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South American Cruise & Orange Cats Rule!!!! (Yes indeed we- do!!!)

July 28th 2009 8:28 pm
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So we went to a double wedding on the C&D Cruise Lines on Friday but we didn't get to do much else for various reasons. Don't know if Catster had a fleas problem as members say they call it when it's slow or you can't get the gift shop to load or whatever else happens or it was just Windows Vista or some combination of the two but the computer was really slow when we were on Catster and we were having a hard time posting so we just stopped trying on Saturday and Sunday meaning we got to do our own personal walking tour in South America and got to visit restaurants which I will meow about another time, but after the wedding we didn't get to do much else. Didn't get to go to that big 1950's dance at the end but our clothes weren't done anyway meaning the pic wasn't finished and now probably never will be. Endless editing to make it look right and our people are too perfectionist on things and just take their time. Sigh. WE NEED more photos people!

**!! Thanks to Atlas & Sammy Sue & their dog Zak for the blue ribbon & for saying they liked my first pic! Know them from Orange Cats Rule! & will have to put the group link to copy & paste below in case you want to join us! Not an overly active group but a nice slow pace and we actually do meow a couple of times a week in group unlike some we have discovered where the cats don't talk for a month or more at a time & you can't find them to meow! But not bad to have some slower groups either. 5

Open group if you're orange and want to join us or have orange in your fur as some of the members are Calico and Tortie and seems to be okay with the other orange cats!
Purr, Purr, Purr, Arthur the King!


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