Tom the 3-Legged Rescue Cat Has Used 5 of His 9 Lives


Tom the cat was rescued from a group of kids who were throwing rocks at him. As if that weren’t enough, Tom had been hit by a car and one of his front legs was severely injured. Instead of helping the poor cat, the kids were throwing rocks at him. Fortunately, Tom was rescued. And because we’re keeping score, that would count for two lives out of nine, leaving him with seven. His injured leg had to be amputated. So let’s say he’s now down to six lives.

So Tom was in a shelter for almost a year when he was finally adopted. Good news, right? Well … not quite. Within just a few days, Tom was back at the shelter — with his only front leg broken. He had jumped off a tall piece of furniture and injured it — and the people who had adopted him had left it untreated. They gave the cat up. That’s one life right there, so Tom was now down to five lives.

That’s when Tom’s current human friend, who met the cat as a volunteer at the shelter, took matters into her own hands and adopted the kitty. All clear, right?

In January 2013, Tom experienced a painful urinary blockage and had to go in for emergency surgery. That would be life No. 5, which leaves Tom with four lives left.

But hopefully that will be the last one taken from him. He lives a fulfilling live in a loving home as a three-legged cat. Some might think that reduces the quality of a cat’s life, but trust me, it doesn’t. As you can see, Tom can still:

Look good in a tie

Get those crazy pounce eyes

Entice you to scratch his belly (and then bite your hand when you do)

Snuggle with his cat buddy

Crawl under the covers

And be totally adorable

All photos via Tom’s Facebook page. Go check it out and tell him Catster sent you!

Laugh with us:

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