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California Vets May Talk About Cannabis for Pets

California is the first state where vets may legally discuss medical marijuana with their clients.

Jackie Brown  |  Mar 1st 2019

California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2215, which will allow veterinarians to legally speak to their clients about cannabis-based medicine.

The bill prevents the California Veterinary Medical Board from disciplining a veterinarian, or denying, revoking or suspending a veterinarian’s license simply for discussing the use of medicinal cannabis in an animal. Veterinarians are not, however, permitted to provide or dispense medical cannabis to their patients.

The bill was sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Association. The passage of this bill makes California the first state in the nation to provide legal protections for veterinarians who wish to talk to their clients about medicinal marijuana.

Jackie Brown is a freelance writer from Southern California who specializes in the pet industry. Reach her at jackiebrownwriter.wordpress.com.

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