Month: December 2010

  • GIVEAWAY: Michael Kloth’s Shelter Cats Book

    Like most photographers, I enjoy looking at quality work from other photogs, and Michael Kloth’s new book, Shelter Cats, leaves me salivating. In this captivating book, Northwest photographer Michael Kloth makes a passionate appeal to animal lovers everywhere with over 80 endearing portraits of shelter cats. Kloth’s genuine empathy with his subjects shines through in …

  • Squeaky the Crime-Fighting Cat Presumed Dead

    Squeaky, a missing crime-fighting cat who helped put a burglar behind bars is thought to have been hit and killed the day he disappeared from his home in Wellington, NZ. Detective Squeaky had not been seen in a month. His owners, Richard and Serra Clark, were desperate to find Squeaky, who was all the more …

  • 7-12-Month Old Kitten: What to Expect

    When your kitten is roughly a year old, you’ll find he’s at a stage that’s somewhat equivalent to that of a human teenager. You might notice some sass and personality as your pet tests the waters of adult cathood. You may also feel like he’s trying to dominate you the way he would another household …

  • 6-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect

    Your kitten is still growing, and by the six month mark you’ll notice he’s traded some of his baby fluff in for a longer, lankier frame before filling out again. If you have a female cat, by six months she will be at the height of puberty and unless she’s been spayed don’t be surprised …

  • 5-Month-Old Kitten: What to Expect

    At five months in, your kitten is confident and displays her agility with grace and form as she scales curtains and hops atop high shelves with ease. At this stage, even if she’s already been spayed, your cat may display a high level of activity – vocalizing and running around late at night and the …

  • Sad Sack

    Aw, kitty, cheer up! You’re a house cat! You probably have a more comfortable life than 99% of all living organisms on the planet.

  • My cuteness runneth over

    Oh no, the bowl of plenty kittens is overflowing!!

  • Black cat is judging you

    “Listen, I know I bring bad luck but that screw up was totally your fault.”

  • Sure, you can lick my ear

    I mean, I’m not sure why you’d WANT to, but I guess it’s okay as long as I get that wax cleaned out…

  • C’mere, gimmie a hug

    “I’m sorry my species endangered your species :(“