Have You Ever Seen a Cat With Four Ears? Meet Kreacher!


So I’ve been doing the Monday Miracles for a while, right? And I’ve seen a lot of different kinds of cats overcoming tremendous odds.

There was little Mercury, who lost his front legs to a weed whacker, but thanks his young age at the time, he was able to adapt to his new body with adorable fierceness. And then there are all the “vampire” kitties: Lazarus, Fangsy, Coco Puff, and Eddie the Face, to name a few. There are fire survivors such as Russell, “twisty cats” such as Little Bear and Kanga, and there are cats missing eyes, missing limbs, and missing ears.

What none of them have is anything extra.

However, Kreacher does.

Born three years ago, Kreacher came into the world a little different than most other cats. Kreacher is visually and neurologically impaired, and he has “extra” ears.

The extra ears aren’t really full blown ears so much as a moment where Mother Nature went, “Maybe I’ll do this … ? Hmmm, maybe not,” but didn’t think the little extra flaps of skin looked so bad, so she left them. To be fair, four whole ears would have been a little much.

Fortunately, Kreacher was adopted into a patient, loving home, and he uses his Facebook page to remind people that being disabled doesn’t mean he’s disposable.

If you love Kreacher’s sweet little face as much as I do, go check out his Facebook page and make sure to tell him that Catster sent you.

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