Veterinary Practice News Contest Shows That Dogs Will Eat Way More Things Than Cats


Ideally, our pets would stick to eating whatever kibble or moist food we buy them, and perhaps the occasional patch of grass when they’re feeling a bit ill. The world isn’t ideal, though. Dogs and cats alike seem to feel like the entire world is made for their digestive pleasure, or that they’re at least bound to keep experimenting until they find out what’s not edible.

When those experiments fail, that’s when the veterinarians come in with their X-rays and scalpels, and that’s why the “They Ate What?!” X-ray contest exists. Sponsored by our sister publicationย Veterinary Practice News, the contest has been an annual event for the past 10 years. Clinics send in their most unusual X-rays and a panel of judges chooses the winners. First prize is $1,500, second place gets $1,000, and third place is $500.

Courtesy of Veterinary Practice News
You’re looking at a “a mass of hair ties” swallowed by a cat. Photo courtesy of Veterinary Practice News

Cat lovers will be relieved to know that although there are a few cats in the runners-up, the contest is almost entirely dominated by dogs this year. Let your dog-loving friends consider that one next time you get into a cat vs. dog rivalry. That legendary finickiness seems to serve cats well when it comes to unexpected trips to the vet’s waiting room.

This year’s winner was Zeus, a Doberman Pinscher who swallowed not one, not eight, but 26 golf balls. Here they are.

The golf balls inside ZeusCourtesy of Veterinary Practice News.
The golf balls inside Zeus. Photo courtesy of Veterinary Practice News

That really is pretty impressive.

In addition to the judged contest, Veterinary Practice News is letting readers have their say in the “They Ate What?!” People’s Choice X-Ray Contest. Seven dog X-rays (plus one cat and one angelfish) have been put up along with their stories for you to vote for. Which one will you pick? The cat who ate 30 hair ties? The Chihuahua who swallowed a bottle of glitter perfume? The Border Collie who swallowed three plastic frogs and two rubber ducks? The digestive system is an incredible thing, and VPN has the pictures to prove it.

Via Veterinary Practice News

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