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What a Catmus gift indeed!

December 23rd 2010 2:36 pm
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I'm Catster's facebook Cat of the Week! What a week for me and what a glorious gift from catster! I'm so happy to share it with the catster cat of the week as well, we just became friends, he's a good guy! Mommy was so happy to find this out. It was a delightful Catmust surprise. Thanks to everyone who saw and commented on facebook, mommy saw them and was so happy! It's easy to make mommy happy!

We hope everyone is having a great catmus season and is getting ready for the holiday with their families. You are all our very near and dear friends and we love you all. This holiday season, we are happy for each and every one of you.


The Joys of Kittyness

December 18th 2010 10:07 pm
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The other day at work daddy was talking with his coworkers about their pets and daddy mentioned my Meezer Squawk! One of his coworkers responded with...
"that's why I don't get cats as pets. I mean, dogs can do all this great stuff and cats, well, they beg for food."
Daddy stood up for my honor! He said, "now that's not fair. First of all, dogs beg for food too, and second, cats do lots of things."
The thing he focused on the most was the comfort we provide. Daddy told his coworkers how when he or mommy gets home we greet them at the door, how we sit on their laps or next to them and purr. He told them about how I sleep between them in the bed and purr at night. He also told them about how when mommy feels sick or has a pulled muscle River will crawl under the blankets, even though he hates sleeping there, and sleep next to whatever hurts, it always helps her sleep and makes her feel much better. These are all great reasons why we kitties are JUST as good, if not better, than doggies. I'm glad my daddy set that very confused lady straight!

Also, mommy has been considering something. Everyone keeps telling us we should be selling our catnip toys. Mommy has been thinking, maybe she should open an Etsy account and sell them there, she could donate all the profits to the shelters she works with, that way the money would go back to helping out others. We wouldn't want to charge our friends for our gifts though, we love giving them to you guys as an expression of our loves. Hmmmmmmm, what do you think kitties? The profits could certainly help a lot of shelters and needy kitties out there, and we could always still work our way through sending our friends presents as well. hmmmmmmmmmm....


Mom!!! My Butt's warm!!!

December 15th 2010 6:07 pm
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Oh my catness kitties, I got an early catmus present kitties, and it is just what I've been purring and hoping for for SOOOOOOO long! That's right, a heated pet bed! Mommy found one on sale and she brought it home, it is big enough for me AND River to share... but I'm not going to. She plugged it in in the bedroom next to her side of the bed and the kitty calming wall plug in so that I have one very mellow corner all for myself. I spent an hour just sitting on the bed marveling at how warm it made my butt feel! MY BUTT IS WARM!!! I'm so happy! It's a heated wellness bed, and I suspect it is going to do wonders for my tired Moe Moe self at the end of a long day of napping! hehehee! Oh thank you mommy!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And thanks even more for giving it to me early and not making we wait for Catmus. The Cat tree is still in a box in the closet, but that needs assembly and mommy and daddy haven't had the time to do it yet. We can be patient, now that we have a heated butt warmer! WARM BUTTS!!!


What a mouse, what a mouse, what a mighty fine mouse!

December 7th 2010 12:30 pm
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Let me tell you about the funny thing I did last night to mommy. First, it requires a little back story. We had barely gotten to enjoy the toys from Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha when another package arrived for us from Gump and Nadia. Oh goodie!!! MORE TOYS TO ENJOY!!! You catster kitties are the best, and so are your parents who I presume is the one mailing these packages for you! hehehe! Well Gump and Nadia sent us a bouncy ball with ribbons for tails, two soft colored balls, a little kitty pillow, and a mousie! First off, LOVE the Ribbon ball. Me and River chased it up and down the hallway last night, we were having a blast. Mom and dad were putting up Kringus (see brother's diary for THAT one) and we didn't bother them once because of all the new toys we have. We also have a little Catmus tree and a big Catmus tree along with a peppermint stick from Tully and the gang. We were in 7th heaven with new toys!

Well, last night at about 4am mommy hears me yowling and screaming. She thought I was hurt so she burst out of bed and came running only to see me in the hallway. I'd pulled the mousie from Gump and Nadia out from the toy box and chased it around. I was standing over it with one paw on it yowling at the top of my lungs for mommy to come see that I had killed it! I'm so proud of myself. Mommy was so happy I wasn't hurt, she wasn't even mad. She laughed at me and pet me. I did a good job killing that mousie! Then she put it back in the toy box and we went back to bed. I'm a good Moe Moe!

Thanks Nadia and Gump, your toys are great! We love them! I'm so lucky to have such great friends on catster, and it continues to hold true, the best presents are ones we get from catster friends!


Thanks Kitties!

December 4th 2010 8:38 pm
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I just wanted to post a quick thank you to our fantastic friends Luke, Tully, Sammy and Natasha for the presents they sent us. We LOVE getting mail and this was a great one, the card had a catnip toy on it AND they sent us some presents, they didn't have to do that! We are so happy they did though! hehehee! I hope you guys are still enjoying the catnip toys we sent you way back when in October, this sure made our Catmus! There was also two super cute pictures of them inside of it! Talk about some handsome man cats in that family!!!(Natasha is a pretty lady as well! hehehe) It was the first Catmus card we've gotten this year, hooray! Thanks you guys!


Seriously Brother?

November 30th 2010 1:21 am
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He just can't let me have anything, I get a DDP and suddenly, boom, brother does as well. I bet he'll get 3 in a row again or whatever it is he does. What is SOOOOOOO special about him? He's just my brother. He's only a one of a kind baby brother that any sister would be lucky to have, who keeps me warm, snuggles with me, keeps me safe, insists on going everywhere with me... hmmm maybe he does deserve it. Don't tell him I admitted it though!

If you guys get the chance you should also check out our two new videos on my catster page, they are only showing up there for some reason. You can see how much brother and I really love one another, head phwaping love! BOP BOP BOP!!! hehehee, it might be his DDP day, but I'm the head bopper tonight! BOP BOP BOP!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 25th 2010 3:37 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving kitties everywhere. I've had a wonderful nom nom day, so many delicious nom noms for a Simone to chomp on! Yummy yummy yummy! I want to tell each and everyone of you that I am thankful that you are my friends and I love you all. I wish every kitty could know the joy and love I feel on Thanksgiving with my family every day, there will truly be something to be thankful for when there are no longer kitties wanting for homes in this world. Until then though, you are all my beloved friends and I treasure each and everyone of you. I give thanks for you on this day and all others. Love you all.


I'm a DDP and brother Isn't! HA!

November 24th 2010 12:52 pm
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Ok that might be a little bit bratty sounding, but I'm just so happy. For months and months brother won EVERYTHING on Catster and I won nothing. I'm pretty and sweet and loving, why not me? Now though the tables are finally turning and Moe Moe is tasting the sweet nom nom juices of victory! hehehe! Thanks so much to everyone who commented, what a great day! The day before turkey day! Mommy is baking all day, the house is all warm and sweet smelling and this just made it the sweetest day of all, you know what, I'm going to be a gracious winner. I'm secretly very thankful for my brother so I'm going to go clean his ears for him and snuggle in front of the fireplace! Thanks everybody! I hope you all have a great turkey day!


Moe Moe want heated pet bed!

November 22nd 2010 9:43 pm
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Ok kitties, this is urgent, I need all of your support in this issue, it is drastically important! River is getting his cat tree for Catmus. Mommy found one with ramps so I can use it too but still, this is mostly River's gift. I'll use it, but nothing like him. I need to convince mommy to crack open that bank account for me too, I need a heated pet bed. Mommy and Daddy have been thinking about getting me one for a while but they just never get around to it until they are all sold out. They found some great deals online for black Friday or whatever it is, the day after nom noms day, and I am hoping they cave and get me one. I get so cold in the winter! I'm going to put on my super cute face and show them what a good little girl I am, and I need all of you to cross your little paws for me, I need heated pet beds!


stock piled toys

November 15th 2010 11:18 am
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Every morning when mommy wakes up, one of the toys from Pigeon is missing. This has been going on since she realized we had lost the Pumpkin from Halloween he sent us. She didn't know where they were going. Now this is upsetting because I really loved all the those toys and was having a blast playing with them and every day a new one was missing. This morning, the mystery has been solved. Mommy was cleaning up and she looked under the sofa only to discover a stock pile of toys. River has been putting them some place I can't get to them. I'm a short girl with short legs and shall we say, a full figure? I couldn't reach them where he has been hiding them. How do you like that? River was stealing all the good toys and hiding them from me. At least I have them back now, including the pumpkin which I really loved. I'm just going to go stick my little tongue out at River and tease him, mommy is on my side and she saved my toys for me!

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