Our friends at Modern Cat are celebrating toy week, and if you have a playful whisker left on your body, you need to check it out. The eco-friendly paca pets shown above are just one of their 16 toy giveaways this week, so drop by — you just might win something!

Many of the items they’re featuring are hand-crafted items from Etsy shops, which means it’s not made-in-China-sweatshops crap, and some of the toys are so lovely you’ll think twice about giving them to Fluffy to rip to shreds.

If you’re crafty, they have some great DIY ideas. And they even provide a primer on Cat Toy Safety.

Modern Cat has a fabulous giveaway each month, and you’re automagically entered to win if you’re signed up for their newsletter. We LOVE Modern Cat, and we know you will, too!