Cat Rescued After Winter Walkabout


As soon as Princess Sophie’s kittens left home, Sophie herself left to seek her fortune. Unfortunately, her quest didn’t end well. She was found living on the streets of Calgary, Alberta, cold, bedraggled and hungry.

The cat was rescued by the Calgary Humane Society. When they checked for a microchip, they found one, and discovered that Princess Sophie was registered to a stray cat rescue group in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — almost 400 miles away.

How she got to Calgary is a mystery, but apparently this wasn’t the first time Sophie tried to make a break for it. She had a habit of going walkabout, according to a group of office workers who had sheltered Princess Sophie and her litter of kittens.

Maybe Sophie went looking for her babies. Maybe she just has itchy paws and couldn’t stay in one place. Maybe she stowed away in a delivery truck — accidentally or purposefully. Or maybe she has some kind of connection to Calgary that nobody will ever know.

As anyone who has followed Kitty News Network for a while knows, cats do manage to find themselves in places far from home. Staff at the MEOW Foundation shelter, where Sophie is now living, say they’ve rescued Calgary street cats that came from Edmonton, Montreal — and even Hawaii!

Hawaii? What?!?

Can you imagine a cat navigating across the Pacific in a tiny little outrigger canoe, guided only by the stars and feeding off fish that make the mistake of coming to the ocean’s surface — then finally making landfall in, say, Vancouver, and hoofing it about 600 miles to the landlocked city?

Okay, I know it didn’t happen that way, but it’s more fun than the much more likely “kitty came to Canada on a plane and then disappeared” explanation.

In any case, Princess Sophie is doing well in the MEOW Foundation’s care. Her years on the mean streets didn’t affect her people-loving personality.

“She does live up to her name in being a bit of a princess,” said executive director Debbie Nelson.

And why not? After all that time scrapping and taking whatever meager shelter she could find, she deserves the royal treatment!

Wherever Princess Sophie ends up this time, I hope she stays put,

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