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We Give Meadowlark's "Love Cats" Jewelry Two Paws Up

Covetable, cat-inspired jewelry that is sleek and edgy, just like the makers' feline model.

 |  Oct 19th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Sure the model is gorgeous, but it's the glossy black kitty who steals the show in promo shots for Meadowlark's The Love Cats collection.

The jewelry line is a combination of symbolic elements, with the cat representing transformation, opportunity, and freedom.

Husband-and-wife duo Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont started Meadowlark, the edgy line of covetable silver and gold jewelry, in 2006. The New Zealand-based brand has earned cult status by serving up skulls, swords, and swallows, to name a few, and have a knack for turning dark subject matter into gorgeous pieces of wearable art. 

The Love Cats line is extremely paw-centric, and consists of necklaces and earrings that celebrate the dainty-yet-dangerous side of our feline friends. I also adore the chunky statement pieces, such as an oversized Rose-Quartz Cat Paw Cocktail Ring, which is flanked by kitty paws, or a ring that encircles your finger with a pair of feline ears.

Meadowlark recently teamed up with Superette for an exclusive collaboration that fuses the aesthetic of both brands into leopard-inspired necklaces and rings. The resulting pieces are not-so-subtle ways to flaunt your love of felines, both big and small.

To learn more about Meadowlark, visit the website here.


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