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New kitty on Catster

April 1st 2012 6:34 pm
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Stop in and give a big hello to my new fur sister Meshia. She would love to meet you guys.

this link may not be available until later tonight.

Blue is home and doing OK. He is not allowed to go out on his porch and enjoy these nice days until his ear wound is healed. He is not at all happy with this plan. He has to have antibiotics and a ointment on his ear. They removed a large ugly scab and the Dr. said it may be Cancer even though the test say no. He also has a bad mouth full of sores, could be the same thing. He is now on soft foods and baby food. Poor guy.

Girl Human is playing nurse this week with all the medications and special diets.

All we can do is wait and see if it returns. So lets all cross our paws and hope for the best.

We still have not given up on our Z Quest. Meshia is a gift from our Quest.

We also have a building fun going on our Facebook pg. Annie Spokescat for the new project. Pooh's house and exercise area for all the inside guys. We need a lot of things and always need help so please take a few minutes to ck out our Fundrazr.


Blues going to the Dr. in the morning.

March 29th 2012 9:08 pm
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Blue has been fighting this ear problem for a while and it gets better then it goes away some and then it's back. This is about the 6 or 7th time the scab has dropped off and then it comes back. Now it is much bigger and nasty looking. So he is without food tonight in case surgery is needed. The Dr. said that may be the next option. Blue was tested for cancer and it does not seem to be the problem. Since he has aids it could be the beginning of something bigger. I also saw a small area on his neck that looks the same.
Many years ago we had a cat who had a skin disorder and it so bad and several long weeks at the vet and many painful months later we had to let her go. We had decided to do it and the Dr. went in to give her the shot and she had already passed in her sleep. They determined later that she had a flesh eating bacteria.
We have already decided that we will not want that for Blue. We have been concerned about him since his cage mate died of kidney problems last year and he is alone. We give him a lot of extra attention and brushing and treats but he still has not been himself.
We do not look at this as a sad time as he has been with us so long. We will give him what ever the Dr. thinks best. He is such an easy going sweet guy. He is one of the few we have who does not curse at the Vet. He doesn't even cry when he rides there.
So we will know more Sat or Monday.
You guys have a good weekend. Remember don't have to much catnip and fence climb. Not safe you know. So you and your Humans be careful and enjoy this beautiful weekend.


Good New for Girl Human

March 28th 2012 6:18 pm
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Today she talked with the shelter that has the tri kitty. She was told that Meshia (Miss Kitti) will be kept until she is adopted. How wonderful. That's the kind of news we like to hear. Made Girl Human so happy. Thanks everyone for all your help with the info I asked for I had a lot of
Pawmails with ideas and information. I did learn a few things from each of you and now I will be ready if needed to accept a tri kitty/snowshoe into our home. Nudges and Winkie Winkie all.



March 27th 2012 9:43 am
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While your here could you please read my March 26th diary. I need some help here and fast. Thanks.


This has happen on Caster too!!!!

March 27th 2012 9:40 am
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I saw Lacey's Diary Entry today and wrote a comment on it. Once I wrote it I thought, I have heard this same thing happening here, before.

It is a shame that someone who has an issue can not keep their uninformed opinion under wraps. Put those e mails in their back pocket and just sit on them.

Comment on the Diary is good for all. I believe tact is needed by everyone not just here but anywhere.

And yes, I am stating my opinion but please note, that it is in general. Not directed at any one individual.

I have received this pawmail on the subject: From Lacey

Annie sweetheart, I think you have it a little wrong. the person that did this to my mom isn't on Catster, she's on a completely different forum and she's a complete stranger. Mom didn't even know she was on that forum until she started to bad mouth publicly on there about our website. Don't worry anyway, mom never responded to her and doesn't care to. Mom wants peace and to just get on with helping kitties and that person is a waste of mom's very little energy. so it'll be okay.

I answered:

Oh I'm glad that this was a non Catster purrrson. But my message still applies. I have received messages from a few Furs in just the last few months that, have had Catster's do this very thing. I don't get in the middle. I'm a sidelines type of gal. You know that old saying="Let sleeping Fleas lay". So now, I will.+++++++++++

My entry today: Tuesday

If they have a bad day to, go and vent in the closet like us kitties. If they are afraid of closed spaces then go, to the grocery store and buy a big bag of cheese puffs. Go share them with the squirrels. Tell them, your problems.

If you have an opinion learn to be diplomatic. If you don't agree with the way someone is doing things then, keep your opinion to yourself or go elsewhere.

We are all here for the same reason. For the fun, not the ridicule.

So grow up and for cry'in out loud.

Put a smile on that sour face and walk down the street and see how many smiles you get back. Another words enjoy life and keep the negative comments to yourself.

Smiles remember Smiles. Negative behavior not welcomed.



March 26th 2012 2:55 pm
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I have been trying to find a home for a kitty I have seen in a shelter. The place does not keep them long. I'm not asking for anyone to adopt but if interested I will sure fill you in.

This cat is an adult (2to3 yrs)female. Looks like it has Snowshoe background. Very vocal like Snowshoe's are noted for. She has beautiful blue eyes and colors in the face of a Snowshoe. Her front leg that has been broken or deformed at birth. From what I have observed, I don't think she was born that way. She does OK when she walks but seems like she has not mastered the technique for turning and laying down. I would think if she was born that why, there would be very little problem with her movements at her age.

She is very healthy looking, nice fur, no scars, no fight marks. I believe she was abandoned or thrown out because she may have issues the people did not want to contend with anymore. She was classified as a stray. I don't think for long. No one has put out a missing report on her.

The pound said they took her to a vet. The vet told them it looks OK but, may want to remove in the future. The paw works and she moves it when she is making bread. Appears normal until she stands and can't place in in a downward position. She acts as if there is nothing wrong with it. The leg is not bendable at the elbow. This fact makes me think that she injured it and without treatment and it healed that way. She seems to have good hygiene habits as her fur is beautiful and clean all over.

I am so much against amputation when a limb looks good it have good nerve reaction and efficient blood supply.

My questions:

Why would a vet say this will have to be removed?? There is no discomfort, no tumors, or no apparent cause for amputation.

Do you know anyone with a cat unable to use a front leg and is there things that should be done as a special needs besides litter box, and stairs for climbing.

Snowshoes are said to not be left alone, Why?? What do they do?? Crew? Spray? Howl?

Since she is use to a cage should she be placed in a cage when you leave.

What about Vacations and boarding?? If upset if left alone.

Well as you can read from this I am concerned for her welfare and if all comes to pass and she's not adopted I guess I'm the final one. Since I have never dealt with a 3 legged, Snowshoe I am asking for you guys to give me some pointers.


Spring is a busy time for us here at the Junction

March 20th 2012 5:28 pm
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Today Girl Human went shopping for our newest member to be joining us here at Calico Junction.
Ollie is his name.
He has had a hard time and now he is coming to the Junction.
He is our first and only dog.
Male Human has had issues with getting a dog. One day it's yes next day it's no.
Well now it is yes, yes, yes.
He has not had a dog since he was a child. He has never had a dog like a Poodle. He has this vision of a Girl dog, foo foo and pink dresses. He has no idea what a wonderful and smart dog they are.
Girl Human has always wanted a Standard Poodle. Over 30 years ago she had a miniature poodle and he was such a wonderful dog.
She reflects back to when she got him. She had the same feeling. I don't want any poodle they are nothing but a foo foo dog.. Well he was the best dog she ever had.
Ollie is a small Standard and has been in Foster Care for a while. His problem is, he's blind. He was thrown out to fend for himself and Animal Control got him and took him in. He had Lyme Disease and a lot of bad teeth. His hair was so matted over his face it was amazing he was able to eat and survive on his own.
After a long recovery he is going to have a forever home here with us.
We will not like it at first but in time we will all be the best of furrends I'm sure.
So Ollie will be here Saturday if all goes well. More to come soon.


Are you ready for another "Rollie" Coaster ride- Catsters?????

March 13th 2012 7:39 pm
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I turned on Catster today and "OH NO" another notice. March 14th Catster is going to do it again. "A new design". I sure hope it's better then Facebook. You have to be a kitty on Prozac for that new look. I'm not taking Prozac!!!!!!OMG,OMG,OMG!!!!!

Hang on Catster's, here we go again. If you don't see me for a while it's because my paws are all thumbs or they put me in the kitty nut house.

What is a Catster kitty to do??????


Caboodle Ranch??? Then what ??? You???

March 12th 2012 7:19 pm
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Caboodle Ranch is in the news everywhere. There are so many different opinions on the subject.

First, I must say my heart goes out to Mr. Grant, the workers and volunteers. The pain they are all feeling now is just so beyond belief.

No matter what has happened, no one should have a gun held to their head, unless they are armed and dangerous. Your home totally destroyed and your life along with it???? Without a trial???? This has been done by a long list of so called concerned organizations,law enforcement and judges?? They claim to be protecting the welfare of animals???

Can you imagine the terror inflicted by this mass army of
"do good-ers"?? A big horde storming in and terrorizing the population?? This is, protectors of animal welfare???? My heart goes out to all those scared helpless cats. The fear they must be enduring now, has got to be overwhelming.

This man has already been found guilty with, no court, no lawyer, no say. Guilty as charged as soon as they invaded the Ranch. Before a trial??? Charges stemming from evidence not yet determined usable, in a court of law. What justice is this???

Why would any respectful group want to destroy newspaper clippings and cat houses. What uncivilized animals do they have representing them??? Sounds like the Mafia of the non profits to me. Guns and Mayhem. They must be so proud of themselves.

No matter who is right or wrong, the approach to this situation was so, very excessive. Yes it had disorganization written all over it. Anyone who deals with big business or government is, well aware of lack of, using the brain. Did they ever think of asking themselves the big question??? What if???. Well there is a key word here, "BRAIN" or lack of, in this case.

Where is the support and well being these people preach?? Where is the concern for the outcome of the innocent??? The cats in this case.What is their fate?? Is their future really going to be better??? Or is there a future????

So who is really guilty of cruelty??? Who else should be in jail???

If it was so bad there why, did it take them years??? I read so many comments from people who said, they saw awful conditions, filth, disease etc: If you saw something that bad, why are you just talking about it now????

I saw a comment from an out of state Vet.??? He went to visit the ranch. What was wrong with you??? You know how to use a phone, you know "WHO" to call. You are guilty yourself, if you really are who you say you are??? How could they just keep your mouth shut and turn the other cheek since 2009????

I can't keep mine mouth shut when I see something wrong and I have not. I have called animal control may times when, I thought something was not right. That's what they are there for.

If authorities were called through the years, where were they??? Why were existing laws and ordinances ignored??? Who is really guilty???

Please take a few minutes and think about what is happening here. One day it may be someone knocking at your door, telling you to turn over your animals. No questions, just because they say so. It could be your world, they rock!!! No ones to small not, even the single pet household.

Copy and Paste:

Make sure to read some of the comments at the end of the story. Very interesting indeed.

I am amazed at the big response this subject has been getting. It should be getting every pet owners attention as, no one is immune.

Some say it's a sickness this man has, he's a hoarder. I strongly disagree. Yes it is a sickness, its called irresponsibility of the owners for dumping there animals. Not getting then fixed, for not giving them proper vet care. He's the victim.

Mr. Grant started with a good idea and people took advantage of him. No one helped him. PETA didn't offer help to guide him in a positive direction.

They have the resources and connections to give a happy ending to Caboodle Ranch. What message is there with all the devastation they have induced?? All involved develop their own reputation with their own actions. Remember people they are non-profit. they all depend on your donations to exist.

Some said, he is to old. Honey, I have a Mother 88 and can out run most people, half her age. What is to old? People live to be 100 plus. When your his age, you have one heck of a lot left in you to burn. One day everyone of you will find out for yourselves, God willing.

People who throw their pets out the door leave all responsibility. I know of feral communities that individuals use their own resources to feed and vet. I don't see PETA driving up and giving a bag of food to anyone. So which one of these people need a gun held to their head???

How many of you have one of these throw away's??? How many have you encountered in your life time??? How many are dead along the road??

Unfounded truth??? The whistle blower working for PETA, gathering the evidence???? She was the one in charge of caring and cleaning the sick house. Why isn't she in jail??? After all she saw it all. She was inducing a lot of the suffering. She filmed what she was not cleaning and caring for.

I'm sorry, I have gone nuts here. This is a very heart felt story. It touches each and every one of us in some why. We all need to work together not, against each other. A lot of little lives, without voices are in the balance.


Shelter Blues

March 2nd 2012 9:15 am
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Thanks guys for your response to my last diary entry. I know first hand, how hard it is to say no. I understand his heart. It was not a case of wanting all these cats. It was a case of, "What will happen to this poor thing if, I don't take it in?" Self control sometimes goes out the door when 2 eyes are looking at you scared and helpless.

Does anyone realize how many of these animals are left at shelter doors in the middle of the night??? Left in boxes in the hot morning sun. Not just cats and dogs but lizards, hamsters, hedgehogs and even fish. And the only thought in those dumpers minds is, "It's not my problem anymore".

The amazing thing is there is never a $100.00 bill left at the door, for the shelters. That, they have to beat the bushes to get and then only few morsels fall now and again.

Overwhelmed because he have a golden heart? YES, Sick no. This man was overwhelmed due to, no set plan for adoption, help or financing. In some areas of the country these animals would die without instant shelter. Weather, wild animals, and heartless humans are the worst enemy making it hard to say no.

Yesterday, I visited a no kill shelter. It had very nice conditions. It was laid out so there where lots of indoor and outdoor space for the cats and dogs. They also had rabbits, rats and small furs. They were not in overflow stage.

While we were there they would announced on the PA system when a pet was being adopted. They said "Attention, Attention, Dean the Beagle from D wing, Suite 7 has just left for his new home. We congratulate to him on his adoption.

The place was endless and had lots of Staff/Volunteers. It also has ample support from the city and the community. It's located in a very wealthy area. I'm talking, Donald Trump wealth. What any shelter wouldn't do it they had all that help. Someone who opens the wallet and hands out several million and says here build a nice shelter and here's another mill a year to run it. What a dream that would be for any shelter to have.

That is what this poor man needed, someone like that. It is such a shame that people who have the money use it for self induce drugs. Waste their lives away, instead of getting the biggest high in the world with-Giving. That's the high that no drug could ever compete with. All of you who have given, know that wonderful feeling.

When people have an idea of a shelter they need to learn first what it involves. A certification course in-acted would be a first step. Let that course include shelter work at at least 5 or 6 shelters. Learn what your in for. How many people in the country get certifications and never use them once they receive them?? More then you know.
What a concept, What an idea. Hey remember, I said it.

It's to late for this poor man and it's a shame. He met well and did all he could. It's not a hording problem, it's a whole different thing. A man with a golden heart that is now broken. His life's aim, out of control. No one to turn to for help, no one wanting to help.

He doesn't need a "shrink" he's not a sick person who lives in his own filth and garbage and doesn't know it. He's a different breed. We are all part of that misunderstood breed. He is a person with soul, compassion, and yes a Golden Heart. We all have the same compassion.

What can he do now? Volunteer and keep his dream going. I only hope the judge in his case has pets and see's a better ending for him. Community service sentence at a no kill shelter. That would be justice as far as I see it. Hope he does not see him as ill but broken. Show him there is a light at the end of the tunnel he is now in.

He will be in our prayers.

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