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The Oreo Cat.

The Oreo Cat Uses His Social Following to Fight Bullying

The Oreo Cat isn’t just another cute internet kitty. Oreo fights bullying on his social channels and with a book. He also has his own line of cat accessories, a live streaming show and works with PEP! The Pet Education Project.

Cait Rohan Kelly  |  May 21st 2018

I just love when cats fit their names to a T, like The Oreo Cat. This black-and-white, fluffy cat is just as sweet and beloved as his namesake. But there is goodness on the inside, too.

Oreo’s Brush With Bullying

The Oreo Cat.

The Oreo Cat. Photography courtesy Tina Modugno.

When his human, Tina Modugno, started sharing Oreo on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and, she noticed that — in sharp contrast to receiving many positive reactions — Oreo received tons of negative comments, too. “You would not believe the number of people I’ve had to block on various platforms for hateful and sometimes even violent comments,” Tina tells us. “I am an adult, and reading those things really hurts me, so for a young child it has to be tenfold.”

Oreo Teams With Atchoum to Address Bullying Through a Book

Thus, Oreo took the issue of bullying head on with a book, Atchoum and Oreo: First Day of School (featuring Atchoum, another celebricat who has experienced cyber bullying), and throughout his daily interactions. According to Tina, Oreo receives direct messages every day about online bullying. “I often spoke out about the issue on, as well as through our live streams on the app,” Tina says. “Kids felt comforted to know that we’ve been through similar issues, and they began to come to me with their own issues.”

Even More Oreo

Currently, Tina is working on Oreo’s line of cat accessories, like feline-friendly bandanas and bow ties, and creating content for a few new apps. Oreo and Tina also have a live streaming show every Monday on the app and on Mondays at 2 p.m. EST, they do The Show to discuss DIY projects for pets and pet issues.

The duo also works with PEP! The Pet Education Project. Tina says, “I really don’t know what else lies ahead for Oreo and me, but I know we still have lots of work to do! As long as we are able to continue entertaining people and making people laugh, we will keep pushing ahead!”

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