Invisible Cat Activities.
'Invisible Cat Activities' by Cate Anevski.

‘Invisible Cat Activities’ is a Creative Way to Think About What Cats Do When We Aren’t Home


We all wonder what our cats do when we’re not home. Are they playing games? Or practicing air guitar? Or maybe delivering Shakespearean soliloquies? In Invisible Cat Activities, a funny and clever activity book by Cate Anevski, cats do all these things and lots more — with the help of your creativity.

Each page features a simple drawing of a cat engaging in a particular activity, with a prompt for you to complete the drawing. Some of my favorites: Draw the invisible Hula-Hoop. Draw the invisible selfie stick. Draw the invisible jump rope. Draw the invisible flamenco costume.

You can make your drawing as simple or complex as you want, making this book perfect for cat-loving artists of all ages. It’s a fun way to bring some creativity and cattitude to your day.

Invisible Cat Activities. $12.95. Published by Chronicle Books.

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