Kitty Town Coffee.
Kitty Town Coffee.

Kitty Town Coffee Finds Its Inspo in Beloved Felines

Founder Zanetta Kok and her husband Kenny looked to their feline family for inspiration with their coffee shop Kitty Town Coffee.

I’m not alone in loving coffee, so stir in a love of cats with a love for good java — and I’m ready to pounce. Which is what Catster did when we heard about Kitty Town Coffee, which specializes in freshly roasted coffees that are out of this world.

The Story Behind Kitty Town Coffee

Kenny and Zanetta along with 3-year-old Maine Coon mix Albert — Kitty Town Coffee’s mascot.
Kenny and Zanetta along with 3-year-old Maine Coon mix Albert — Kitty Town Coffee’s mascot.

What makes the coffee extra purrfect is that the coffees are named after cats that founder Zanetta Kok and her husband Kenny know and love. Their most popular blend? The Albert Blend, named after their Maine Coon. “We say that the coffee and the cat are both a little sweet, a little nutty and so smooth you’d swear we added cream (that last part might just apply to the coffee),” Zanetta says.

She fell in love with coffee at her first job in a café. “I loved the way that coffee connected people, and I wanted to be a part of that,” she says. “Our coffee is roasted so you can taste the natural notes of the bean, or as I like to say, the coffee can tell the story of how it was grown and where it came from without being overpowered by the taste of the roast. The result is that our coffee is much smoother than most big chain coffee companies.” You can find the roastery in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in a former steel mill. But that cute name! How did she come up with Kitty Town Coffee? Zanetta was inspired by her two cats at the time, Sydney and Albert. “Like any good pair of cats, they completely ran my house,” she says, “so when they would redecorate — as they frequently did — I used to say, ‘We’re living in Kitty Town.’”

When Sydney passed away suddenly in the summer of 2017, it was around the time Zanetta was considering starting the business. “When she passed away,” she says, “I knew I had to start it for her.”

The Future of Kitty Town Coffee

Today, Zanetta and Kenny’s fur family consists of Albert and Isabelle. “Albert is a 3-year-old Maine Coon mix,” Zanetta says. “He’s like our mascot. Isabelle is a 2-year-old Persian mix. She doesn’t have her own blend yet, but she does make a lot of appearances on our social media. The other cats of Kitty Town have loving homes with their own cat moms.”

What’s next for Kitty Town Coffee? Expansion. “We’d love to grow into a grocery brand to broaden our reach across the country,” she says. You can enjoy a cup of Kitty Town Coffee by checking out the website or follow Zanetta, Kenny, Albert, Isabelle and the gang on Facebook and Instagram at @kittytowncoffee.

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