Catvertising Pays Our Rent: We Present Catster’s 2012 Advertiser of the Year


It’s no secret we’re fans of catvertizing — it keeps our bowls full of delicious kibble and our pans full of fresh litter. But it’s also become something of an art form as more brands realize that cats own the Internet, and sneaking them into your message shows the Web audience you are hip to their vernacular.

In December, we did a roundup of our favorite cat commercials of 2012 (presented here in no particular order) and were pleased to note that some of the best campaigns of the year were featured prominently right here on Catster. So we had a crazy idea: why not come with a Catster Advertiser of the Year Award to celebrate a brand that really got us and aligned perfectly with our readership while displaying enviable creativity?

We came up with the following criteria, and answered each question with a score between 1 and 5. The campaign with the most points in sum would be our winner:

1. Did the brand advertise on in 2012?

2. Does the brand have a distinct point of view?

3. Did the brand take a risk with this campaign?

4. Does the brand interact with the audience via content and community?

5. Did the campaign make us smile?

6. Does the campaign make us want to go out and buy the product?

7. How did our readers respond to the ads?

8. Did the campaign show the advertiser’s thought leadership in the Internet space?

After much debate between our editor-in-chief and our publisher, we are pleased to announce our top 3 campaigns of 2012:

In 3rd Place: Meow Mix (by Del Monte)

Their campaign incorporated the classic meow chant we’ve all grown to love — these were featured prominently in spotlight ads throughout the site.

(To see the ad in action, click here.)

In 2nd Place: Temptations (by Mars Petcare)

This was a very close second. Temptations not only came up with wonderfully creative (and humorous) ads our readers enjoyed sitewide; they also sponsored a series of six posts celebrating the cat-human bond (as enhanced by treats). The first three posts are live, and three more will grace to site in the upcoming months. In case you missed it, check out: “The Games My Cats and I Play with Treats,” “Our 10 Favorite Cat Treat Jars,” and “I Bonded With an Outdoor Cat, and Now He Lives Indoors.”

(To see the ad in action, click here.)

In 1st Place: Litter Genie (by Energizer)

Litter Genie’s campaign really wowed all of us here at Catster. It was innovative, humorous, and showed how well they understand how to engage the online audience. The psychedelic videos they came up with for their ads were so catchy we caught ourselves watching them over and over again in our spare time. We had such fun curating Petsami videos for Litter Genie’s series of sponsored posts (see one here, and another here). Litter Genie units were also sent to Catster community members to test and write reader reviews — and they were an absolute hit.

(To see the ad in action, click here.)

No title is much fun without a brick-and-mortar award, so we’ll be sending this beauty Litter Genie’s way:

Thank you to all of our great sponsors!

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