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A mile post has reluctantly arrived

May 16th 2012 9:57 am
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On Nov 14th 2011 Mr. Z disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. He left Sylvester behind. He left on a new adventure. We have no idea of his whereabouts. We have looked for him in all corners of this country and have had so much support and help for many Catster's. We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful group.
It has been 6 months. The 15th was his 8th Birthday.
Girl Human wants to thank every Catster so very much for all the support and kindness we here at Calico Junction has received during, this long journey.
Girl Human decided to go out next Sunday and remove the signs that she has located around the area. She will continue with prayers and checking the internet for clues.
The local Shelters, Vets and Pet Stores know we are still have not found him.
It is time for us to concentrate on improving things here at the Junction.
Thank you everyone so very much once again. You are some very great people and furs.


Birthday trio

May 7th 2012 8:50 pm
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The big day has passed and now all three of us are one year older. Girl human said she can't believe her little babies are 10 years old already.

So we the triplets Amber Pooh and I can go back to the important things in life. Being adorable spoiled furs.

We all had a nice Birthday. We got special foods and treats and attention. To much attention from Girl Human. She sang Happy Birthday to us. We thought the dog was sick next door.

She is not the best singer. We all forced a grin and pretended she did a good job. We sure hope she will wait until we are 20 before she does that to us again. Everyone showed up for the sing fest. They thought Girl Human was in bad pain and needed 911.

We didn't receive any special gifts. We have so much now. Girl Human said that, Meshia was our Birthday gift. I sure hope they take returns, Tee Hee!!!. All Meshia wants to do is chase us and terrorize us. She sneaks up on us when we try to eat, go to the potty or sleep. We sure have had better gifts in the past. I sure hope Girl Human thinks of toys and things next year.

Girl Human has graduated Meshia to eating with us. She has been special good when it comes to the serving of canned food. We each get our own dish and she respects that, well sort of. She decided that all the dishes are hers. Sophia has a different point of view when it comes to sharing.

Meshia no longer sleeps in the guest room. She now sleeps in her play pen. She yells until she realizes she's not going anywhere. So what is with the pleading? Give up girl your not going to win. I know as have been there and done that.

Girl Human has left her with us unattended for short times. She has been good except for getting on Male Humans laptop and computer keyboard. She does that every chance she gets. She loves Male Human. She keeps trying to fight tough with him. Arm wrestling. She like to bite lightly and claw with the hind feet.

Girl Human reminds Male Human that this is not a good thing. She will loose her nail covers in time. She will be using the real thing soon. So now it's teaching her what the limits are in her new home.

We all sure that our Birthday Gift will slow down and join us instead of testing us. It is getting old. One of us may loose our temper with her if she doesn't cool it.

We all want to thank you wonderful Catster furrs and Humans for the messages and gifts and thoughts you gave the three of us for our special day. Nudges,Head Bonks and of course Winkie Winkie to all our furrends. You made our Birthday week very special.


Dream Gal's we are

May 3rd 2012 1:46 pm
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Amber and I became DreamGirls today. What a wonderful surprise we both had on our pages. Purrrty pink ribbons and a nice note from DB#26. Thanks for the recognition.

Today has been a warm day here at the Junction. The only active kitty to be seen is, Sylvester. He always has to patrol. He is on the prowl day and night now that nice weather has settled in here in the Valley. In the summer he has no desire to join the rest of us in our nice comfy houses. He is afraid he will miss something.

We were lucky today it only got to 88 degrees. It was enough to make all of us seek a nice cool place to laze away the afternoon. The bird bath has been getting attacked by Bennie. He thinks he is a bird himself. He loves to sit in the bath full of water.

Girl Human's father always us to day you could tell the temperature by how far the cows were immersed in the pond. When only the noses stick out it is over 100. We need a pond for Bennie as he's to big for the bird bath.

Girl Human watched as he had all fours in the bath. He would raise his right foot out of the water and licked it dry. Then he placed it back in the bird bath and picked up his left foot and did the same. This went one for a good hilarious 10 minutes. Bennie is a little short on the "know how".

Sweeny has not gotten his yearly "Sweeny Doo". It has been chilly here. Now Summer has arrived. The appointment has been set for Mid. May. Girl Human said, then it will snow. Tee Hee!!!!

Mechia has her own diary today. Stop in and see what adventures she has been having the last few days. she keeps Girl Human on her toes for sure.

Well, Catsters some of your Humans have been waiting for the thing called Summer. Now it's here. Now they can complain to each other how hot it is. I really don't see the point, DO YOU?????


Me-Meshia's " I have arrived" as posted on her diary.

April 26th 2012 10:05 pm
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YES I'm an official Catster fur sure. I'm a DDP. WOW. How Super Cool is that guys??

I spent my day celebrating. Yes, I did.

First, I yelled my head off because no one would let me out of my room.

Next: I took those Hot pink toes of mine and showed them. I found the seam in the carpet and tried my darn-dist to ripe it up. I lost a nail cover in the process, "OH DARN".
I didn't do a lot of damage. I just want the Humans to know how I felt. Being locked up until Girl Human decides to let me out.

Male Human leaves early and it is a few hours before she decides to open my door.
She says, she needs her time.
Well, so do I.
So what's the deal????
After I got out of prison, I got some chicken stuff for breakfast.
Poultry Platter, she said.
I don't think I want to know any more.
I'm glad I am to young to read the labels.

After breakfast Girl Human opened the windows. It was a little cool but, she said she wanted some nice fresh air. So did everyone else. I had to fight for a prime spot for viewing purposes. I must say, I did real well. I got a front row seat to watch the birds and squirrels for a few hours.

I got board and decided Girl Human had sat long enough. I jumped on the counter and stuck my head in a plastic bag full of newspapers. Girl Human did not like me doing that. Shge removed me from the counter and said something like
What Ever. OK, I got it.

I waited a little while, until she was on the phone. I picked the loudest toy in the house and started playing with it with full body slam action. That will teach her to speak to me in some foreign language.
I moved on to another thing called, Cat Dancer. What a big time I had. I danced and danced. Everyone was watching me because I was doing such a wonderful job of it.

Then some kitty came a long (my story and I'm sticking to it) and ripped it off the refrigerator. I had turned my back and there it was, laying on the floor. 3 times.
HA HA!!!
I got her to do something. All she was doing was cleaning our cat pans and giving medications and cleaning litter of the floors..

Later, Girl Human went out to look for Mr. Z. I don't mind her doing that.

I hope to meet him one day. He was the reason Girl Human and I met.
She kept going to the shelters and there I was.
Since she did return to let me out of my room, I behaved. I only removed one more hot pink nail before supper.
She said Make Human and she are going to put them back on. Not what I had in mind. I guess I need to hide them better. I will work on that tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for making me DDP Kitty. I am so very proud I'm a Catster.. I'm dancing the Happy Dance I am. OH must go here comes the Humans. Good night all.


Me-Meshia's Day

April 25th 2012 7:48 pm
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Well, I have recovered.

I have decided that that man (VET) I saw the other day is not very friendly. My Humans like him. I'm not seeing what they see. I must be missing something.
I have not seen this man hold them down and put pink toes on them. Maybe they would think different if he grabbed them, held them by the neck. He pressed me in places a respectable gal like me, does not want to be touched. I told him what I thought, oh I was a lady no bad words.. He just grabbed my feet and flipped me over and repeated it all over again.
I was beginning to wonder if Girl Human is really my friend. She stood there and told me it was OK. Not OK, by me.
She let this man not only do all this stuff but then she helped him.
He put a nasty sharp needle in my bottom. It hurt. I cried. He put a bigger one in the back of my neck. I yelled so loud, I scared myself. Girl Human was making awful faces. I know she felt bad about what was happening to me.
The man let me go. Girl human opened the door to my purrty pink carrier and I ran into my nice soft blanket. Girl Human shut the door and locked. That man could not get me, HA HA!!!.
WOW, I guess Girl Human is my furrrend. She took me away from him. I was so glad she is my furrend.
Again, I'm not sure as Girl Human paid a lot of money to a lady before we left. Now why would a friend pay some one to treat me like that???
Still undecided about our relationship.

I slept until 10 before I started to tell Girl Human I was hungry.

I was so excited that she had my purrrty pink dish full of lamb and gravy for breakfast. It was so yummy I ate it so fast I never tasted it. Boy a few days rest sure makes one hungry.

I then waited in my playpen for everyone else to eat. Girl Human let me out. Freedom, Yes!!!!!!

What first???? Play? Chase someone? Check out the big litter pan and make sure it's clean? So many choices for me to make.

I chose the game "chase the cat."

Peaches looks like he want's to play.
Peaches pleads with a high whine.
OK, I get it.
Here let me give you five.
"NOOOOOOoooooooooo", said Peaches.
Oh come on lets play!!!
"NOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo", he repeats.
WOW, your no fun.

I jumped on the island in the kitchen and watched the rest of the morning go by. I don't think I'm really ready to play any why.

Girl Human had to leave and put me back in my room. It felt sooo nice to lay back on my futon and relax the afternoon away.

Well maybe tomorrow Peaches will play with me.


Where does everyone go???

April 23rd 2012 7:13 pm
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Every night I come to Catster 2/3 of the pictures are not showing. They are all hiding from me. I know it's not me. I sure miss seeing all my fur friends in purrrson.

Today has just been another busy day and last week was such a quick week. Woke up Friday and thought it was Thursday. I lost a day somewhere. We still have not found it. Then we were in for another busy weekend.

Saturday was a picture purrrfect day. Nice weather, blue skies and then by 2 in the afternoon the clouds came and it started raining. Sunday was a movie day, a relax day. What a surprise. Oh yea I know the weather man kept warning us but, it was just to nice to believe him.

Now it is Monday night, in the 30's and we still have had no snow. So the weatherman isn't always right. Yes, he said snow. But it went west and north of us. We still have a chance of some tonight.

It better get it over with. Girl Human made an appointment one hot day last week, to get the snow tires removed from her car. Tuesday is the day snow or shine. Go figure, snow and it's almost May.

Today was not Meshia's day. She went to the vet and got that nasty micro chip. She got her shots and of all things, hot pink nail caps. Yes, Girl Human had them put on Hot Pink covers.

They cut her nails so short it made Girl Human cringe. Meshia was so worn out, she fell asleep while the vet was holding her. She woke up once the needles came out. Girl Human cringed even more when the micro chip needle appeared. Poor Meshia cried so hard. Poor sweet thing.

Meshia ate some food and fell fast asleep. She was up at 2 a.m. last night yelling she wanted out of her room. Male Human took her and put her in her playpen. She was fine until 7 a.m.. Girl Human got up and put her back in her room and went back to bed.

I bet tonight she won't be up and yelling.. So now she is an official Calico Junction Kitty, her chip says so. She will never get lost again and not be able to be returned to her home.

We are all OK with her being here but the nail covers will be welcomed news for a week or two until we all adjust to our new roomy. Girl Human hopes she will keep them on long enough so her neck heals from her reaction to having the collar she was wearing.

Girl Human wanted to get a collar made from light weight beads but had no luck. Meshia needs a bell so we all know where she is. We are afraid she may get out and we need to know where she is.

She has proven to be an escape artist. She will be a new show in Las Vegas next year. She loves zippers, they are so much fun to open. She has not mastered the door handles as of yet but, in time we are sure she will prove herself. She has tried digging the carpet at the bedroom door.

We know she must have perfected this technique and planned her last escape. All we can do is try to make it a place she will never want to leave. So far she, has been good with the doors leading outside. Maybe she learned from the past that, those doors don't lead to pleasant journeys. We sure hope so.

Good night all we will sleep good tonight with our cool weather and rain falling on the roof. Hope yours is good to you.


Good New Bad News

April 17th 2012 8:59 pm
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We have the good new bad new blues this week.

Good news:

Meshia is having a ball. She listens so well. She is eager to please the Humans. She even went out of her way climbed in the chair with Girl Human. Gave her repeated head bonks. She asked for a few forehead kisses and went on her way. She was so tired tonight she fell asleep while Girl Human was playing with her. Soooo Sweet our new devil is.

She did not chase anyone today until, I went in her play pen. Girl Human left the door open. Meshia did not like that. She ran in to tell me so. She said nothing and tried nothing.

Girl Human got Meshia's attention and I ran out very quickly and went to the dining room. Girl Human followed and hugged me. I panic-ed and sunk my back claws into Girl Humans collar bone. I was jumping as far as I could go then ran off to hide. Girl Human yelled OUCHHHH!!! I ran back to her. I quickly apologized and went on my intended way. Now Girl Human has four holes to tend to.

More good news:

For the first time in years Pooh has been so good. We keep watching for any sign of decorating. All has been good so far. He lives in the bedroom and bathroom most of the time. He is allowed out a few times a day for an hour or so when Male Human is out of the house. He has only had to take two tranquilizers in two weeks. A record.

He cried the first few days but found that he has all the food and potty to himself. Not bad he decided. He likes to sleep in the shower and under the bed. He sleeps so well. Girl Human goes in the room and he never wakes up. What a change. We sure hope it continues.

More good news: The project has gotten along well until yesterday. The weather was 85/87 degrees. The sun was bright and all the sudden it turned an odd yellow. Everything turned odd yellow. Girl Human walked outside to a cloud of choking dense smoke. The whole area was full of smoke in all directions.

She returned to the house. Put Meshia in her playpen and closed all the windows. She called Male Human at work. She asked if there was a forest fire in the area. He called the fire department. They said they were looking for it but, could not find where it was.

Girl Human got in her car with cell phone in hand. She started circling the area to make sure there was no fire anywhere within several miles.
There was a lot of smoke and it was hard to see where it was coming from. Male Human called later to say that it must be smoke from an fire 15 miles south of us. By 4 in the afternoon it started to clear off as the wind had shifted in another direction.

Now The bad news:

Our Central Air died a final death. Now we have to have a new one. Very costly and the project must be put on hold until we get funding. Since Girl Human is not working money is in shorter supply. So here we are with a half done project and no idea when it will be able to continue. Well that's how it always happens. Every time the ends start to meet something always comes along and makes them further apart, Murphy Lives.


So many Easter Eggs

April 9th 2012 5:55 am
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I was off Catster over the Easter weekend. What a big surprise seeing all those yummy eggs waiting for all of us when we looked on our pages. We had over 600 notices waiting on my e-mail. I will never be able to thank everyone for all those eggs individually. I want to thank everyone now for thinking of us on this busy weekend. I do not have time today to look at all of them. I will have to do it later. Girl Human has a lot to do, the new house for Pooh is arriving Wed..

Pooh has spent most of his time in the bedroom. We had a lot of company this weekend. He has not been to happy about it. He came out for a short time. He was not a very good boy. He had to go back to the bedroom.

He has had the TV on all weekend. He has been watching HGTV. He is learning about how to decorate his new digs. His idea of decoration and Girl Humans ideas don't agree. So she has been covering everything in plastic and cleaning the plastic with spray Clorox when he gets in that decorating mood.

I sure hope they get it all straight soon. The clean smell is OK but we just want a calm house. Calm??? Who am I kidding??? Girl Human ordered a shampoo machine and that does not sound good to me. Sounds like we are going to have a lot of disruption in our future. It does have a big box and maybe she will let us play with it. It looks like it will be fun. I hope they put it together soon.

Meshia got her new playpen. She happily got to join in on greeting the visitors this weekend. She was located in the rec room in front of the fireplace and she enjoyed all the attention. She had a few of the visitors held her. She loved all the fuss. She was so happy that she purred and gave Girl Human head bonks and more purrs several times last night and this morning.

Meshia had a nice Easter. The bunny left her a pink rabbit, 2 ceramic pink dishes with a silver plate on the front of them saying, Princess. She said the food tasted extra special in her new dishes. She licked them clean.

Girl human felt so bad that Pooh was closed in the bedroom. She let him out after Meshia was placed in the Guestroom. He was not out 3 minutes and he started decorating the microwave stand and her antique Chinese furniture. Luckily they were covered.

Yes, we understand the jealous state he is in. He was doing this long before Meshia had ever arrived. We thought with Girl Human being home all the time he would feel better. His habit has not changed. The new Pooh house was the only option left.

He will not be alone. The inside guys will get to go to the exercise area to visit. We will connect it to the main house next year so it will be easier for them to access it. Girl Human hopes she will be able to let him come in at night and sleep with her. That will just have to be worked out after the adjustment is made to the new digs.

Well guys I must get going and we all want to thank you once again. Nudges to all and Winkie Winkie.


Meshia's discovery

April 5th 2012 10:33 pm
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Yesterday, I was in the exploring mood. Girl Human sat with me for several hours and played on her notebook. I was happy to have her in my room. I looked out the window and rested on the pillows near her. I was very happy.

Girl Human had to go and get Sweeny's medicine from the Vet. When she returned she checked on me. Male Human was home and heard NOTHING.

I decided since he didn't come and say hello to me, I would get his attention. I climbed the pile of Christmas wrappings and bows to see if I could see him. Then all the sudden, I was on the floor with big thunk. I was fine, was rather fun actually.

Once I regained my dignity, I turned and saw purrrty rolls of ribbon, bows, labels and shiny pretty paper just sitting there waiting for me.

Being the kitty I am, I could not pass up a big opportunity like that. First, I tried to put the rolls of ribbon back in the plastic storage box. I could not help, they rolled the wrong direction. I kept trying to get them to turn around but they would not do as, I showed them.

They were so shiny and colorful. I just could not resist seeing how they might taste. So a few holes got in them while, I was trying to put the back where they belonged. Whats a kitty to do????

There were these 2 big bags of bows. They were to big for me to lift myself. The only thing I could do, was open the bags and put them back one by one. They flew everywhere. I tried my best to get them to go in the storage box. There was plenty of room for them since the ribbon would not go in the box. Stupid stuff. OK, I admit a few of the purrty bows got holes in them. They were fighting me all the way what was a kitty to do???

Girl Human tried to open the door when she returned home. For some reason the big storage box with all the paper was laying in front of the door!!! A magician must have been at the window. Yeh, he did that.Or maybe it was that orange cat from across the road!!!

Well I didn't want to get blamed so I decided to wait for Girl Human on the top shelf (5 ft off the ground) with my new friend, wooden fishy. I was real good and didn't make anything fall off the shelf while I was waiting.

Girl Human worked her way in to thru the door and saw my dilemma. She nicely took me off the shelf and said, "well I see you discovered what goes up does not always come down!!! She sure is wise!!!

She was so nice to me she did not say a word. Just started picking things up and told me, I should not climb up high like that again. She thinks I might hurt myself.

All is fine, we are still the best of friends. She bought me, a new toy. A purrty Easter colored worm. It was a dog toy but I didn't tell her that. I know she met well. I rather like it. I play with it because it makes her smile. Makes me smile too.

Also, Happy Easter to all from the guys at Calico Junction and Me Meshia.


My new fur sister's first diary entry

April 1st 2012 9:14 pm
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All day Girl Human kept asking me questions. questions I am not going to answer. I just keep giving her more questions to ask. I have questions too!!!
_____ ________ ______ _________ ______
Today's Question: from girl Human:

How does something with the use of 3 legs, less the a foot high, manage to jump from the floor to a shelf, 5 ft off the floor????

(There was nothing around for me to jump from, other then the floor.)

______________ _______________ ________________
Me-Mishia's question:

How did she know???

That fish ornament could have just decided to lay down all by it self!! Why does she ask me such a question????

(Yes, I am the only cat in the room and no others have been allowed in.)

So that is my introduction to this new forever home??? Questions????

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