door")
Hopefully, I won't have to go in there at night, any more...I just have to be a good girl, and not chase Junior, or fight with him...Oh, by the way, MOL, he is back in the bedroom closet, today...Tee-Hee!!


Birthday Thank-You's

September 15th 2011 10:34 pm
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Hello, today was my "appointed" Birthday, since Momma Carol did not know "exactly" when I was born...(I was a semi-feral "Teen-Aged Mother x 3") so she gave me the date one month "before" the date my kittens from my "final" litter were born.
But the vet told Momma that I appeared to be around three years old, when she took me in to be spayed, last year. (April 19, 2010)
Momma knew that I had definitely had two litters, as her sister has a kitten from the previous litter. Her name is Hannah Sioux, and she is black & white, similar to Uno, only with longer fur...
Apparently, this "Daddy" Tomcat "gets around" (MOL!) as a pretty tabby Mommy-kitten that Momma feeds sometimes, has also had a b/w kitten by this Tom, who looks very much like Hannah, right down to the funny "mustache"!! She is somewhere here on Catster, also, one can look her up by her name, as we are not sure of her ID number...
Anyway, Momma has been really nice to me all day, although she has not let me go outside (MOL, I snuck out the door again, yesterday, for just a few moments...;-) )
Each time I ask for Snacky-Treats, she gives me some!!
I have been trying to be extra nice, so maybe she won't put me in the bathroom, tonight...(I doubt that, but at least I can "try", MOL!!)
Anyway, I am "rambling", and I am going to go back out to the cat-tree, and hang around. Momma isn't going to bed for a while, yet...
Purrs, and Thank you for all the Rosettes!


Today, I'll behave! ( Happy Birthday!)

September 11th 2011 3:32 pm
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Momma, today I promise to behave myself, and not to chase the other kitties, and especially not Junior! Its the best Birthday gift I can think of to give to you!!
Happy Birthday, Momma!
PS, you kept the best gift I ever gave you, in the form of UNO!



August 20th 2011 8:37 pm
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MOL! Momma says that I am the "model" for the "Twisted-Whiskers" kitty! She says some of my expressions look just like them, all "bug-eyed" and all!

Momma just got a new laptop, so she needs to re-upload all of the photos from her camera. (her old one got "fried", and she lost 1,000's of photos)

She is glad that she still has a lot of old e-mails of the ICHC ( still in her e-mails. then she can go thru them and find a lot of the photos she had on the old laptop.

I have been busy, trying to find new ways to sneak up on Junior, who now stays out in the dining room, instead of back on the top shelf of the bedroom closet... But Momma is there right now, and she has my "enemy", the spray bottle! MOL! I can bathe myself, thank you!!!
Momma still makes me stay in the bathroom, at night, otherwise, I would not let any of the cats have any "peace"l MOL, that;s my "JOB", isn't it??? I MUST still protect "Little" UNO, right???
He is twice as large as me, but I'm still the "Mommy"!!!


"Sneaking Outside" (!!!)

May 16th 2011 7:46 pm
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This morning, when Momma was calling Murphy to come inside, I slipped through her legs and out the door, so fast, she was "speechless", when she saw me rolling around merrily, on the patio...
And then as soon as she got close to me, I scampered off and out of her reach!
I dashed under the empty trailer that is next door, slipping through a crack in the skirting. My! It was very dark, under there
Murphy saw me go under there, and he followed me! We played "Tag" for a few minutes, then Momma brought out her "Heavy Artillery"...
It seems that I just cannot "resist" the sound of a spoon clacking against the side of a cat food can! (she had used this "tactic" once before, when I got outside, just as she was leaving for work...AM O "Bad", or what??? MOL!!)
Well, Momma "won", this time, but the "next" time I get out, I hope it can be longer than 10 minutes...

Respectfully Submitted,
Smudge, the "Escape Artist"

PS, Momma was worried, because when it is hot outside, the rattlesnakes and scorpions go under the shady places to stay cool... Guess maybe she is "right"...



January 10th 2011 3:12 pm
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Well, recently, Momma Carol brought a new kitty into our household, "Cinder", and she finally let her out in the trailer, with the rest of us.
Cinder has been trying to "establish" her position, in the pecking-order here, and we keep running into each other, around corners, or in rooms.
This afternoon, we both went behind the "big curtain" that covers the large sliding doors, and we "got into it", so to speak.
I now have several new scratches on my nose... It made little red spots on my "perfect" white nose... Cinder didn't even have a mark on her, :(
But I am still the "Alpha Cat" here, I will show Cinder who is the boss here, especially if she tries to pick on my "Baby", Uno...!!


My "Gotcha~Day"

September 16th 2010 10:39 pm
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Hello, My Friends, and Thank You for all the nice Birthday wishes~!
Actually, Momma had "forgotten" until she saw so many e-mails for me! [Momma! I know you have had "alot" on you mind, lately]
She had "seen" me, several times around the neighborhood, and she actually "took me in" a few days after I had the kittens. Which was around Oct 15, 2009.
I can't believe that my Precious Baby, "Uno", is almost a year old!!! He is so big and handsome!
Each evening, he gets on the bed, and plays "cute", so Momma will play with the Little Red Light. He jumps high in the air, and Momma has taught him to do "flips", in mid-air!
Well, I am more or less, "The Queen Bee" of this home; when I walk by, the others hold really "still".
Momma tries to give all of us kitties a "chance", because if I had my "way", Junior would never ever come out of the closet!!!
So Momma puts me in the bathroom at night, so he can have some "Quality Time" with Momma... (He and Moochy tell me that they spent each night of over 5 yrs, in the bathroom, and then in the daytime, they got the "run" of the place.)
That was the "old" place; it had a bedroom "door"...
Anyhoo,,,, I'm gonna go get some Catnip Cake, and have a nice time!!!


No More Babies!!!

April 21st 2010 8:27 pm
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Hi my Friends out there in Catster~Land! I am so sorry I have not been very "talkative", lately.
It seems that Momma somehow came to think that Uno and I were somehow "Broken", because she took us to a very big place that had alot of Cats and dogs and Feral Cat ts that had been trapped for neuter/spay and "release" back to their home territory

She told us we had to be "FIXED", and after a little primary probing in places that shouldn't have been "entered" (EXIT~ONLY~MOL!)
Then we were taen to another room, where they gave us something that made us get really sleepy, and they SHAVED my Tummy, and Uno's Hiney!!!
I really don't feel badly, and Momma is letting me stay loose out of the bathroom for longer amounts of time, at a time. I really felt exhilerated, and went racing through the home place, it is over 60', from end-to-end, and sometimes Uno and I play together, and race a little CatsCar Race, just in memory of Daddy~John, who came to the Rainbow Bridge, on April 30, 2006. Most of us knew him, except me and my kittens, we only hear of the "legend", from Chloe, Moochy, and Casper.
So anyhoo, I still sort of want to "sing" for the "BoyKitties" who are my "Fan Club" (Big Red, father of my kitten "Big Boy".

Also, the Vet~Lady told Momma that I am a slight bit older than Momma had around 3 yrs old, because of the condition of my teeth...(a little tartar) she compared Uno's teeth with mine, and mine are rather "yellow", compared to Uno's bright-white ones.
But I was a "Street" Cat for a while, living from tidbits & trashcans; I must have taught one litter to "survive"... Hmmm makes Momma "wonder" about some of the young Toms that have "similar" colorings as my latest kittens!

I could be the "Matron" of the Trailer Park, or just the little "Tramp", MOL, "Trailer~Trash" MOL!! You "Never Know! There are at least 2 "other" females who have the same markings as I do.
But now am "Fixed", so no more Babies, and a life of Luxury (by comparison) to the way I had to live "before", before Momma took us into her home.
We are all "Lucky" Kitties!


I feel "Pretty", oh so "Pretty"...

January 12th 2010 1:51 pm
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OMC I have that "funny" feeling tickling my insides, again... I guess in the human world, they call it "sexy"; in my world, it just "tickles" and makes me talk and act all "silly" and roll around on the floor, and call the boy-kitties to come visit me!
Momma says I can't go outside, though...:-( she says that was what got me "in trouble" the last time I had babies...
I guess maybe I will be "nice" to the two BoyKitties that live here; I had recently just beat them up, because I thought they would hurt my babies, I was fiercely "protective" for them; I am a very good Mommy!

Momma and her friend, "Sandy" said they have "plans", to have me "fixed" (am I "broken"???) in a few weeks. Then "no more babies" for me! (Yay!) The last 2 times, I didn't have a "home", and I just got silly, then I got PG, and had 5 babies, and the first time, a big old nasty dog found them, and made "Angels" of two of them. (Fortunately, my "Look-alike" Angel Kitty, Patches (397879) adopted them, IMMEDIATELY, when they went to the Rainbow Bridge...{Thank you, Patches} )
Momma's sister rescued us from the mean goggie, and she adopted one of my babies, and the other 2 were adopted, also, but then, they stuck me right back outside, to "do it again"...MOL, I had 6 babies, which was alot, for a kitty my size.
Momma has been very "lucky", in that she found good homes for all of my babies, I think, because they were so cute, and healthy! I made sure to make "Perfect" babies, anyway!
Well, back to rolling around and chirping, and acting all "silly"...
{bonk, slither!}

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