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Momma's first kitten

I got a report card!

February 19th 2010 12:07 pm
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I just turned 6 months old. I've been spayed and had all my shots. So if all goes as planned, I will not have to go to the vet for six whole months! That's as long as my whole life so far! I went in for my booster shot today and saw a new doctor for the first time. He came in and looked at my chart and said "wow, she's lived the medical life of a few kitties already."

He gave me my first report card. Under physical exam, there are bullets for things like coat, eyes, heart, abdomen, etc., and the doctor can either check Normal or Abnormal. I got all Normal checks, which Mom said is like straight A's! And I also got extra credit, because next to "gums and teeth" the doctor hand wrote "great!" Mom said that must be because of the yummy whole prey I eat. Crunch.

I also got a body condition score of 3, which is ideal! (1=emaciated, 2=thin, 4=overweight and 5=obese.)

So, I'm gonna go get lunch and sleep off the ouchie shot they gave me. See you later!


I'm OK!!

February 10th 2010 12:56 pm
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Mom is SO sorry she didn't update my diary in a while. Some of you kitties were sending pawmail to make sure I was ok.

I am happy to report that that last message was some sort of fluke and I have been fine ever since. Mom now gives me lysine treats and probiotics every day, and I have a normal appetite now.

I got vaccinated last month and was spayed 2 weeks ago. The surgery did NOT phase me at all, I was eating running around the house a few hours after I got home! So much for "miss delicate." I was also microchipped that day.

Mommy is feeding me 4 chicks and 4 mice per day currently. I used to eat 1 mouse in a sitting, now I'll eat all 4 mice at once and she can't believe it. I told her mom, I'm a big girl now! I'm almost 6 months old!

I'm also quite the teenager right now. I bug my brother, mess around behind mom's computer, and just wanna be ME. I'm not big on cuddling except at night when I'm cold. Mom hopes I get more lovey when I get older. We'll see mom, we'll see.


I like dad better.

December 14th 2009 4:48 pm
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I've made it pretty obvious that I prefer the boy human in this house to the girl human.

I think it's cuz the girl is always in my biz! She's always checking my eyes to see if they are goopy. Whenever I use the litterbox she's there, checking to see if I have diarrhea. Whenever she feeds me and I don't feel like eating she gets upset. Plus she gives me medicine like 3 times a day! I only purr when she pets me about once a week. Usually when she tries to pet me, I don't know why but I run away.

On the other hand, I think the boy is pretty cool. When he comes home I run to him and look him right in the eyes. Then he kneels down and I purr and rub up on him. Sometimes he pets when while I'm sleeping and I get all lovey...I can't help it! He rocks!

I know this makes the girl upset. She's the one who found me, who named me, who feeds me, who researches all my symptoms. I can't help it. You can't force feelings.


Feeling better!

November 30th 2009 7:54 pm
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I had pneumonia!!! Mom has no idea how I got it, I am in indoor kitty! But the doctor gave me medicine and I took it for 2 weeks. Now I'm done with it and knock on wood all seems fine. I play again and eat again.

I had to stay over at the vet and mom wasn't sure if she would see me again. The vet said he couldn't promise that I would survive. Mom cried and cried. But when she called them the next day, they told her I was eating and playing! She brought me home and I ate 5 times in 5 hours!!!

Now I'm eating raw prey and chunks, and I am starting to refused canned food. Mom thinks that is odd, but hopes it is because I know what real food is supposed to be like.

I'm so big now, and my colors are really changing. I'm almost 4 months old and pretty soon I need to get spayed. I'm sure mom will be a nervous wreck over that too!


I'm Sick :-(

November 11th 2009 7:55 pm
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I was doing really well, then suddenly on Sunday I stopped eating. Mom took me to my food, I smelled it and gagged!

That was 4 days ago. Since then, mom has tried to feed me different brands and flavors of canned food, dry food, baby food, chicken, yogurt, raw, and I won't eat. I have diarrhea. Mom is syringe feeding me.

We went to the vet last night and I'm on an antibiotic even tho my stool sample was negative for parasites. They might do one more test on my stool, they said they'd call mom tomorrow.

Mom gives me baby food and pedialyte, slippery elm, and probiotics by syringe. I hate it. The vet gave me sub q fluids and a b-complex vitamin shot. He tested my blood, and said everything looked pretty normal except for a slightly elevated liver enzyme.

Mom is a nervous wreck, she doesn't know if I have a simple kitty illness or a terrible fatal disease. I'm a little playful, but yesterday and today I mostly sleep.

This is very reminiscent to mom of Oscar, the cat who died in August. He also stopped eating well and had a liver disease. Mom was looking forward to having a healthy kitten. She got me instead.


I'm new!!!

October 7th 2009 4:05 pm
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I'm new here at this house. The lady says I'm the first kitten she's ever had. There is another kitty, Charlie, who I have seen but haven't really met yet. The lady says she got Charlie when he was 11 months old from a shelter, and he was found on a street in Chicago.

There was another cat I guess who died about 2 months before I got here. The lady found him in an alley in Chicago and guessed that he was about 1 year old. He was a persian and I'm part ragdoll!

So that makes me the first kitten and the first pet she ever had that she actually knows the background of.

Right now the big loud sucky machine is around me. So I gotta go hide.....

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