Skeezix was lucky enough to get a gift from Jake and Micah for Valentine’s Day. The packaging was an art piece in itself, and he promptly destroyed the lovely catnip-filled fortune cookies wrapped inside. But the best part of all is that Jake’s a Catster, and Jake and Micah are part of the Catster Marketplace.

So I was excited to see that as part of their ginormous toy giveaway week, Modern Cat is giving away a huge toy package from Jake and Micah that includes:

  • Three-piece sushi set
  • Pair of fortune cookies
  • Two-piece wonton appetizer
  • Catnip tea bag
  • Italian catnip canoli

(Wo! My fingers got tired typing all those prizes!)

Go to Modern Cat to enter, then cross your paws and hope for the best! Good Luck!

PS: Even if you don’t win, J&M is running a 14% off special to celebrate Jake’s 14th birthday, so check it out!