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September 28th 2009 2:37 pm
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I have so much to talk about today!! First, and most important....I have met THE sweetest girl ever! Her name is Little Emma & we met at the Welcome Waggin Ball last week. Now for all you dudes reading this, do NOT go over to her page to check her out....she's mine! But, she is a looker, that's fur sure!! Just thinking about her beautiful face turns me into mush :) I count the days till I can see her again.

Being in love has made me a bit nutty too. Or maybe it's just the cool fall weather again. I have been running around like a crazy cat...even more than usual. And I have been very persistently asking mom to let me outside. (so I can run to see Emmy, of course!) Mom let's the dogs out and then I come running to the door MEOWING at the top of my lungs. Trust me, I can meow like nobody's business. In fact, when mom & dad 1st got me, dad was talking to his brother on the phone and he asked dad if there was a baby in the house!! I was meowing so loudly & so much that he thought it was a baby crying! Well I was a baby at the time.

Oh, but I digress. I believe I was telling you all how crazy I am. Yesterday I kept meowing in different rooms & mom finally caught on that I wanted to play hide & seek. Have you furs ever played? Oh it's like one of my favorite games to play. Mom runs into a room & then calls me "Julius, Julius. Where are you??" She's usually hiding behind the door or right around the corner. Then as I approach she jumps out at me & makes some goofy noise. Then I take off running & hide...and then I meow to mom to come find me. When she gets close I jump out at her and take off. Big fun! Too bad the dogs ruined our game :(

Well, I'm off to nap in my sunny window & dream of my sweet Em :)

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October 4th 2009 at 12:02 pm

aw that`s sweet! We paly hide & seek with Mommy & daddy too! And guess what? Little Emma is one of my bestest furiends on catster! :)




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