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Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Magnets. Has Cat Office Supplies to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Reorganize your office space with these adorable cat office supplies from

Annie Butler Shirreffs  |  Jan 15th 2018

Working from home, I’m able to hang out with my cats all day. But for those of you stuck in an office, Japanese online stationery retailer recently brought in some cute cat-themed items to help you remember your furry friends while you’re at work.

The Beverly Kokosasu Page Markers from

The Beverly Kokosasu Page Markers from

The Beverly Kokosasu Page Markers are perfect for books, notes and calendars. The Cat Paws pack costs $6.25 and contains 60 page markers in four designs. By the way, “kokosasu” means “point here,” and that’s just what these do — stick them on the exact location you want to mark, then tear off the long part at the micro perforation to use as a flag to mark the page.

Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Magnets from

Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Magnets from

Add a little style to your office with the beautiful Kurochiku Japanese Pattern Magnets — Neko. Available in a set of six (for $8.25), each magnet features a unique Japanese design including, of course, cats.

P+G Mimi Pochi Friends

P+G Mimi Pochi Friends Case from

Keep things like loose coins, flash drives or other small accessories in one spot with the P+G Mimi Pochi Friends Case. Made of soft silicone, the ears act as a secure clasp closure. It costs $12.50 and comes in a variety of cute cat styles.

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