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Feral cats peeking out from behind a fence.

Illinois Law Frees Up Funds for Feral Cats

Find out how a bill in Illinois initiated by Best Friends Animal Society is helping with funds for feral cats.

Jackie Brown  |  Dec 29th 2017

A new law enacted in August 2017 allows Illinois counties to allocate money from pet population control funds toward trap-neuter-vaccinate-return efforts for feral cats.

Feral cats eating together outside.

Feral cats eating together outside. Photography ©BigDuckSix | Thinkstock.

The bill was initiated by Best Friends Animal Society. Leaders in animal welfare say that TNVR is the best way to reduce feral cat populations without resorting to rounding up the cats and bringing them to shelters, where most are euthanized. Once spayed or neutered, vaccinated and returned to the place they were trapped, the feral cats peacefully live out their lives without reproducing or spreading disease.

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