Downing Street Cat Gets a Girlfriend


Love is in the air at 10 Downing Street.

It seems that Larry, the cat “hired” from a local rescue to take care of a burgeoning rat population at Britain’s political headquarters in London, has been flirting with a tabby from down the road.

Not surprisingly, it was a British tabloid that broke the story of the potentially scandalous liaison with Maisy, who lives in nearby St. James’s Park with her caretaker, park manager Mark Wasilewski.

Wasilewski told The Sun that the prime minister’s mouser has been making the rounds to pay regular visits to Maisy.

The staff at the PM’s office now understands why Larry spent more time napping than mouse hunting: It was all because of those long nights with Maisy, purring his love songs into her striped ears, the hours of walking in the shadows cast by streetlights, and the long, whispered conversations about governmental gossip and the meaning of life

Reaction to the news about Larry’s dalliances have been generally positive. Comments on The Sun’s article include “Good for Larry getting himself a girlfriend to spend his days with” and “How could Maisy not want to spend time with him, he is gorgeous.”

A Royal Parks spokeswoman, after confirming Wasilewski’s story, said, “The two appear to be content with each other’s company, sometimes enjoying meals together.”

It’s a good thing Larry isn’t a politician. If he were, I’m sure the tabloid’s readers would have been a whole lot less pleased. But one wise soul did offer a warning to the itchy-footed tomcat: “Pardon the pun Larry but DON’T stray. You may have some explaining to do to the missus.”

The cats’ relationship will have to remain strictly platonic. I don’t know whether Maisy is spayed, but Larry is most definitely neutered. No scandalous love kittens for these two!

You can see a photo of Larry’s new lady friend here.

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