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The Odor is Gone!

December 2nd 2012 12:14 pm
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Well, we have used our Litter Genie for two plus weeks. I love the thickness of the plastic bag. I have carried it through the house with one handed on trash night. It is so easy to use the built in cutter. I did find I have some extra twist ties to close off the top of the bag after I cut it. They came in handy as I released the handle lock to open the trap door to pull more of the bag down. I have no far of dirt litter everywhere with the trist ties. I have gotten good at tying the knot in the end of the bag. I need to get better on how much of a the bag is left in the bottom of the bag. Puttin the correct lenght of bag in the bottom of the unit is a work in progress. The first time was way too much. But the last time was too little. Too much was better than too litter. I did run into a problem. Brownie the pee monster, helped fill up the container fast before I knew when to change the bag out. I was not watching how much was in the bottom and when to cut a new bag. I ended up with pee clumps stuck in the top and no more shace in the bottom until I cut a new bag. That was my bad. Live and Learn. I'm giving it 4 paws out of 5 for the usage.

I still wish the unit was 3 inches shorter. It is a very tight fit next to my toliet. And I can see in the end I'll have to getting one of those Lysol wipes to open the door to change the bag cartage.

So far my overall rating is 4.3 paws out of 5.




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